Shanghai Disneyland to Raise Ticket Prices Effective June 23rd, 2023

Shanghai Disneyland has announced a raising of ticket prices, but the good news is that the changes won’t take effect until June 23rd.

What’s Happening:

  • Effective June 23rd, 2023, it will get a little more expensive to visit Shanghai Disneyland.
  • Similarly to the U.S. parks, Shanghai operates with a tiered ticketing structure. The four levels are Regular, Regular Plus, Peak and Peak Plus.
    • Regular covers most weekdays and selected weekends.
    • Regular Plus covers selected weekends and selected weekdays.
    • Peak covers most summer days as well as holidays.
    • Peak Plus covers holiday periods, park special event days and selected summer days.
  • The new pricing is as follows:
    • Regular – 475 RMB / $68.73 USD (previously 435 RMB)
    • Regular Plus – 599 RMB / $86.67 USD (previously 545 RMB)
    • Peak – 719 RMB / $104.03 USD (previously 659 RMB)
    • Peak Plus – 799 RMB / $115.60 USD (previously 769 RMB)
  • The previously listed prices are valid for admission through June 22nd, 2023.
  • A discount of approximately 25% is provided to children, seniors and guests with disabilities.
  • There are no price changes for Annual Passes as of publishing.
  • Shanghai Disneyland will continue to offer the pricing calendar on a rolling 30-day basis to allow sufficient time for guests to plan their trip to the park.
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