Service Type: Quick Service
Cuisine: American
Price Range:

Alien Pizza Planet Menu

Alien Pizza Planet Lunch And Dinner

Annual Passholder Special
Tumbler Refill 0.99
Pasta Special 10.49
Count Down Chicken Fusilli 11.49
Terra Nova Vegetable Pasta 11.99
Mega Pepperoni – Slice 8.49
Whole Mega Pepperoni Pizza 41.99
Mozz-114 Cheese Pizza – Slice 7.99
Whole Mozz-114 Cheese Pizza 39.99
Vegetable Forest Pizza – Slice 8.49
Whole Vegetable Forest Pizza 41.99
Astro Antipasto Salad 10.49
Nebula Noodle Salad 10.49
Centurion Caesar Salad 10.49
Garlon Bread 4.99
Satellite Salad 4.59
Kids’ Disney Check Meals
Space-getti with Meatballs 7.99
Kids’ Meals
Kid-Size Cheese Pizza 6.99
Toddler Meal
Yummy Cheesy Macaroni 4.49
Lunar Liquids
Alien Ice 5.49
Assorted Fountain Beverages – Regular 3.99
Assorted Fountain Beverages – Large 4.19
Hot Cocoa 2.99
Coffee 2.99
Hot Tea 2.99
Minute Maid® Juice Box 1.99
Lowfat Milk 1.99
smartwater® 4.49
Allergy-friendly Offerings
Allergy-Friendly menus available upon request  

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