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American Horror Stories is a new anthology series from Emmy and Golden Globe award winning producer Ryan Murphy spun off from FX’s biggest, longest running original drama hit, American Horror Story.

American Horror Stories Episode List

Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
7 8/19/2021 Game Over A couple dares to spend a night in one of the most infamous haunted houses.
6 8/12/2021 Feral A family goes on a camping trip unaware of what is lurking in the woods.
5 8/5/2021 BA’AL A wife does the unthinkable for a chance at a successful pregnancy.
4 7/29/2021 The Naughty List A group of influencers face a reckoning after posting a problematic video online.
3 7/22/2021 Drive In A screening of a forbidden film has disastrous consequences.
2 7/15/2021 Rubber(wo)Man (2) Scarlett enters a twisted new romance while Michael and Troy confront their rocky relationship.
1 7/15/2021 Rubber(wo)Man (1) A teenager and her Dads move into a forsaken home with a grim past. As the family makes renovations, a darkness takes root within them.

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