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Big City Greens” is an animated comedy-adventure series which follows the offbeat adventures of 10-year-old Cricket Green, a mischievous and optimistic country boy who moves to the big city with his wildly out of place family – older sister Tilly, father Bill and Gramma Alice. Cricket’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm lead him and his family on epic journeys and into the hearts of his new neighbors.

Big City Greens Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
7 2/26/2022 Takened When Remy throws Vasquez a surprise party, Bill’s secret-keeping is put to the test.
6 2/26/2022 No Service Cricket is halted at a convenience store due to their “No Shoes, No Service” policy.
5 2/19/2022 Zen Garden Nancy tries to prove herself on the farm. Bill struggles to relax at a fancy spa with Gramma.
4 2/19/2022 Little Buddy Cricket mentors a wild child, and Tilly develops a cult following.
3 2/12/2022 Boss Life Gloria tries to maintain her café’s perfect rating.
2 2/12/2022 Papaganda Bill forces his family to embrace a “Live, Laugh, Love.” philosophy.
1 10/9/2021 Squashed! When Bill is disappointed with his tiny pumpkins, Tilly steals an alien compound to make them grow.
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
58 4/3/2021 Gloria’s Café Gloria hopes to open her own café.
57 4/3/2021 Cousin Jilly Cricket’s cousin Jilly swings by Big City to visit.
56 3/27/2021 Bat Girl Nancy joins Cricket and Tilly’s community center little league team.
55 3/27/2021 The Van Gramma and Cricket are upset that an ugly van has been parked in front of their house for what seems like forever.
54 3/20/2021 Animation Abomination When Cricket and Tilly learn that Gloria has an internship at the animation studio that produces their favorite cartoon, they beg her to bring them for a visit.
53 3/20/2021 Ding Dongers Remy uses Cricket’s antics to gain views and likes on a new video-sharing app.
52 3/13/2021 Spaguetti Theory Tilly and Cricket debate whether the lives of people in Big City are intertwined.
51 3/13/2021 Fast Foodie When a Burger Clown franchise opens next door, Cricket tries to prove to Bill that he can eat fast food for every meal with no ill effects.
50 3/6/2021 Sellouts The Greens try new methods to improve sales at their produce stand.
49 3/6/2021 Bleeped Cricket is amused by a new socially unacceptable word in his big city world and tempts fate by repeating it.
48 2/13/2021 The Room Tilly closes up Cricket’s secret escape hole in their room, sparking a conflict that leads to them splitting the room down the middle.
47 2/13/2021 Date Night Bill chaperones Cricket and Gabriella’s first date.
46 2/6/2021 Okay Karaoke When the Greens go out for karaoke, Tilly struggles to decide what genre of music will best express her true self.
45 2/6/2021 Mages & Mazes When the kids play a role-playing game at Remy’s, his rules lead to conflict.
44 1/30/2021 Winter Greens Cricket and Remy challenge Vasquez to a snowball fight, while Tilly creates a snowperson.
43 1/30/2021 Big Resolution On New Year’s Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin.
42 1/23/2021 Pool’s Gold Cricket goes on a quest to find the best pool in Big City.
41 1/23/2021 Rent Control When Gloria’s parents visit, she ropes the Greens into escalating lies about her success.
40 1/16/2021 Chipocalypse Now The Greens must work together to save their home and their legacy when Chip Whistler plans to tear down the buildings around the Greens’ house to build a new Wholesome Foods store.
39 9/19/2020 Chipwrecked Chip plots to run Big Coffee out of business, but Cricket doubts it will happen, or so he thinks.
38 9/19/2020 Quiet Please When the Greens visit the library, the librarian threatens to throw them out if they make any sound.
37 9/12/2020 Hurt Bike After almost getting in a dirt bike accident, Cricket decides to live the rest of his life in shelter.
36 9/12/2020 Present Tense Cricket scrambles to get the perfect birthday gift for Remy and keeps ditching him in the process.
35 8/29/2020 Super Gramma Cricket and Tilly scramble to protect Gramma as she recovers from cataract surgery.
34 8/29/2020 Times Circle The Greens get into wild escapades during a visit to Times Circle.
33 8/22/2020 Cricket’s Tickets Cricket gets two tickets to a sold out show and can only take either Tilly or Remy, and begins taking advantage of their conflict.
32 8/22/2020 Green Mirror Tilly enrolls the Greens in Gwendolyn Zapp’s project to revamp them into the “perfect” family.
31 8/15/2020 Cheap Show The Greens want to go to a street fair, but Bill would rather stay home and save money.
30 8/15/2020 Gabriella’s Fella Cricket reencounters his crush Gabriella and Remy encourages him to get to know her.
29 8/8/2020 Dolled Up Tilly celebrates Saxon’s birthday at a tea party and attracts the attention of its posh VIP, but discovers she’s not who she seems to be.
28 8/8/2020 Greens’ Acres In this special flashback episode, Young Bill will do whatever it takes to keep the farm in business.
27 8/1/2020 Flimflammed Cricket finds a $100 bill and a con artist persuades him to invest in it.
26 8/1/2020 Friend Con When the Greens attend Farm Con, Bill becomes fast friends with Chip, but their friendship might be too good to be true.
25 7/25/2020 I, Farmbot Cricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot in order to get out of chores.
24 7/25/2020 Tilly Style When Tilly is mistaken for a baby, she searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity.
23 7/18/2020 Gramma Driver The Greens get their first smartphones and Gramma signs up to be a ride-sharing driver, only to get pulled into a crime spree.
22 7/18/2020 Time Crisis When Remy finds himself unprepared for an important violin recital, he begins to worry about his future.
21 7/11/2020 The Gifted Thinking Bill is lying about Cricket’s Father’s Day gifts and thinks they’re terrible, Tilly tries to prove him wrong.
20 7/11/2020 Desserted Cricket treats his family to a dinner, but Bill worries over how he’s going to pay for it.
19 2/8/2020 Animal Farm Phoenix competes against the mean rooster Cogburn to see who will rule the farm.
18 2/8/2020 Garage Tales When the kids find mementos from Gramma’s younger days in the garage, Gramma tells them about her most extraordinary adventure.
17 2/1/2020 Wild Side Cricket’s feral wild side takes over when Bill fails to take him camping.
16 2/1/2020 Level Up Cricket and Remy introduce Bill to a farming simulator video game which he gets hooked on.
15 1/25/2020 Dream Weaver Cricket has fun manipulating his family’s dreams at night, but they soon turn into nightmares.
14 1/25/2020 Shark Objects While at the beach, Cricket tries to scare the beachgoers with a fake shark prank which leads to trouble.
13 1/18/2020 Bill-iever To avoid getting in trouble, Cricket tricks his family into thinking they’re being invaded by aliens.
12 1/18/2020 Heat Beaters Cricket and Remy have a basketball match in the middle of a massive heatwave.
11 1/11/2020 Football Camp Cricket goes with Remy to a football camp to help him impress his dad.
10 1/11/2020 Impopstar Cricket is mistaken for a pop star who looks just like him and looks forward to a life of fame, while the real star takes up residence in the Green house.
9 12/14/2019 Clubbed When Gloria tells Tilly and Andromeda about her plans for a night on the town, the girls assume they’re invited.
8 12/14/2019 Reckoning Ball Convinced that Cricket and the Greens have ruined his life, Chip Whistler returns to exact his revenge.
7 12/7/2019 Green Christmas On Christmas Eve, Tilly helps Cricket redeem his year’s worth of bad deeds for one last chance to get on Santa’s nice list while Gramma and Nancy look for a present for Bill.
6 11/30/2019 Bad Influencer Remy falls under the sway of an internet influencer.
5 11/30/2019 Elevator Action Gloria gets stuck on an elevator with the Greens.
4 11/23/2019 Wishing Well Cricket makes a wishing well to cash in on people making wishes, but when Tilly dumps all her savings into it, he is faced with a dilemma.
3 11/23/2019 Urban Legend When Bill learns that Gramma has been purposely creating a frightening reputation around town, he throws a barbeque to befriend the neighbors.
2 11/16/2019 Car Trouble Bill trades his pickup in for a cutting-edge electric car, but gets more than he bargained for.
1 11/16/2019 Cricket’s Kapowie! Cricket earns a role in Big Coffee’s new TV commercial but loses his confidence.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
58 3/9/2019 Volunteer Tilly Tilly volunteers at the animal shelter but doesn’t want to part with any of the animals.
57 3/9/2019 Cricket’s Place When Remy and Cricket get their own apartment, they discover that nonstop fun leads to chaos.
56 3/2/2019 Axin’ Saxon When Nancy accidentally destroys Saxon, Tilly’s beloved stuffed sack, Tilly mistakenly directs her wrath at Gramma.
55 3/2/2019 Skunked Wanting to become a hero, Cricket stages a crisis by letting skunks into the café.
54 2/23/2019 Cricket’s Biscuits Gramma makes special biscuits for the kids when they’re hurt, but won’t make more when they’re better.
53 2/23/2019 Park Pandemonium Gramma spurns Tilly at the city park, so Tilly tries making her jealous.
52 2/16/2019 Mansion Madness Cricket house-sits for Remy, but things go awry when the rest of the Greens visit.
51 2/16/2019 Trailer Trouble When Nancy’s trailer is stolen by her old biker gang, the kids resolve to get it back.
50 2/9/2019 Sleepover Sisters Tilly and Andromeda have a sleepover and try to stay up all night.
49 2/9/2019 Hurty Tooth Cricket tries to avoid the dentist, while Bill struggles with a puzzle in the waiting room.
48 2/2/2019 Green Streets Cricket joins forces with Officer Keys to hunt down a neighborhood litterbug.
47 2/2/2019 Valentine’s Dance At the Valentine’s Dance, Cricket develops an unwanted crush on Gabriella!
46 1/26/2019 People Watching The family plays the people watching game, making up stories about city folk passing by.
45 1/26/2019 Hiya Henry Tilly tries ventriloquism for the Big Coffee open mic night.
44 1/19/2019 Cheap Snake Cricket impulsively buys a giant pet snake.
43 1/19/2019 Night Bill When Bill sneaks out at night with a mysterious duffel bag, the kids hide in his truck to see where he goes.
42 1/12/2019 Winner Winner At the local community center, Tilly wants to win a trophy and begins training with the center’s director.
41 1/12/2019 Harvest Dinner Bill and Nancy prep a special harvest dinner while Cricket and Gramma race Tilly to get a missing ingredient.
40 1/11/2019 Uncaged Cricket and Tilly’s rebellious mother Nancy Green is fresh out of jail and setting up shop in the city.
39 11/3/2018 Forbidden Feline Tilly hits it off with Anoosh, the neighborhood cat.
38 11/3/2018 Big Deal Cricket persuades the family to hit up a Thanksgiving sale for a sweet deal on a new TV.
37 10/6/2018 Blood Moon On Halloween, a spooky Blood Moon rises and turns the Greens’ farm animals into a horde of zombielike creatures.
36 8/8/2018 Phoenix Rises When the Greens’ dog, Phoenix, runs away from home, the family sets out to find her.
35 8/8/2018 Coffee Quest When Big City faces a coffee bean shortage, Cricket and Gloria’s boss, Ms. Cho, challenges them to retrieve one of a few remaining sacks of coffee.
34 8/6/2018 Dinner Party Cricket and Remy arrange a dinner party for everyone to get to know each other.
33 8/6/2018 Tilly Tour Tilly takes Gramma out to be a tourist for a day.
32 8/1/2018 Cyberbullies Cricket stands up to the cyberbullying of three online gamers known as the Cyber Knights.
31 8/1/2018 Breaking News When Bill grows a huge watermelon, Cricket invites the local news to see the mega melon.
30 7/30/2018 Feud Fight The Green family’s nemesis Chip Whistler shows up at the farmers’ market in an attempt to steal business from them.
29 7/30/2018 Cricket’s Shoes When Cricket gets sick, his family steps in to fulfill his commitments for the day.
28 7/25/2018 Homeshare Hoedown Cricket registers his house on a homeshare website.
27 7/25/2018 Rated Cricket On the trip to Big City movie multiplex, Cricket thinks he’s too mature for a kids’ movie, so he sneaks into a grown-up movie.
26 7/23/2018 Paint Misbehavin’ Cricket adds his own doodles to Gloria’s abstract paintings in the café.
25 7/23/2018 Family Legacy Gramma tells Cricket and Tilly that there’s treasure buried on their property.
24 7/18/2018 Suite Retreat Gramma kicks the family out of the house for the day, so they stay in a hotel for the first time.
23 7/18/2018 Barry Cuda Cricket uses his first tip from working at Big Coffee to buy a singing toy fish.
22 7/16/2018 Supermarket Scandal Cricket makes a deal to sell Bill’s produce to a major grocery chain, but he doesn’t have enough veggies to fill the order.
21 7/16/2018 Gargoyle Gals To impress her new friend Andromeda, Tilly claims she saw stone gargoyles come to life.
20 7/11/2018 DIY Guys Bill uses a trip to the hardware store to teach Remy a lesson in self-reliance.
19 7/11/2018 Parade Day Cricket leaves Gloria to work the coffee shop alone while he enjoys the parade on his break.
18 7/9/2018 Critterball Crisis When Cricket loses all of his critterballs over the fence, Gloria refuses to return them.
17 7/9/2018 Fill Bill While dining at a seafood restaurant, Bill feels he must prove to the waiter that he is a Big City local, and Cricket and Tilly try to rescue a live octopus.
16 7/2/2018 Raccooned When Cricket and Bill accidentally disturb a nest of raccoons in the garage, they invade the house.
15 7/2/2018 Welcome Home Cricket Green and his family move from the country to Big City to live with Gramma.
14 6/27/2018 Mama Bird When Tilly finds a bird’s nest, she cares for the eggs hoping the chicks will think she’s their mama, but the birds imprint on Cricket instead.
13 6/27/2018 Gridlocked Bill takes the family on a road trip to the country, only to wind up trapped in a traffic jam.
12 6/25/2018 Remy Rescue Remy is caught skipping his violin lessons to hang out with Cricket.
11 6/25/2018 Photo Op Bill promises his family a trip to the mall food court, but when he reveals it was just a trick to get them to a family portrait studio, Cricket and Gramma try to escape.
10 6/22/2018 Bear Trapped Cricket Green hates bears.
9 6/22/2018 Gramma’s License When Gramma crashes into a parked police car, she loses her driver’s license and her confidence.
8 6/21/2018 Backflip Bill Cricket coaches Bill to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a world-class gymnast.
7 6/21/2018 Cricketsitter When Bill takes Gramma to a doctor’sappointment, he leaves Tilly in charge of Cricket.
6 6/20/2018 Tilly’s Goat Tilly claims that their goat has the spirit of a dog and enters it in a dog show.
5 6/20/2018 Swimming Fool When the Greens visit an indoor pool, Cricket is challenged to jump off the high-dive.
4 6/19/2018 Blue Tater When Cricket persuades Bill to convert his pickup into a French fry food truck, he discovers a mysterious blue potato that Gramma says is cursed with bad luck.
3 6/19/2018 Cricket Versus Cricket must wrestle a wild animal in order to prove himself worthy of the Green family name.
2 6/18/2018 Steak Night The Greens are excited to continue their traditional monthly steak dinner, but Cricket accidentally loses the steaks on the subway.
1 6/18/2018 Space Chicken To impress his new neighbors, Cricket attempts to launch a chicken into space.
Season 0
Episode Date Title Description
9 11/21/2020 Shortsgiving

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