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Bluey: Hammerbarn7/10/2020Disney ChannelWhile on a trip to the store, Bluey and Bingo create their own mini-homes
side-by-side in the trolley.
Disney Channel-Bluey: Hammerbarn20200710-Bluey: Hammerbarn
Bluey: Featherwand7/10/2020Disney ChannelWhen Bingo isn’t invited to Chloe’s party, she uses a magic featherwand to
make things incredibly heavy.
Disney Channel-Bluey: Featherwand20200710-Bluey: Featherwand
Bluey: Dance Mode7/10/2020Disney ChannelAfter Dad eats her last chip, Bingo is given three chances to put Mum and Dad in “Dance Mode.”Disney Channel-Bluey: Dance Mode20200710-Bluey: Dance Mode
Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along7/10/2020Disney ChannelThe music special will feature Disney Channel’s family of multitalented stars and special guests as they perform iconic songs from Disney Channel Original Movies and more. With a beach ball to guide the on-screen lyrics, audiences can sing and dance along with their favorite stars to iconic songs from popular movies, including “High School Musical 2,” “Camp Rock 2,” “Let It Shine,” “Descendants 3” and “ZOMBIES.”Disney Channel-Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along20200710-Disney Channel Summer Sing-Along
Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist7/10/2020Disney ChannelHosted by Laura Marano, the hour-long celebration will showcase iconic moments and performances from the first seven years of the ARDYs, and welcome new performances and special guests. Scheduled to appear are Sia, China Anne McClain with Sierra and Lauryn McClain, Sabrina Carpenter, Now United, Gabby Barrett, Maddie Zeigler, Kenzie Zeigler, Kylie Cantrall, and many more.Disney Channel-Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist20200710-Radio Disney Presents ARDYs Summer Playlist
Big City Greens: Desserted7/11/2020Disney ChannelCricket treats his family to dinner, but Bill is suspicious about how he plans to pay for it.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: Desserted20200711-Big City Greens: Desserted
Big City Greens: The Gifted7/11/2020Disney ChannelTilly and Cricket battle to see if Bill lies about liking their Father’s Day gifts.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: The Gifted20200711-Big City Greens: The Gifted
Amphibia: Handy Anne7/11/2020Disney ChannelWorried that something bad could happen while they are in Newtopia, Anne decides to disaster-proof the farm.Disney Channel-Amphibia: Handy Anne20200711-Amphibia: Handy Anne
Amphibia: Fort in the Road7/11/2020Disney ChannelSprig longs for exotic road trip adventures, but Hop Pop’s strict road rules threaten to spoil all of his fun plans.Disney Channel-Amphibia: Fort in the Road20200711-Amphibia: Fort in the Road
The Owl House: Sense and Insensitivity7/11/2020Disney ChannelWhen King becomes a bestselling author, he learns a valuable lesson in reading the fine print.Disney Channel-The Owl House: Sense and Insensitivity20200711-The Owl House: Sense and Insensitivity
BUNK’D: Manic Moose Day7/12/2020Disney ChannelWhen Lou’s travel-blogger friend, Sean, visits camp, Lou hopes it will help drive some business. But Lou quickly realizes it may be harder to impress her than expected.Disney Channel-BUNK’D: Manic Moose Day20200712-BUNK’D: Manic Moose Day
Disney Fam Jam: Bailey & Diaz-Estorga7/12/2020Disney ChannelTrevor Tordjman and Ariel Martin host the family dance competition to see who will be the next family to claim the “Disney Fam Jam” trophy. Choreographer Phil Wright helps the Bailey and Diaz-Estorga families find the joy in performing and encourages them to show their true selves on stage.Disney Channel-Disney Fam Jam: Bailey & Diaz-Estorga20200712-Disney Fam Jam: Bailey & Diaz-Estorga
Puppy Dog Pals: Suitcase Switcheroo7/17/2020Disney ChannelWhen Bob mixes up his suitcase with another traveler, the pugs head to Spain on a mission to retrieve it.Disney Channel-Puppy Dog Pals: Suitcase Switcheroo20200717-Puppy Dog Pals: Suitcase Switcheroo
Puppy Dog Pals: More Cowbell for Bob7/17/2020Disney ChannelBob can’t find his signature instrument for the reunion of his high school rock band.Disney Channel-Puppy Dog Pals: More Cowbell for Bob20200717-Puppy Dog Pals: More Cowbell for Bob
Sydney to the Max: Rock the Float!7/17/2020Disney ChannelSyd, Olive, Sophia and Emmy are excited that their design for the float honoring brave women was chosen for the annual Portland parade.Disney Channel-Sydney to the Max: Rock the Float!20200717-Sydney to the Max: Rock the Float!
Coop & Cami Ask the World: Would You Wrather Be the Wagners?7/17/2020Disney ChannelCoop and Cami decide to pick up their dad’s old tradition of taking the family to see the Duluth Diamond Dogs baseball team.Disney Channel-Coop & Cami Ask the World: Would You Wrather Be the Wagners?20200717-Coop & Cami Ask the World: Would You Wrather Be the Wagners?
Big City Greens: Time Crisis7/18/2020Disney ChannelRemy’s plan for his whole life is thrown into question when he is unprepared for a violin recital.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: Time Crisis20200718-Big City Greens: Time Crisis
Big City Greens: Gramma Driver7/18/2020Disney ChannelGramma becomes a rideshare driver, only to find her best customers are thieves.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: Gramma Driver20200718-Big City Greens: Gramma Driver
Amphibia: The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar7/18/2020Disney ChannelHop Pop’s efforts to be hailed as a hero amongst some small-town folks backfires when he stands up to the wrong family.Disney Channel-Amphibia: The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar20200718-Amphibia: The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar
Amphibia: Anne Hunter7/18/2020Disney ChannelWhen the family is in danger, Anne must put her self-consciousness aside in order to learn the true way of the hunter.Disney Channel-Amphibia: Anne Hunter20200718-Amphibia: Anne Hunter
The Owl House: Adventures in the Elements7/18/2020Disney ChannelLuz needs to learn a new spell, so Eda takes her to the most magical place on the island to train.Disney Channel-The Owl House: Adventures in the Elements20200718-The Owl House: Adventures in the Elements
Elena of Avalor: The Lightning Warrior7/19/2020Disney JuniorElena gives Victor and Carla a chance to redeem themselves by helping her free Ixlan, an ancient Maruvian princess.Disney Junior-Elena of Avalor: The Lightning Warrior20200719-Elena of Avalor: The Lightning Warrior
BUNK’D: Breaking Barb7/19/2020Disney ChannelThe Southern Northeast Conference of Camp Directors encourages Lou and Barb to participate in a camp director swap program.Disney Channel-BUNK’D: Breaking Barb20200719-BUNK’D: Breaking Barb
Disney Fam Jam: Buston-Luthier & Linberry7/19/2020Disney ChannelThe Buston-Luthier and Lineberry families are both bringing their love of dance to the series as they compete for the “Disney Fam Jam” trophy and the $10,000 prize. Choreographer Phil Wright lends his expertise as they learn their routines and offers guidance on how to gain confidence through dance.Disney Channel-Disney Fam Jam: Buston-Luthier & Linberry20200719-Disney Fam Jam: Buston-Luthier & Linberry
Sydney to the Max: The Big Rozalski7/24/2020Disney ChannelIn trying to help Olive stand up to her brothers, Sydney learns sibling dynamics are more complicated than she thought.Disney Channel-Sydney to the Max: The Big Rozalski20200724-Sydney to the Max: The Big Rozalski
Big City Greens: Tilly Style7/25/2020Disney ChannelWhen Tilly is mistaken for a baby, she searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: Tilly Style20200725-Big City Greens: Tilly Style
Big City Greens: I, Farmbot7/25/2020Disney ChannelCricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot in order to get out of chores.Disney Channel-Big City Greens: I, Farmbot20200725-Big City Greens: I, Farmbot
Amphibia: Truck Stop Polly7/25/2020Disney ChannelFeeling unappreciated by her family, Polly hatches a plan to make them pay attention to her.Disney Channel-Amphibia: Truck Stop Polly20200725-Amphibia: Truck Stop Polly
Amphibia: A Caravan Named Desire7/25/2020Disney ChannelHop Pop signs the family up to join a traveling theater troupe, hoping to realize his dream of being an actor.Disney Channel-Amphibia: A Caravan Named Desire20200725-Amphibia: A Caravan Named Desire
The Owl House: The First Day7/25/2020Disney ChannelDuring Luz’s first day of Magic School, curiosity gets the best of her, and she finds herself thrown into the Delinquent Track, where she’s not allowed to learn magic.Disney Channel-The Owl House: The First Day20200725-The Owl House: The First Day
Just Roll With It: The Preventers Directive7/26/2020Disney ChannelOwen has a crazy dream that he and Blair are part of “The Preventers,” a team of superheroes called together by Sir Liam Gooch to stop Norvin Schnuckle from ruining the town’s bicentennial celebration.Disney Channel-Just Roll With It: The Preventers Directive20200726-Just Roll With It: The Preventers Directive
Disney Fam Jam: Helton & Koonce7/26/2020Disney ChannelTrevor Tordjman and Ariel Martin host the family dance competition as both the Koonce and Helton families show their sibling bonds and battle it out to see which family will be named the “Disney Fam Jam” champion.Disney Channel-Disney Fam Jam: Helton & Koonce20200726-Disney Fam Jam: Helton & Koonce
Mira, Royal Detective: The Rakhi Mystery7/31/2020Disney ChannelWhen the bracelets that Mira and her friends made for the Rakhi holiday disappear, Mira sets out to find them before the celebration starts.Disney Channel-Mira, Royal Detective: The Rakhi Mystery20200731-Mira, Royal Detective: The Rakhi Mystery
Mira, Royal Detective: Mystery Below the Palace7/31/2020Disney ChannelWhen strange sounds are heard at the palace, Queen Shanti asks Mira to find out what is causing the ruckus.Disney Channel-Mira, Royal Detective: Mystery Below the Palace20200731-Mira, Royal Detective: Mystery Below the Palace
Upside-Down Magic7/31/2020Disney ChannelIn this enchanting fantasy movie based on the New York Times bestselling children’s book, Nory and her best friend Reina enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies, where Nory’s unconventional powers land her in a class for those with wonky, or “upside-down,” magic. Undaunted, Nory sets out to prove that that upside-down magic can be just as powerful as right-side-up.Disney Channel-Upside-Down Magic20200731-Upside-Down Magic