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Based on the New York Times bestselling books by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Disney Junior’s “Fancy Nancy” is an animated family comedy centered around six-year-old Nancy, a girl who likes to be fancy in everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire. Excited to experience what the magnificent world has to offer, Nancy uses her ingenuity and imagination as she learns that while life doesn’t always go as planned, it’s important to celebrate the differences that make everyone unique. Geared towards kids age 2-7, each episode contains humorous and heartfelt stories which highlight themes of self-expression, originality and love of family.

Fancy Nancy Episode List

Season 3
Episode Date Title Description
24 2/18/2022 Paris At Last! Nancy’s dream comes true when she goes to Paris.
23 2/11/2022 Nancy’s Flight to Paris Nancy learns patience on a flight to Paris.
22 2/11/2022 Nancy’s Dream Comes True Nancy’s parents announce they are going to Paris.
21 2/4/2022 Grace Gets Real Nancy encourages Grace to stop bragging.
20 2/4/2022 The Buzz on Oak Street Nancy fights to save local honey bees.
19 1/28/2022 What’s Bree’s Story? Bree struggles to keep up with all the activities her parents have scheduled for her.
18 1/28/2022 Lionel Speaks Up Lionel learns to speak up for what he wants.
17 1/21/2022 Nancy’s Good Old New Times Nancy’s special weekend plans are threatened when her grandparents babysit.
16 1/21/2022 The Price of Being Nice Nancy wants to help a friend, but learns she can’t compromise herself in the process.
15 1/14/2022 Dancy Nancy Nancy dreams of being a ballerina, but first she must learn the basics.
14 1/14/2022 Dazzle Girl’s Trouble Grace copies Nancy’s superhero identity.
13 1/7/2022 Nancy’s Mermaid Tale Nancy and JoJo star in a made-up story about a pair of mermaid sisters.
12 1/7/2022 Vegetables for Paris The Clancy’s work together to earn money for a trip to Paris.
11 12/17/2021 Joie De Jonathan Nancy is troubled when Jonathan decides he should act more like a boy.
10 12/17/2021 Nancy’s Sweet Dreams! Nancy learns how to deal with a bad dream.
9 12/10/2021 Big Top Nancy Nancy puts on a circus for JoJo’s birthday.
8 12/10/2021 The Best Baby Sitter du Monde! Nancy is stunned to hear her favorite babysitter is leaving for college.
7 12/3/2021 Smitten by a Kitten Nancy tries to find the perfect home for a kitten.
6 12/3/2021 Nancy’s Fancy Library Nancy opens her own library.
5 11/26/2021 Nancy Plays House Nancy has ideas about the right way to play house.
4 11/26/2021 Crochet it Isn’t So! Nancy’s friend Sean inspires her to finish a difficult crochet project.
3 11/19/2021 Tears of a Superhero Nancy learns it’s okay to cry if you feel like it and not to cry if you don’t.
2 11/19/2021 Frenchy Takes The Stand Frenchy goes on trial for stealing a piece of pie.
1 11/12/2021 Nancy the Auteur When Nancy and her friends make a movie, they discover how hard it is to get her artistic vision on screen.
Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
50 5/9/2021 Nancy’s To-do List Nancy gets inspired to teach JoJo to read.
49 5/9/2021 The Momover Nancy tries to make her mom fancy.
48 3/28/2021 Jojo Does The Dirty Work When Nancy sends JoJo to tell her friends bad news, they wind up madder than if she’d told them herself.
47 3/28/2021 The Girl Who Cried Loup Nancy fears coming in last in the cul-de-sac’s Super Sprint.
46 3/14/2021 Nancy Twin Advice Nancy opens an advice stand.
45 3/14/2021 Classical Nancy When Nancy gets a CD of famous classical music, she wants to share it with her friend Roberto.
44 2/14/2021 Chirp Trouble Nancy learns to ask permission before touching someone else’s things.
43 2/14/2021 Pajama Drama Nancy, Bree and Grace have a sleepover.
42 1/17/2021 JoJo and the Unicorn Nancy tries to find JoJo a real, live unicorn.
41 1/17/2021 Leaders of Le Pack Nancy and Bree start a dog-walking service, and discover other people’s dogs aren’t as easy to handle as their own.
40 1/3/2021 Nancy’s Soccer Encore Nancy must get over her painful soccer past to play in the Oak Street soccer tournament.
39 1/3/2021 Goodbye, Dolly! After their dolls disagree, Nancy and Bree call it quits on their friendship.
38 12/27/2020 Nancy’s Gift To Grandpa To cheer up Grandpa on a wintry day, Nancy draws a masterpiece in chalk on the driveway.
37 12/27/2020 New Year’s Nancy Nancy finds that staying up till midnight on New Year’s Eve is harder than she thought.
36 12/6/2020 Sally Merry Clancy When JoJo gets a talking doll, Nancy questions if Marabelle is real.
35 12/6/2020 Battle for the Cul-de-Sac Nancy and her friends take a superhero game a little too far.
34 11/22/2020 Little Miss Lettuce Nancy organizes a parade when she realizes her town is the lettuce capital of Ohio.
33 11/22/2020 Who’s the Boss? Nancy and Bree get a taste of their own medicine when their little siblings boss them around.
32 11/15/2020 Copy Cat Jojo Nancy gets frustrated when JoJo starts copying her.
31 11/15/2020 Attention, s’il vous plait! Jealous of the attention JoJo gets from their parents, Nancy acts more helpless than she really is.
30 11/8/2020 Nancy’s Looth tooth Nancy loses a front tooth right before picture day.
29 11/8/2020 Le Boy Next Door Nancy has difficulty making friends with a new boy on the block.
28 10/4/2020 A Thousand Times Non! When Nancy wants to get her ears pierced, she must learn to take no for an answer.
27 10/4/2020 Bree’s House Rules On a sleepover at Bree’s house, Nancy learns that Bree’s family has rules different than hers.
26 9/20/2020 Nancy and Bree Take a Vacation Nancy struggles to understand why Bree wants a vacation… from her!
25 9/20/2020 Tea For Three Nancy uses the power of the tea party to help Grandpa and Mrs. Devine get along.
24 9/6/2020 Escar-No! Nancy questions her love of all things French when she encounters French food for the first time!
23 9/6/2020 Trois Cheers For Mrs. Devine! When Mrs. Devine gets the blues, Nancy becomes determined to cheer her up.
22 8/16/2020 Nancy Starts A Business Nancy discovers that being a business owner is harder than it looks.
21 8/16/2020 The Astonishing Jonathan When Nancy acts as Jonathan’s magician’s assistant, the two must overcome their artistic differences.
20 7/5/2020 Spring Dress Mess Nancy and Bree cut corners on spring cleaning and learn there are no shortcuts in life.
19 7/5/2020 Nancy Rocks the Boat Nancy struggles to enjoy an un-fancy fishing trip with her Grandpa.
18 6/14/2020 Nancy Braves the Storm When a storm blows a tree down on Nancy’s playhouse, she becomes afraid.
17 7/14/2020 The Whisper Heard Round the World After Nancy breaks a promise, she must find away to restore Lionel’s trust in her.
16 6/7/2020 The Dynamic Deux Nancy returns as Dazzle Girl with her new super-partner, Dragonfly!
15 6/7/2020 Nancy Takes The Case Nancy must solve a crime where the suspects are all her best friends!
14 4/26/2020 Nancy’s Favorite Grandpa Nancy must decide which of her Grandpas is the “Best Grandpa in the World.”
13 4/26/2020 Frenchy, Mon Amour Nancy feels threatened when her beloved dog Frenchy seems to prefer JoJo over her.
12 4/2/2020 Nancy’s New Friend Nancy makes friends with Lionel’s favorite cousin Sean, who just happens to be autistic.
11 4/2/2020 Bon Voyage, Nancy! Nancy is disappointed when a family car trip isn’t the epic adventure she imagined.
10 2/28/2020 Operation: Fix Marabelle! When Marabelle gets injured, Nancy must stay calm under pressure as the “doll surgeon” on call.
9 2/28/2020 Nancy And The Mermaid Ballet Nancy is jealous when Bree gets the part she was hoping to play.
8 2/14/2020 Love, Lionel On Valentine’s Day, Nancy helps Lionel say what’s in his heart.
7 2/14/2020 Roses are Red, Jojo is Blue Nancy breaks a promise to JoJo on Valentine’s Day.
6 1/24/2020 Nancy’s Fancy Heirloom Nancy realizes she is more like her Mom than she realized.
5 1/24/2020 Paris, Adieu! Nancy is determined to save money to go to Paris, but is devastated when she discovers how long it will take.
4 1/10/2020 Nancy Finds A Rainbow Nancy desperately tries to see her first rainbow.
3 1/10/2020 Nancy’s Parfait Birthday Nancy wants to have the perfect birthday party, but things don’t go exactly as planned.
2 10/4/2019 Nancy Quits The Clancy’s Nancy decides to live on her own in the playhouse.
1 10/4/2019 The Return of Dudley Nancy accidentally becomes Freddy’s new best friend when JoJo ditches him for her imaginary friend.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
49 8/9/2019 Super Nancy When Nancy imitates a fancy superhero, she winds up discovering she has a super power of her own: courage.
48 8/9/2019 Arts and Crafty Nancy worries Lionel’s art isn’t pretty enough to put in her new museum.
47 7/19/2019 Let’s Break a Deal Nancy regrets trading a piece of jewelry with Jo Jo and tries to trade back.
46 7/19/2019 Nancy’s BFF Babysitter Nancy rebels against her favorite teenage babysitter when she doesn’t treat Nancy like a peer.
45 6/7/2019 Nancy’s Parfait Pony Nancy falls in love with Grace’s pony.
44 6/7/2019 In The Know With Nancy Nancy writes a gossip column and gets a little fancy with the facts.
43 4/12/2019 The Great Easter Bunny Stakeout Nancy organizes a stakeout to find the Easter Bunny.
42 4/12/2019 Easter Bonnet Bug-A-Boo When Nancy tries to win a contest for the fanciest Easter bonnet, she attracts a swarm of bugs to her bonnet.
41 4/5/2019 Nancy’s Parcel Purrrsuit Nancy dreams of the heroic accolades that will bestow her if she saves a lost kitten.
40 4/5/2019 Nancy’s Friendship Faux Pas Nancy grows jealous of Bree’s friendship with a girl from summer camp.
39 3/8/2019 Nancy Hops To It! Nancy faces Rhonda and Wanda to determine who is the cul-de-sac hopscotch champ!
38 3/8/2019 The Imaginary Invalide Nancy fakes being sick but regrets it when her family throws a party that she’ll have to miss.
37 2/22/2019 Un, Deux, Cha Cha Cha! Nancy partners up with her Grandpa to compete in a local ballroom dancing competition.
36 2/22/2019 The Amazing Adventures of Grammy and Poppy Nancy gains a new appreciation for her Grandparents when they come to visit.
35 2/1/2019 Mon Amie… Grace? When Nancy’s Valentine’s Day card to Bree is sent to Grace by mistake, Grace thinks they’re best friends!
34 2/1/2019 Nancy, La Poete While trying to win a poetry contest, Nancy gets a case of writer’s block!
33 1/11/2019 Nancy Clancy, Pet Psychic! Nancy believes she can read animals’ minds.
32 1/11/2019 What’s Bugging Nancy? Nancy struggles to accept Bree’s un-fancy interest in bugs.
31 12/14/2018 Nancy and the Nice List When Nancy struggles to make Santa’s “Nice List”, she learns the true meaning of Christmas.
30 11/30/2018 Je Spy with My Little Eye When Nancy spies on her parents, she thinks she hears them plotting to give away the family dog!
29 11/30/2018 Au Revoir, Jean-Claude After the family goldfish dies, Nancy must confront her feelings of loss.
28 11/16/2018 Million Dollar Minnow In order to become a synchronized swimmer, Nancy must face her fear of going underwater.
27 11/16/2018 Vive La Revolution! When a neighborhood climbing tree is declared off-limits, Nancy shows how to take a stand.
26 11/2/2018 Nancy L’Artiste Nancy makes a mess painting a portrait of Frenchy and lets Jo Jo take the blame!
25 11/2/2018 Ice Skater Extraordinaire Nancy wants to be an extraordinary ice skater but has to practice first!
24 10/19/2018 Nancy’s Supreme Night Out Nancy becomes upset when her favorite waitress gives Jo Jo special attention.
23 10/19/2018 Grow Up, JoJo! When Dad’s boss comes over, Nancy tries to prove that she’s grown-up enough to spend time with adults.
22 10/5/2018 Nancy’s Ghostly Halloween Nancy’s imagination runs wild when she thinks she sees a ghost on Halloween!
21 10/5/2018 Nancy’s Costume Clash Nancy refuses to go to a Halloween party when she discovers that her costume isn’t original.
20 9/28/2018 Mademoiselle Mom When Mom has the sniffles, Nancy takes over as Mom for the day.
19 9/28/2018 Le Café Parfait Everything seems to be going well for Nancy and Bree’s new cafe until Grace the food critic shows up!
18 9/21/2018 Nancy Clancy, Starmaker! Nancy produces Lionel’s first comedy show but he is too nervous to perform!
17 9/21/2018 Toodle-oo, Miss Moo Nancy tries to keep an old toy from being sold without revealing she still cares about a “baby toy.”
16 9/14/2018 Nancy’s Vanity D’Art When Nancy wants her Grandma’s vanity, she learns it holds special memories for her Grandpa.
15 9/14/2018 Camp Fancy Nancy learns to make the best of things when a rainstorm ruins the family campout.
14 8/17/2018 Shoe La La! Nancy finds the shoes of her dreams but learns they’re not in her family’s budget.
13 8/17/2018 La Danse of Friendship Nancy learns the value of compromise when she and Bree create a Pas de Deux for dance class.
12 8/10/2018 The Case of the Disappearing Doll When Marabelle goes Missing, Nancy becomes a sleuth to find out who took her.
11 8/10/2018 Nancy’s Dog Show Disaster Nancy replaces Frenchy with a well-trained but snooty dog in the neighborhood dog show.
10 8/3/2018 Nancy’s Sacré Bleu Fondue When Nancy’s cousin visits, she is threatened when he is fancier than her!
9 8/3/2018 Nancy’s Devine Sleepover When Nancy and Jo Jo have a sleepover at Mrs. Devine’s house, Nancy gets uneasy and wants to go home.
8 7/27/2018 Nancy Makes Her Mark Nancy tries to leave the perfect handprints in a newly cemented walkway.
7 7/27/2018 Nancy versus Dudley After encouraging Jo Jo to create an imaginary friend, Nancy becomes jealous of their relationship.
6 7/20/2018 Nancy Goes to Work When Dad works from home, Nancy becomes his assistant.
5 7/20/2018 Nancy’s Ooh La La Spa Nancy tries to give Mom a perfect spa day but her homemade spa products are mistaken for snacks!
4 7/13/2018 Bonjour Butterfly When Nancy finds a butterfly, she wants to keep it.
3 7/13/2018 Tea Party Trouble After she breaks a family heirloom, Nancy tries to hide it.
2 7/13/2018 School de Fancy Nancy starts a charm school to teach her friends how to be fancy.
1 7/13/2018 Chez Nancy Nancy is upset when Dad builds her a playhouse that isn’t fancy.

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