Harambe Market Guide - Dining at (Walt Disney World)

Service Type:Quick Service
Price Range:$ ($14.99 and under per adult)

Harambe Market Menu

Harambe Market Lunch and Dinner

Watermelon Shave Ice4.99
Pineapple-Coconut Shave Ice4.99
Passion Fruit Shave Ice4.99
Most Beautiful Cake4.99
Ribs Bowl14.29
Chicken Bowl11.79
Chicken Gyro11.79
Beef and Lamb Gyro11.29
Pork Sausage10.29
Roasted Vegetable Bowl9.99
Kids' Disney Check Meals
Kids' Meals
Barbecue Rib7.69
Corn Dog7.49
Chicken Bowl7.39
Bibo - Regular3.99
Bibo - Large4.49
Sparletta Sparberry - Regular3.99
Sparletta Sparberry - Large4.49
Frozen Flamingo5.99
Watermelon Lemonade5.49
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Regular3.99
Assorted Fountain Beverages - Large4.49
Dasani® Bottled Water3.50
Iced Coffee4.79
Regular Coffee3.29
Decaf Coffee3.29
Nestlé® Hot Cocoa3.29
Alcoholic Beverages
Leopard's Eye13.25
Safari Amber Lager9.75
Reef Donkey APA Draft9.75
Tusker Lager9.00
Serengeti Sangria10.00
Vodka Passion Fruit Shave Ice10.50
Piña Colada Shave Ice10.50
Vodka Watermelon Shave Ice10.50
Allergy Disclaimer
Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly11.79
Roasted Vegetable Bowl - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly9.99
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-friendly7.69
Allergy-friendly Brownie - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-friendly4.29
Allergy-friendly Cookie - Gluten/Wheat Allergy-friendly3.29
Egg Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Egg Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Egg Allergy-Friendly11.79
Chicken Gyro - Egg Allergy-Friendly11.79
Beef and Lamb Gyro - Egg Allergy-Friendly11.29
Roasted Vegetable Bowl - Egg Allergy-Friendly9.99
Pork Sausage - Egg Allergy-friendly10.29
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Egg Allergy-friendly7.69
Allergy-friendly Cookie - Egg Allergy-friendly3.29
Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly11.79
Chicken Gyro - Fish/Shelfish Allergy-Friendly11.79
Beef and Lamb Gyro - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly11.29
Pork Sausage - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-friendly10.29
Roasted Vegetable Bowl - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly9.99
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-friendly7.69
Kids' Uncrustables - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly6.19
Most Beautiful Cake - Fish/Shellfish Allergy-Friendly4.99
Milk Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Milk Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Milk Allergy-Friendly11.79
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Milk Allergy-friendly7.69
Allergy-friendly Cookie - Milk Allergy-friendly3.29
Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly11.79
Chicken Gyro - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly11.79
Beef and Lamb Gyro - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly11.29
Pork Sausage - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-friendly10.29
Roasted Vegetable Bowl - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-Friendly9.99
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Peanut/Tree Nut Allergy-friendly7.69
Soy Allergy-Friendly
Ribs Bowl - Soy Allergy-Friendly14.29
Chicken Bowl - Soy Allergy-Friendly11.79
Roasted Vegetable Bowl - Soy Allergy-Friendly9.99
Kids' Barbecue Rib - Soy Allergy-friendly7.69
Allergy-friendly Cookie - Soy Allergy-friendly3.29

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