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Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Disney Legend Bill Farmer, who will be the host of the new dog-focused series, It’s a Dog’s Life. Each episode will take a look at everyday dogs who do extraordinary jobs and will explore how each dog develops its special and unique talents.

It’s A Dog’s Life Episode List

Season 1

107/17/2020Episode 10
97/10/2020Episode 9
87/3/2020Episode 8
76/26/2020Detective Dogs & Truffle Hunting DogsBill meets dogs who find lost pets; he visits a truffle-hunting dog.
66/19/2020Stunt Dogs & Water Rescue DogsBill meets a troupe of performing stunt dogs; he visits a team of water rescue dogs.
56/12/2020The Surfing Corgi & Bee DogsBill hits the beach to meet a surfing corgi; he visits dogs whose noses help bees survive.
46/5/2020Disaster Rescue Dogs & A Dog MayorBill meets dogs that rescue people in disasters; he visits a dog that is a town mayor.
35/29/2020Mascot Dogs & Guide Dogs for RunnersBill meets Texas A&M’s mascot; he meets a runner’s guide dog in New York.
25/22/2020Dogs & Cheetahs & Companion DogsBill meets a dog with a cheetah friend; he meets a helpful companion dog.
15/15/2020Whale Poop Dogs & Sheep Herding DogsBill meets a dog that helps scientists track endangered orca whales; Bill meets border collies that herd sheep on a ranch; on Pluto’s Pointers, Bill gives tips on how to introduce dogs to new friends; Goofy’s Hometown Hero is a dentist dog.

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