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In Season 2, having inherited the curse brought on by the lethal game of “Light As A Feather,” McKenna finds herself plagued by the mysterious chrysalis on her back, a ticking clock compelling her to play a new round of the game… But McKenna refuses, unwilling to put anyone else in harm’s way. However, as the curse begins to destroy her from the inside out, she’s forced to turn to the only person who can possibly help her — Violet.

Light as a Feather Episode List

Season 3

89/25/2020Episode 8
79/25/2020Episode 7
69/25/2020Episode 6
59/25/2020Episode 5
49/25/2020Episode 4
39/25/2020Episode 3
29/25/2020Episode 2
19/25/2020Episode 1

Season 2

1610/4/2019…Brave As a LionWith the curse closing in, the girls must make a tough decision, and one faces a hard truth that could change everything.
1510/4/2019…Quiet As a TombMcKenna pressures a friend to deliver on a deadly promise.
1410/4/2019…Mean As a RattlesnakeAs the stakes escalate, the girls find themselves scrambling to piece together clues.
1310/4/2019…Thick As ThievesAs the friends turn to an unlikely source for help, one is forced to confront her greatest fear.
1210/4/2019…Hungry Like a WolfAlex and Peri’s cabin escape takes an unpleasant turn. The rest of the gang struggle to help a friend.
1110/4/2019…Clear As MudThe girls come up with a new plan that soon causes friction. Trey and Sammi prepare for a huge life change.
1010/4/2019…Trapped As a RatViolet encounters an old friend in the most unlikely of places. McKenna tries to find answers, only to find more trouble.
910/4/2019…Fresh As a DaisyIt’s New Year’s Eve as the girls anxiously celebrate their return to normal. Trey and Sammi’s band, Bit of Decay, play their biggest show yet.
87/26/2019…White as a GhostThe girls have a new lead that could fix all their problems — but to see it through, they will have to risk it all.
77/26/2019…Guilty as SinA secret from Violet’s past comes back to haunt her. McKenna and Sammi go on a trip.
67/26/2019…Pale as DeathThe girls make a discovery that could lead them to the origins of the game. Isaac and Violet get closer.
57/26/2019…Silent as the NightMcKenna has an unfortunate run-in. Violet and Alex try to find out more about the Light As A Feather game.
47/26/2019…Sick as a DogA horrible accident leads McKenna to believe the Light As A Feather game has been played again. Trey performs with Sammi’s band.
37/26/2019…Sly As A FoxMcKenna figures out a way to track her sleepwalking. Trey reconnects with an old friend.
27/26/2019…Free As A BirdMcKenna and Alex start their court-ordered community service. Violet gives McKenna advice.
17/26/2019…Lost As EdenAs McKenna’s life starts to spiral, she finds herself turning to an unlikely ally. The girls head to a party where Alex meets a mysterious woman.

Season 1

1010/12/2018…Slippery as an EelMcKenna has an unconventional proposal.
910/12/2018…Innocent as a LambViolet recounts an important story from her past.
810/12/2018…Cold as IceDetermined to get answers, McKenna devises a new plan.
710/12/2018…Right as RainA dangerous secret about Violet is revealed.
610/12/2018…Troubled as the TideViolet continues her manipulation. Trey is helped by an unlikely ally.
510/12/2018…Mad as a HatterViolet uncovers crucial information about the girls’ relationship.
410/12/2018…Dark as the NightAs McKenna investigates Violet, she finds herself haunted by nightmares of her past.
310/12/2018…Dead as a DoornailThe girls start to suspect Violet may not be as innocent as she claims.
210/12/2018…Pretty as a PictureIt’s Olivia’s 18th birthday party and McKenna is going with her longtime crush, Henry. But a shocking discovery gives the night an unexpected turn.
110/12/2018…Stiff as a BoardFour best friends invite the shy new girl out on Halloween, but they soon regret their decision when she suggests they play a twisted version of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

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