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Set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur, the series follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective after solving a mystery that involves saving the kingdom’s young prince. As royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike.

Mira, Royal Detective Episode List

Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
22 1/8/2021 The Case of the Missing Library Book / A Double Dosa Mystery
21 12/4/2020 The Case of the Mysterious Girl / Mystery on the Waterfront
20 11/20/2020 The Mikku Mystery / The Case of the Getaway Goats Mira and Chikku are on the case to find out what is scaring Mikku. Mira investigates why the goats go missing in Jalpur
19 11/6/2020 The Great Diwali Mystery / The Case of the Curious Creature Mira must track down the missing oil used to light traditional lamps throughout the town in order to save the Diwali celebration. Mira investigates sightings of a legendary creature who is known to be a mischievous shoe thief.
18 10/23/2020 Mystery at the Gymnastics Show / The Case of the Curious Confetti Mira must find Preeti’s lucky headband when it goes missing right before the gymnastics show. When confetti starts popping up all over town, Mira searches for the source.
17 10/9/2020 A Seedy Mystery / Mystery at the Jalpur Games Mira’s friends help solve the case when she loses a game that’s been passed down through her family When the archery arrows go missing during the Jalpur Games, Mira sets out to find them.
16 9/25/2020 A Mystery Fit for a Queen / The Case of Pinky and the Goat When Queen Shanti’s lost jewelry suddenly turns up, Mira enlists the Queen to join her on the case.

Mira asks her friend Pinky, the goat expert, to help find Dhruv’s pet goat.

15 8/28/2020 The Mystery of the Secret Room / The Mystery of the Magnificent Musician Mira finds a way out when she and her friends get stuck in a room in the palace.

When everyone’s instruments go missing, Mira must figure out if visiting musicians are to blame.

14 7/30/2020 The Rakhi Mystery / Mystery Below the Palace During Rakhi, the homemade bracelets go missing, so Mira must find them. When the palace is rocked by strange sounds, Queen Shanti asks Mira to find out what is causing the ruckus
13 7/17/2020 The Mystery of One Angry Chicken / A Tiny Tune Mystery When Drhuv’s pocket watch is found in Raj the chicken’s coop, Mira must figure out how it got there. Mikku and Chikku’s tiny instruments go missing, so Mira must track them down.
12 6/26/2020 The Topsy Turvy Tiffin Mystery / Mystery at the Invention Fair To help an injured Sandeep rest, Mikku and Chikku deliver his tiffins which goes well until two customers receive wrong orders. Dhruv loses his special gear for his invention at the contest.
11 6/12/2020 Mikku and Chikku: Doll Detectives / The Case of the Moving Day Meddler
10 5/15/2020 Mystery at the Marketplace / Mystery in the Sand Dunes When Meena wants to make special ladoos for her father’s homecoming party, Mira must help track down the spice merchant who has an essential ingredient.

While testing Neel’s new vehicle in the desert, a sandstorm causes it to become lost.

9 5/8/2020 The Case of the Chiseling Chiselers / A Patchwork Mystery When the royal sword goes missing, Mira agrees to help Veer find it.

When a tapestry that Priya created for Jalpur’s anniversary celebration winds up nowhere to be found, Mira sets out on the case to find it before the party begins.

8 5/1/2020 The Mysterious Polo Player / The Case of the Secret Treasure Mira is determined to figure out the identity of a mysterious polo player.

Mira and her friends find a treasure map that leads to mysterious tunnels under the palace.

7 4/24/2020 The Mystery of the Secret Gift-Giver / Mystery at the Cooking Contest When townspeople start receiving anonymous gifts, Mira searches for the secret gift-giver.

Pinky’s dishes for the Queen’s cooking contest seem to be sabotaged.

6 4/17/2020 The Mongoose Cousin Mystery / The Marble Egg Mystery Mikku and Chikku’s cousins visit Jalpur for a kite festival.

When the Prince loses a precious marble gift from the Queen, Mira sets out to find it.

5 4/10/2020 The Case of the Wrecked Recital / The Case of the Vanishing Vessels When Prince Neel’s sitar goes missing, Mira must track it down before Great Aunt Rupa finds out.

Mira goes on a mysterious underground adventure to find toy boats for a race.

4 4/3/2020 The Undercover Princess Mystery / Mystery at the Fashion Show Mira goes undercover to find the precious Gem of Jalpur.

When a dress that Priya made for a fashion show goes missing, Mira discovers that it’s hiding in plain sight.

3 3/27/2020 The Case of the Dance Off Disaster / Mystery at the Camel Fair Mira must figure out who is sabotaging performances at the dance competition.

When decorations for Priya and Meena’s entry into the camel fair go missing, Mira must investigate!

2 3/20/2020 Mystery at the Puppet Show / The Mystery of the New Kid Mikku and Chikku go undercover as puppets so they can help Mira catch a pickpocket. When a new kid in town is blamed for stealing an earring, Mira must figure out if he’s guilty.
1 3/20/2020 The Mystery of the Royal Scarf / The Case of the Missing Bicycle When the special scarf Priya designed for the Queen goes missing, it’s up to Mira to help find it! Mira juggles babysitting her cousin and searching for a missing bike.

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