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Set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur, the series follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective after solving a mystery that involves saving the kingdom’s young prince. As royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike.

Mira, Royal Detective Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
50 2/28/2022 The Case of the Mystery Mehfil
49 2/28/2022 Mira’s Musical Mystery Tour
48 1/10/2022 Mystery of the Blue Jewel When a present for Queen Shanti goes missing, Mira is on the case to find it.
47 1/10/2022 The Mystery of the Jalpur Jammers When Dad and Auntie are not where they’re supposed to be, Mira is on the case to find them.
46 1/3/2022 Mystery at the Gili Danda Game Mira goes on the case when a mysterious gift of painted Gili Danda sticks is left for her.
45 1/3/2022 The Case of the Missing Mystery While teaching a class on how to be a detective, Mira’s clues for the lesson go missing.
44 12/6/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Bangles When Mira’s Uncle Naveen can’t find Auntie Pushpa’s bangles, Mira helps him find them.
43 12/6/2021 Mystery at the Food Festival When Mikku and Chikku are blamed for snacks that go missing, Mira goes on the case to find out what really happened.
42 11/29/2021 Mystery at the Snake Boat Race Mira goes on the case when strange things happen during a snake boat race.
41 11/29/2021 The Case of the Secret Code Mira is on a special case from Detective Gupta that will take her detective skills to the next level.
40 11/1/2021 The Case of the Mysterious House Mira and her friends go on a case to find Mikku and Chikku’s missing lucky ball.
39 11/1/2021 The Case of the Missing Lehenga Choli Mira is on the case to find a special lehenga for Dimple.
38 10/25/2021 The Great Donkey Mystery When a delivery of pink salt for the spice shop goes missing, Mira is on the case to find out what happened.
37 10/25/2021 The Case of the Mysterious Necklace Mira goes on the case to help figure out who sent Meena a necklace.
36 10/18/2021 The Puppy Dog Detective Mystery When things in Jalpur start mysteriously breaking, Mira and friends must solve the case.
35 10/18/2021 The Dasara Festival Mystery Mira and her friends go to the Dasara Festival to find Anoop before the elephant procession.
34 9/27/2021 The Case of the Funky Fountain When a strange clay starts showing up in Jalpur’s water sources, Mira is on the case to stop it.
33 9/27/2021 The Dandiya Dance Mystery Mira goes on the case to help Meena find a dance partner.
32 9/13/2021 The Mystery of the Legendary Cave Mira and her friends set out to solve a cold case mystery to find a legendary cave.
31 9/13/2021 The Case of the Disoriented Ducklings Mira and the mongooses are on the case to help stray ducklings find their mother.
30 8/23/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Train When the Jalpur Express doesn’t arrive at the train station, Mira is on the case!
29 8/23/2021 The Case of the Secret Singing Star Mira helps Meena find a mysterious singer to feature in the Jalpur talent show.
28 8/16/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Jhumkas Auntie Pushpa is having a sale at her boutique and needs Mira’s help finding missing earrings.
27 8/16/2021 The Fluffy Pillow Mystery Mira is on the case to help Mikku and Chikku find their beloved fluffy pillows.
26 8/9/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Parts When items start going missing around town, Mira is on the case.
25 8/9/2021 The Great Kathak Mystery Mira and her friends must track down their missing ghungroo bells in order to perform with a Kathak dance guru.
24 7/26/2021 Mystery at the Rangoli Competition Mira takes on a case when some Rangolis are ruined before Jalpur’s Rangoli competition.
23 7/26/2021 The Teej Festival Mystery Mira, Neeti and Preeti search for a missing basket of marigolds used for the Teej Festival.
22 7/12/2021 Mystery at the Sweet Sale Mira is on the hunt for the annual Sweet Sale’s missing sweets.
21 7/12/2021 Mystery at the Naiyapuram Palace When Prince Veer’s royal gift for the Queen of Naiyapuram’s birthday goes missing, Mira goes on the case to find it.
20 6/28/2021 The Bike Day Mystery On Jalpur’s Bike Day, Mira assists Ranjeet and Manjeet as they track down training wheels for a bike they made.
19 6/28/2021 The Case of the Runaway Tabla Mira helps a visiting musician find his missing tabla before a big performance.
18 6/14/2021 The Case of the Broken Hand Pump Mira and Princess Shivani go on the case to figure out what’s blocking a broken water pump.
17 6/14/2021 Mystery on the Overnight Train Mira’s mobile detective lab goes missing on an overnight train ride.
16 5/24/2021 The Case of the Vanishing Picnic Mira helps Mikku and Chikku find their missing basket of picnic food.
15 5/24/2021 The Case of the Lost Treehouse When Sahil and his childhood friend can’t find their old treehouse, Mira is on the case.
14 5/17/2021 The Submarine Mystery Mira and Prince Neel are on the hunt for a submarine.
13 5/17/2021 The Case of the Lost Puppy When Mira and the mongooses find a lost puppy, they are on the case to find its family.
12 5/10/2021 The Case of the Message in a Bottle Mira finds a message in a bottle and works to solve the mystery behind the “island king” with the help of Prince Neel, Mikku, and Chikku.
11 5/10/2021 Mystery in the Sky Mira sees something purple in the sky, but Mikku and Chikku have no idea what she is talking about. They ask Prince Neel for help and they fly in his new flying machine. Can they figure out the mystery?
10 5/3/2021 The Case of the Pinched Paintbrush English When Priya’s special paintbrush goes missing, Mira must go on the case to help her find it.
9 5/3/2021 The Great Eid Mystery Mira’s friend Sadia asks for her help in solving the case when they find a lost holiday Eid gift envelope on the ground.
8 4/26/2021 The Case of the Fake Painting In an official tour of the palace, Mira and her friends are suspicious of the tour guides who claim to know everything. Prince Veer brings Priya and Mira to the library to have a first look at the painting but finds out it is fake, leading Mira to begin an investigation.
7 4/26/2021 Mystery Through the Front Window Mira sprains her ankle and is confined to her room, but Arvin gives her a case to find out what is blocking the water taxis. Mira still decides to take the case despite Priya advising her against it. Can she solve the case from her apartment?
6 4/19/2021 The Case of the Slumber Party Ghost After leaving the palace and talking with Prince Neel about his new invention, Mira, Mikku, and Chikku go to a sleepover. That night, a mysterious sound causes Dimple to wake up, resulting in Kamala, Priya, and Mira beginning a search for the source of the sound.
5 4/19/2021 The Case of Dimple’s Lost Tooth Dimple’s family begins celebrating after learning that the baby tooth of their daughter, Dimple, had come out. Kamala takes the tooth and puts it in her pocket for safekeeping. However, in the process of going around the town with Dimple, Mira, Chikku, and Mikku, she loses it. Can Mira, Chikku, and Mikku find the tooth before it is too late?
4 4/12/2021 The Case of the Palace Meena’s peacock, Koo, leaves her sight. Mira agrees to help her, while she has also said she will help Priya with Princess Shavini’s new dress. Can she do both tasks at the same time, or will it tire her out?
3 4/12/2021 Mira’s Milestone Mystery Mikku and Chikku tell Mira that she filled up her first case book. She is soon on the case of solving a mystery, with the promise of a “big surprise” if she solves the case.
2 4/5/2021 The Great Polo Mystery When the mallets break at the polo match, Mira goes on the case to figure out what happened.
1 4/5/2021 The Case of the Cunning Chameleon Mira shows Mikku and Chikku how to use their senses to find a missing chameleon.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
50 3/12/2021 Mystery on the Jalpur Express
49 3/12/2021 The Holi Festival Mystery
48 2/19/2021 The Mystery of the Missing Crown Mira must find the royal crown when it goes missing.
47 2/19/2021 A Royal Detective Mystery When the former royal detective comes to town, Mira asks for his help with a cold case.
46 1/29/2021 The Great Art Mystery When an anonymous painting appears, Mira searches for the artist so it can be entered in Priya’s art show.
45 1/29/2021 Mira’s Birthday Mystery On Mira’s birthday, Queen Shanti asks her to solve a strange mystery.
44 1/8/2021 A Double Dosa Mystery When Sandeep’s dosa goes missing, Mira goes on a stakeout to discover who took it.
43 1/8/2021 The Case of the Missing Library Book Mira must find the missing library book that everyone wants to read.
42 12/4/2020 Mystery on the Waterfront Mira must crack the case when Auntie Pushpa’s gold purse and other valuables go missing.
41 12/4/2020 The Case of the Mysterious Girl When a mysterious girl arrives in Jalpur, Mira sets out on the case to figure out her true identity.
40 11/20/2020 The Case of the Getaway Goats Mira investigates why the goats go missing in Jalpur.
39 11/20/2020 The Mikku Mystery Mira and Chikku are on the case to find out what is scaring Mikku.
38 11/6/2020 The Case of the Curious Creature Mira investigates sightings of a legendary creature who is known to be a mischievous shoe thief.
37 11/6/2020 The Great Diwali Mystery Mira must track down the missing oil used to light traditional lamps throughout the town in order to save the Diwali celebration.
36 10/23/2020 The Case of the Curious Confetti When confetti starts popping up all over town, Mira searches for the source
35 10/23/2020 Mystery at the Gymnastics Show Mira must find Preeti’s lucky headband when it goes missing right before the gymnastics show.
34 10/9/2020 Mystery at the Jalpur Games When the archery arrows go missing during the Jalpur Games, Mira sets out to find them
33 10/9/2020 A Seedy Mystery Mira’s friends help solve the case when she loses a game that’s been passed down through her family.
32 9/25/2020 The Case of Pinky and the Goat Mira asks her friend Pinky, the goat expert, to help find Dhruv’s pet goat.
31 9/25/2020 A Mystery Fit for a Queen When Queen Shanti’s lost jewelry suddenly turns up, Mira enlists the Queen to join her on the case.
30 8/28/2020 The Mystery of the Magnificent Musicians When everyone’s instruments go missing, Mira must figure out if visiting musicians are to blame.
29 8/28/2020 The Mystery of the Secret Room Mira finds a way out when she and her friends get stuck in a room in the palace.
28 7/31/2020 Mystery Below the Palace The palace is being rocked by a mysterious stomping sound, and Mira has to find out where it’s coming from.
27 7/31/2020 The Rakhi Mystery When the bracelets that Mira and her friends made for the Rakhi holiday disappear, Mira sets out to find them before the celebration starts.
26 7/17/2020 A Tiny Tune Mystery Mikku and Chikku’s instruments go missing, and Mira must track them down.
25 7/17/2020 The Mystery of One Angry Chicken When Drhuv’s pocket watch is found in Raj the chicken’s coop, Mira must figure out how it got there.
24 6/26/2020 Mystery at the Invention Fair An important part of Druv’s entry for the invention fair goes missing and Mira must find it before judging.
23 6/26/2020 The Topsy Turvy Tiffin Myster Mikku and Chikku accidentally mix up a tiffin delivery and Mira must fix it.
22 6/12/2020 The Case of the Moving Day Meddler Plans for a moving day get interrupted when the tickets go missing.
21 6/12/2020 Mikku and Chikku: Doll Detectives Mikku and Chikku decide to start their own detective case, but Mira must help them when a missing doll mystery falls off the handle.
20 5/15/2020 Mystery in the Sand Dunes Neel’s new vehicle disappears in a sandstorm, and Mira must search the desert to find it.
19 5/15/2020 Mystery at the Marketplace When Meena wants to make special ladoos for her father’s homecoming party, Mira must help track down the spice merchant who has an essential ingredient.
18 5/8/2020 A Patchwork Mystery On Jalpur’s 400th birthday, Mira is tasked with finding Priya’s special tapestry.
17 5/8/2020 The Case of the Chiseling Chiselers When the royal sword goes missing, Mira agrees to help Veer find it.
16 5/1/2020 The Case of the Secret Treasure Mira, Priya and Neel discover a map that leads them to mysterious tunnels under the palace.
15 5/1/2020 The Mysterious Polo Player Mira is determined to figure out the identity of a mysterious polo player.
14 4/24/2020 Mystery at the Cooking Contest Pinky’s dishes for the Queen’s cooking contest seem to be sabotaged.
13 4/24/2020 The Mystery of the Secret Gift-Giver When townspeople start receiving anonymous gifts, Mira searches for the secret gift-giver.
12 4/17/2020 The Marble Egg Mystery When the Prince loses a precious marble gift from the Queen, Mira sets out to find it.
11 4/17/2020 The Mongoose Cousin Mystery Mikku and Chikku’s cousins visit Jalpur for a kite festival.
10 4/10/2020 The Case of the Vanishing Vessels Mira goes on a mysterious underground adventure to find toy boats for a race.
9 4/10/2020 The Case of the Wrecked Recital When Prince Neel’s sitar goes missing, Mira must track it down before Great Aunt Rupa finds out.
8 4/3/2020 Mystery at the Fashion Show When a dress that Priya made for a fashion show goes missing, Mira discovers that it’s hiding in plain sight.
7 4/3/2020 The Undercover Princess Mystery Mira goes undercover to find the precious Gem of Jalpur.
6 3/27/2020 Mystery at the Camel Fair When decorations for Priya and Meena’s entry into the camel fair go missing, Mira must investigate.
5 3/27/2020 The Case of the Dance Off Disaster Mira must figure out who is sabotaging performances at the dance competition.
4 3/20/2020 The Mystery of the New Kid When a new kid in town is blamed for stealing an earring, Mira must figure out if he’s guilty.
3 3/20/2020 Mystery at the Puppet Show Mikku and Chikku go undercover as puppets so they can help Mira catch a pickpocket.
2 3/20/2020 The Case of the Missing Bicycle Mira must juggle babysitting her cousin and searching for a missing bike.
1 3/20/2020 The Mystery of the Royal Scarf When the special scarf Priya designed for the Queen goes missing, it’s up to Mira to help find it!

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