Original Series
Studio: Disney Channel

Set in the magical Indian-inspired land of Jalpur, the series follows the brave and resourceful Mira, a commoner who is appointed to the role of royal detective after solving a mystery that involves saving the kingdom’s young prince. As royal detective, Mira travels throughout the kingdom helping royals and commoners alike.

Mira, Royal Detective Episode List

Season 1

205/15/2020Mystery in the Sand DunesWhile testing Neel’s new vehicle in the desert, a sandstorm causes it to become lost.
195/15/2020Mystery at the MarketplaceWhen Meena wants to make special ladoos for her father’s homecoming party, Mira must help track down the spice merchant who has an essential ingredient.
185/8/2020A Patchwork MysteryWhen a tapestry that Priya created for Jalpur’s anniversary celebration winds up nowhere to be found, Mira sets out on the case to find it before the party begins.
175/8/2020The Case of the Chiseling ChiselersWhen the royal sword goes missing, Mira agrees to help Veer find it.
165/1/2020The Case of the Secret TreasureMira and her friends find a treasure map that leads to mysterious tunnels under the palace.
155/1/2020The Mysterious Polo PlayerMira is determined to figure out the identity of a mysterious polo player.
144/24/2020Mystery at the Cooking ContestPinky’s dishes for the Queen’s cooking contest seem to be sabotaged.
134/24/2020The Mystery of the Secret Gift-GiverWhen townspeople start receiving anonymous gifts, Mira searches for the secret gift-giver.
124/17/2020The Marble Egg MysteryWhen the Prince loses a precious marble gift from the Queen, Mira sets out to find it.
114/17/2020The Mongoose Cousin MysteryMikku and Chikku’s cousins visit Jalpur for a kite festival.
104/10/2020The Case of the Vanishing VesselsMira goes on a mysterious underground adventure to find toy boats for a race.
94/10/2020The Case of the Wrecked RecitalWhen Prince Neel’s sitar goes missing, Mira must track it down before Great Aunt Rupa finds out.
84/3/2020Mystery at the Fashion ShowWhen a dress that Priya made for a fashion show goes missing, Mira discovers that it’s hiding in plain sight.
74/3/2020The Undercover Princess MysteryMira goes undercover to find the precious Gem of Jalpur.
63/27/2020Mystery at the Camel FairWhen decorations for Priya and Meena’s entry into the camel fair go missing, Mira must investigate.
53/27/2020The Case of the Dance Off DisasterMira must figure out who is sabotaging performances at the dance competition.
43/20/2020The Mystery of the New KidWhen a new kid in town is blamed for stealing an earring, Mira must figure out if he’s guilty.
33/20/2020Mystery at the Puppet ShowMikku and Chikku go undercover as puppets so they can help Mira catch a pickpocket.
23/20/2020The Case of the Missing BicycleMira must juggle babysitting her cousin and searching for a missing bike.
13/20/2020The Case of the Royal ScarfWhen the special scarf Priya designed for the Queen goes missing, it’s up to Mira to help find it.

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