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PEN15 is middle school as it really happened. Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle star in this adult comedy, playing versions of themselves as thirteen-year-old outcasts in the year 2000, surrounded by actual thirteen-year-olds, where the best day of your life can turn into your worst with the stroke of a gel pen.

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Season 2

19/18/2020Episode 1

Season 1

102/8/2019DanceIt’s the night of their first school dance but Anna and Maya are on bad terms. They’ll have to navigate this unfamiliar terrain set to billboard hits, by themselves.
92/8/2019Anna Lishi-PetersAnna gets to sleep over at Maya’s house on a school night and can’t wait to become part of the Ishii-Peter family. But things turn as Anna gets a little too comfortable.
82/8/2019Wild ThingsIt’s a viewing party to watch the newly released VHS movie, Wild Things. The night gets sexy and Anna and Maya try to keep up.
72/8/2019AIMMaya and Anna get their very first AIM screennames and their social world opens up. Maybe too much.
62/8/2019PoshMaya gets a questionable nickname during a school project. Anna goes along with it, resulting in a test of their friendship and identities.
52/8/2019Community ServiceThere’s an exclusive fashion show at the local nursing home. Somehow Anna and Maya make it in, but feelings of inadequacy lead them down a shady path.
42/8/2019SoloTrailview’s Night of Amazing Music is coming up. Anna hopes to win Alex’s heart with a classical aria while Maya is consumed with a lie.
32/8/2019OjichanMaya feels a tickle down there which becomes kind of an addiction, distracting her from her best friend who really needs her.
22/8/2019MirandaMaya and Anna become fascinated with the mature girls in their class who smoke. They are faced with the age-old question: stay home and play pretend or go out and do drugs?
12/8/2019First DayIt’s the first day of seventh grade in the year 2000. School rejects, Anna and Maya, get a lot of unexpected attention.

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