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Fun-loving pug puppies, brothers Bingo and Rolly, have thrill-seeking appetites that take them on exhilarating adventures in their neighborhood and around the globe. Whether helping their owner Bob or assisting a friend in need, the pugs’ motto is that life is more exciting with your best friend by your side. Each episode features two 11-minute stories that showcase Bingo and Rolly’s similarities and differences while demonstrating positive lessons about friendship, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and adventure.

Puppy Dog Pals Episode List

Season 2

Episode Date Title Description
52 8/23/2019 Trolley Trouble
51 8/23/2019 I Heart Rufus
50 8/2/2019 The Mystery of the Missing Golf Ball Bingo and Rolly search all around the golf course for Bob’s missing golf ball.
49 8/2/2019 Bob’s Dream Vacation Bob wants to wake up on his dream vacation, so the pugs set out to get him to Tahiti while he sleeps.
48 7/26/2019 Empire State of Mind When Bob’s trip to the Empire State Building is canceled, the Pugs and ARF head to New York City to bring the Empire State Building to Bob.
47 7/26/2019 Double Doggie Dare! Bob signs up for a game show with Bingo and Rolly.
46 7/20/2019 Slumber Party Bob, the pugs and Keia run out of popcorn at their first slumber party.
45 7/20/2019 Take Your Dog to Work Day On Take Your Dog to Work Day, the pups lose an important part of Bob’s presentation.
44 7/12/2019 The Legend of Captain Wunderbark The Pups look for the lost treasure of The Late Captain Wunderbark.
43 7/12/2019 Adopt-A-Palooza The Pups and Their New Friend chase A Puppy named Hero who dug a hole out of the Puppy Pen.
42 7/5/2019 When Hedgie Met Sallie Hedgie helps the pups catch the veggie bandit in Bob’s vegetable patch.
41 7/5/2019 The Bark Bowl The pups get trained by a puppyball expert for the puppyball championship.
40 6/14/2019 20,000 Leagues Under the Lake When Dash and Duke’s favorite toy goes missing, the pugs and Keia search the lake to find it.
39 6/14/2019 Father’s Day Countdown When Chloe’s dad’s flight is canceled on Father’s Day, Keia and the pugs go on an urgent mission to bring him home.
38 5/17/2019 Yay, Earth Day! The pugs help a group of lost moles find their way back home.
37 5/17/2019 Wonder-Bob When Bob’s lucky baseball bat breaks, the pups go on a mission to find him a new one in time for the championship game.
36 4/19/2019 Sea No Turtle
35 4/19/2019 Fantastic Pet Force
34 4/12/2019 Bob’s Sock Debacle The pups set out to look for Bob’s favorite golf socks before he participates in a tournament.
33 4/12/2019 No Bones About It When Bonnie’s dinosaur bone is lost, the pups team up with a roadrunner to find it.
32 4/5/2019 Ruffin’ It When Chloe and Keia lose a special canoe paddle, the pups embark on a wilderness adventure to find it.
31 4/5/2019 What to Expect When You’re Egg-specting While in New Zealand, the pugs try to return a large egg before it hatches.
30 3/29/2019 Pupigan’s Island Bob and the pups are on a whale tour when their boat runs into an island.
29 3/29/2019 Keep on Food Truckin’ The pugs plan to bring Bob’s favorite food truck back to him but Cupcake and Rufus have a different plan.
28 3/22/2019 Hissy’s Lost Toy When Hissy’s favorite toy goes missing, the pups go on a mission to find it for their kitty sister.
27 3/22/2019 Cousin Cody The pugs help their nervous puppy cousin, Cody, feel comfortable in a new place.
26 2/22/2019 The Soup Search The pugs go on a journey to find the perfect bowl of soup to help Bob feel better.
25 2/22/2019 Speedy As A Cheetah When Bob wishes he could run fast, the pugs find cheetahs to learn the secret of their speed.
24 2/16/2019 Mr. Bob Goes To Washington Bob and the pups head to Washington to compete in an environmental invention competition.
23 2/16/2019 Duck, Duck, Dog After meeting a duckling that thinks he’s a puppy, the pugs must teach him to be a duck.
22 2/9/2019 O’ Brother, Where Arf Thou
21 2/9/2019 Dinner Thief On The Puppytown Express
20 2/1/2019 Bright Lights, Pup City Bob is devastated when Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights is canceled, so the Pugs scour the city looking for a way to repair the lights.
19 2/1/2019 Valentine Surprise When the Pugs and Keia learn that it’s Valentine’s Day, they try to find the perfect gifts for Bob and Chloe.
18 1/25/2019 Sham-pooch Keia is nervous to go to the groomer for the first time.
17 1/25/2019 Windy City When Bob is disappointed that there’s no wind to test his new kite invention, Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to the Windy City.
16 1/18/2019 How the Dog Park Was Won When a big dog takes Keia’s toy at the dog park, Bingo and Rolly make it their mission to retrieve the toy.
15 1/18/2019 Lemur Play The pugs go to Madagascar to learn about lemurs.
14 11/30/2018 Snowman Secret Service When Bob asks Bingo and Rolly to protect a snowman he’s building, the pugs make it their mission to keep their new snowy friend as cool as possible.
13 11/30/2018 A Santa for Bob The pups go on a mission to find Santa.
12 11/16/2018 The Case of the Missing Caterpillar Keia tells Bingo and Rolly that her pet caterpillar is missing, so they search far and wide just to find a Butterfly.
11 11/16/2018 Operation: Dinner Bob has to go to work early, and forgets about his dinner, so The Pups Bring It To Him.
10 11/9/2018 Bob’s Birthday Wish It’s Bob’s birthday and his sister, Bonnie, is acting sneaky.
9 11/9/2018 The Total Yodel After Bob has trouble learning to yodel, the Pugs decide to go on a mission to the Swiss Alps to get yodeling tips.
8 11/2/2018 The Lost Bouncy Ball After Bob throws a new ball too hard, the pugs follow clues from their friends to find it.
7 11/2/2018 One Small Ruff for Pup-kind When Chloe forgets her stuffed animal, the pups try to return it to her at Space Camp.
6 10/26/2018 ARF-CHOO Right before an important demonstration, A.R.F. gets a robo-cold!
5 10/26/2018 Land of the Rising Pup The pups travel to Japan to get help from the local snow monkeys and bring back snow to save Bob’s ski trip.
4 10/19/2018 The Fang Fairy Rolly loses his first puppy tooth and can’t wait for a visit from the Fang Fairy!
3 10/19/2018 Keia’s New Doghouse After Bob builds a doghouse for Keia, the pugs encourage her to host a puppy housewarming party.
2 10/12/2018 The Last Pup-icorn When Chloe wishes she could have a unicorn, Bingo, Rolly and Keia set out to find one.
1 10/12/2018 A New Pup in Town When Chloe’s new puppy, Keia, runs away, the pups must find her before Chloe returns!

Season 1

Episode Date Title Description
25 7/20/2018 Episode 25
24 7/13/2018 Bob’s Boomerang / Fetch That Fish After Rolly chews up Bob’s prized boomerang, the pugs head to Australia to find a new one. When Bob brings home a pet fish, the dogs try to play puppy games with it.
23 3/23/2018 The Great Shirt Rescue / A Pugtastic Day with Grandma When Bob loses his lucky shirt, the pugs stage a heist to get it back.

The pugs stay at Bob’s mother Sarah’s house while he goes out of town.

22 3/16/2018 The Great Pug-scape / The Luck of Pug-ish fter Hissy gets a time out, Bingo and Rolly try to break her out of her punishment.

The Pugs travel to Ireland in search of a four-leaf clover to bring Bob good luck.

21 2/23/2018 Puggy-ology / Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun Bingo and Rolly help Bob’s younger sister look for historical items.

Bingo and Rolly try to catch a squirrel who’s been making noises in their house.

20 12/1/2017 A Very Pug Christmas / The Latke Kerfuffle On Christmas Eve, Bingo and Rolly help Santa search for Bob’s Christmas present when it goes missing in the sleigh.

Bingo and Rolly help Bob make latkes for their neighbor Chloe’s Hanukkah party.

19 11/10/2017 Art for Pug’s Sake / Winter Wonderpug The pugs try to hang something of Bob’s at a famous Italian restaurant. Bingo and Rolly look for the first snowflake of the season while helping other animals prepare for winter.
18 10/13/2017 Close Encounters of a Pug Kind / History Mystery The pups go to a gathering of UFO enthusiasts to find someone from space and mistake a lost Chameleon for an alien. When the pups find a doggie toy that isn’t theirs, they go on a mission to find its original owner.
17 10/1/2017 Return to the Pumpkin Patch / Haunted Howl-oween Bingo, Rolly and Hissy go to a pumpkin patch to find Bingo’s collar after he loses it in the maze. / Bingo and Rolly go on a mission to find Chloe’s Halloween Costume.
16 9/22/2017 Bye Bye, Butterfly / A Seat at the Theatre Bingo and Rolly help a butterfly find a way back to her family. Bingo and Rolly try to take a seat to Bob’s favorite play and try not to wake up Hissy at the same time.
15 8/25/2017 The Legend of Ol’ Snapper / Adventures in Puppy-Sitting Bob’s Fishing Poll is Stolen by A Legendary Creature. The Pugs are Tasked to Babysit a Big Dog who Causes Trouble around the Town.
14 8/11/2017 Puzzling Pugs / Rhapsody in Pug Bob can’t finish his jigsaw puzzle without a picture of a leopard, so Bingo and Rolly go searching for one; the pugs unintentionally create chaos when they attend a symphony.
13 7/28/2017 Captain Rolly / The Coolest Dogs in Town The pugs become superheroes and try to stay cool.
12 7/14/2017 Leave it to Beavers / Counting Sheep Bingo and Rolly try to build a dam to protect their doghouse from a rainstorm; When Bob says he’ll count sheep to sleep, the pugs herd a flock of sheep into the backyard to help.
11 7/7/2017 Hissy’s Kitty / Polly Wants a Pug When Bob brings home a lost kitty, Bingo and Rolly try find her a home; While in Florida, Bingo and Rolly search for an old friend of Bob’s.
10 6/23/2017 Scuba-Doggies / Walking the Bob An underwater adventure to get a package; Pups lead a blurry-visioned Bob home.
9 6/16/2017 Don’t Rain on my Pug-rade / Their Royal Pug-ness When Bob can’t leave his house to watch a parade, the pups enlist a family of ducks to march past the house; Bingo and Rolly head to England to learn how to treat a Queen.
8 5/19/2017 Bob Loves Mona / Pigs and Pugs The pugs travel to the Great Wall of China to search for the missing Mona Lisa; Bob mistakes a mud-covered pig for Rolly and accidentally leaves him behind on the farm.
7 5/12/2017 Hissy’s Big Day / Go, Dog. Go! Bingo and Rolly try to make Hissy feel better by taking her to their favorite places; the reprogrammed A.R.F. takes the pugs where they want to go but the pugs learn that the robotic dog isn’t programmed to bring them back.
6 5/5/2017 Free Whaley / Putting It Together Bingo and Rolly help a baby whale that has been separated from her family; the pugs retrace their steps to remember where they buried Bob’s unicycle.
5 4/28/2017 Design-A-Dog / Ice, Ice Puggy Bingo and Rolly accidentally chew Bob’s childhood toy; when Bob’s icemaker breaks, the pugs go to Antarctica to get him ice.
4 4/21/2017 A Pyramid Scheme / Special Delivery The pugs hear that the Great Pyramids have disappeared and travel to Egypt to find them. Bingo and Rolly try to deliver a Mother’s Day card for Bob.
3 4/21/2017 The Go-Long Retriever / Pot O’ Pugs The pugs try to get away from a self-fetching stick that begins chasing them. When Bob says he needs a pot of gold, the pups search for one at the end of a rainbow.
2 4/14/2017 The French Toast Connection / Take Me Out to the Pug Game After Bob can’t make French toast for breakfast, the pups travel to France to get him some. After it is accidentally lost, the pugs chase Bob’s prized baseball across the city.
1 4/14/2017 Hawaii Pug-Oh / A.R.F. When Bob says he’d love to feel the sand on his toes, the pugs go on a mission to Hawaii. Bob introduces the pups to A.R.F., a robotic dog programmed to clean up their messes.

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