The ultimate convention of the ultimate fan! For 50 years San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has celebrated everything self-titled geeks, nerds, gamers, cosplayers, and cinephiles love. Often the site for breaking news and exclusive reveals —especially in Hall H— from dozens of fandoms, SDCC has become the most esteemed convention in North America. Guests can attend panels, shop the show floor, enter contests and even venture off site for amazing experiences not offered anywhere else. Whether fans love comics and games or movies, books, and podcasts, this annual four day event welcomes everyone into the fold.

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A Celebration of Stan Lee’s Life and LegacyPanelThu 7/18 2:00pRoom 5ABTom DeSanto (producer of X-Men and Transformers), Gill Champion (president of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment and longtime business partner of Stan Lee), Bob Sabouni (CMO of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment), and other panelists celebrate the life and legacy of Stan Lee and the unique influence he had and will continue to have on fans, creators, and pop culture worldwide. Panelists will share memories of Stan, talk about how he inspired their work, and discuss how his legacy will continue to be honored through future projects and endeavors. Fans will also have an opportunity to express the impact Stan had upon them.Panel-A Celebration of Stan Lee’s Life and LegacyRoom 5AB-2019-07-18T14:00:00-A Celebration of Stan Lee’s Life and Legacy2019-07-18T14:00:00-A Celebration of Stan Lee’s Life and Legacy
Cartoon Legends Speak: Animators Celebrate Disney AnniversariesPanelThu 7/18 2:00pRoom 25ABCIt’s SDCC 50, but anniversaries abound at Disney, too! Its Sleeping Beauty’ s 60th, The Little Mermaid’ s 30th, and The Lion King’ s 25th, as well as Tarzan’ s 20th and The Princess and the Frog’s 10th! Talented artists integral to creating these animated classics old and new will talk about their experience and the influence and importance of these features in the history and future of film. Scheduled to appear: Floyd Norman (animator, Sleeping Beauty; Disney Legend), Jane Baer(animator, Sleeping Beauty; founder, Baer Animation); Kathy Zielinksi (animator, The Little Mermaid), Nik Ranieri (animator, The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog), and Dave Bossert(visual effects animator, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid). Moderated by Leslie Combemale(ASIFA–Hollywood, Legends Speak: Animators Celebrate Disney AnniversariesRoom 25ABC-2019-07-18T14:00:00-Cartoon Legends Speak: Animators Celebrate Disney Anniversaries2019-07-18T14:00:00-Cartoon Legends Speak: Animators Celebrate Disney Anniversaries
Celebrating 40 Years of AlienPanelThu 7/18 7:15pRoom 6BCFTake a deep dive into the origins of Alien and its fandom with documentary director Alexandre O. Philippe (The People vs. George Lucas, Doc of the Dead, 78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene), Diane O’Bannon (Dan O’Bannon Estate), Will Linn (Joseph Campbell Foundation), David Baxter (Legion M), and others as they discuss Philippe’s upcoming feature documentary Memory: The Origins of Alien, and the sustaining power of Ridley Scott’s masterpiece with fandom. Trailer debut from the Memory documentary will be shown.Panel-Celebrating 40 Years of AlienRoom 6BCF-2019-07-18T19:15:00-Celebrating 40 Years of Alien2019-07-18T19:15:00-Celebrating 40 Years of Alien
Earth’s Mightiest ShowBooth EventThu 7/18 11:00aBooth #2329Booth Event-Earth’s Mightiest ShowBooth #2329-2019-07-18T11:00:00-Earth’s Mightiest Show2019-07-18T11:00:00-Earth’s Mightiest Show
EmergencePanelThu 7/18 3:00pIndigo BallroomBeyond explanation … beyond understanding … lies the truth. Join the cast and executive producers for a first look at the pilot episode of ABC’s new drama series “Emergence,” followed by an exciting panel discussion. This character-driven genre thriller follows a police chief who takes in a young child she finds near the site of a mysterious accident who has no memory of what has happened. The investigation draws her into a conspiracy larger than she ever imagined, and the child’s identity is at the center of it all.Panel-EmergenceIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-18T15:00:00-Emergence2019-07-18T15:00:00-Emergence
George Mann – Myths & FablesSigningThu 7/18 2:00pBooth #2913-VSigning-George Mann – Myths & FablesBooth #2913-V-2019-07-18T14:00:00-George Mann – Myths & Fables2019-07-18T14:00:00-George Mann – Myths & Fables
Jen Bartel, Gail SimoneSigningThu 7/18 4:00pBooth #2329Signing-Jen Bartel, Gail SimoneBooth #2329-2019-07-18T16:00:00-Jen Bartel, Gail Simone2019-07-18T16:00:00-Jen Bartel, Gail Simone
Joshua Cassara, Kieron GillenSigningThu 7/18 12:00pBooth #2329Signing-Joshua Cassara, Kieron GillenBooth #2329-2019-07-18T12:00:00-Joshua Cassara, Kieron Gillen2019-07-18T12:00:00-Joshua Cassara, Kieron Gillen
Lorraine Cink – Powers of a GirlSigningThu 7/18 3:00pBooth #1129Signing-Lorraine Cink – Powers of a GirlBooth #1129-2019-07-18T15:00:00-Lorraine Cink – Powers of a Girl2019-07-18T15:00:00-Lorraine Cink – Powers of a Girl
Lucas Museum of Narrative Art : Behind the ScenesPanelThu 7/18 10:00aRoom 5ABGeorge Lucas’ new museum is under construction in L.A. Meet Lucas Museum curators Erin M. Curtis, Anastasia James, and Ryan Linkof and learn about a collection of visual storytelling that spans everything from ancient art to illustration, comic art, photography, and the arts of filmmaking, including storyboards, costumes, props, and visual effects.Panel-Lucas Museum of Narrative Art : Behind the ScenesRoom 5AB-2019-07-18T10:00:00-Lucas Museum of Narrative Art : Behind the Scenes2019-07-18T10:00:00-Lucas Museum of Narrative Art : Behind the Scenes
Marvel Comics: House of X/Powers of X Signing with Jonathan HickmanSigningThu 7/18 2:00pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel Comics: House of X/Powers of X Signing with Jonathan HickmanBooth #2329-2019-07-18T14:00:00-Marvel Comics: House of X/Powers of X Signing with Jonathan Hickman2019-07-18T14:00:00-Marvel Comics: House of X/Powers of X Signing with Jonathan Hickman
Marvel Contest of Champions LiveBooth EventThu 7/18 4:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Contest of Champions LiveBooth #2329-2019-07-18T16:00:00-Marvel Contest of Champions Live2019-07-18T16:00:00-Marvel Contest of Champions Live
Marvel Cosplay Photo OpCosplay EventThu 7/18 1:00pBooth #2329Cosplay Event-Marvel Cosplay Photo OpBooth #2329-2019-07-18T13:00:00-Marvel Cosplay Photo Op2019-07-18T13:00:00-Marvel Cosplay Photo Op
Marvel GamesPanelThu 7/18 1:30pHall HGet an inside look at the latest and greatest from Marvel Games! Attendees will see exciting new content from MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order, Marvel’s Iron Man VR, and Marvel’s Avengers, with many unannounced surprises and panel exclusives. Host Greg Miller(loudmouth at will be joined by Bill Rosemann (VP & Creative Director, Marvel Games) and other special guests from titles throughout the Marvel Games family!Panel-Marvel GamesHall H-2019-07-18T13:30:00-Marvel Games2019-07-18T13:30:00-Marvel Games
Marvel Games: Marvel’s Avengers SigningSigningThu 7/18 5:00pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel Games: Marvel’s Avengers SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-18T17:00:00-Marvel Games: Marvel’s Avengers Signing2019-07-18T17:00:00-Marvel Games: Marvel’s Avengers Signing
Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth EventThu 7/18 6:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth #2329-2019-07-18T18:00:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway2019-07-18T18:00:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway
Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth EventThu 7/18 6:15pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth #2329-2019-07-18T18:15:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour2019-07-18T18:15:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.PanelThu 7/18 3:30pHall HThe cast and producers of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return to San Diego Comic-Con in epic fashion as they take over Hall H for the first time ever! Be the first to hear the scoop about the show-stopping conclusion for season six and what awaits in season seven of Marvel’s flagship television show. With your favorite stars in attendance, including Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge, Iain De Caestecker, Henry Simmons, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, and Jeff Ward, along with executive producers Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Jeff Bell, and Jeph Loeb, this is a must-see panel to celebrate seven seasons with the world’s greatest fans! This action-packed series from Marvel Television and ABC Studios airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.Panel-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Hall H-2019-07-18T15:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.2019-07-18T15:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SigningSigningThu 7/18 5:30pBooth #4245Signing-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SigningBooth #4245-2019-07-18T17:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Signing2019-07-18T17:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Signing
Prop Store’s Marvel Televion Live Auction PreviewBooth EventThu 7/18 3:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Prop Store’s Marvel Televion Live Auction PreviewBooth #2329-2019-07-18T15:00:00-Prop Store’s Marvel Televion Live Auction Preview2019-07-18T15:00:00-Prop Store’s Marvel Televion Live Auction Preview
Rebecca Roanhorse – Race to The SunSigningThu 7/18 4:00pBooth #1129Signing-Rebecca Roanhorse – Race to The SunBooth #1129-2019-07-18T16:00:00-Rebecca Roanhorse – Race to The Sun2019-07-18T16:00:00-Rebecca Roanhorse – Race to The Sun
Remembering Stan LeePanelThu 7/18 3:30pRoom 6BCFFans remember the life and legacy of the legendary Stan Lee. Starting with Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics in 1961, Stan (together with fellow co-creator artists Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko) brought to life the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, and our favorite neighborhood Spider-Man! This panel will celebrate with a collection of fan art and the best of Stan’s cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus stories from those who knew Stan and his genuine appreciation for his fans. Moderated by Christine Quimbo and Anastasia Hunter.Panel-Remembering Stan LeeRoom 6BCF-2019-07-18T15:30:00-Remembering Stan Lee2019-07-18T15:30:00-Remembering Stan Lee
Seanon McGuire, Nnedi OkoraforSigningThu 7/18 3:00pBooth #2329Signing-Seanon McGuire, Nnedi OkoraforBooth #2329-2019-07-18T15:00:00-Seanon McGuire, Nnedi Okorafor2019-07-18T15:00:00-Seanon McGuire, Nnedi Okorafor
StumptownPanelThu 7/18 4:15pIndigo BallroomBased on the “Stumptown” graphic novel, ABC’s new drama series “Stumptown” follows Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) – a strong, assertive and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, gambling debt and a brother to take care of in Portland, Oregon. Her military intelligence skills make her a great PI, but her unapologetic style puts her in the firing line of hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with the policePanel-StumptownIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-18T16:15:00-Stumptown2019-07-18T16:15:00-Stumptown
Stumptown Autograph SigningSigningThu 7/18 1:00pBooth #4245Signing-Stumptown Autograph SigningBooth #4245-2019-07-18T13:00:00-Stumptown Autograph Signing2019-07-18T13:00:00-Stumptown Autograph Signing
The 501st Legion: Star Wars Villainous CostumingPanelThu 7/18 8:00pGrand 10 & 11 Marriott MarquisAn introduction to the creation of fan-made villain costumes from all Star Wars movies and beyond. Legion members from the Imperial Sands Garrison will provide an overview of the creative process that brings Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Boba Fett, or Kylo Ren from the silver screen into reality. They will discuss the membership journey, from initial interest through final approval. They will speak about the process for working with armor parts, small prop and soft costume construction, and 3D modeling and printing.Panel-The 501st Legion: Star Wars Villainous CostumingGrand 10 & 11 Marriott Marquis-2019-07-18T20:00:00-The 501st Legion: Star Wars Villainous Costuming2019-07-18T20:00:00-The 501st Legion: Star Wars Villainous Costuming
Archer Exclusive Sneak Peek Screening and Q&APanelFri 7/19 5:00pIndigo BallroomFXX’s award-winning animated comedy series, returns to San Diego in celebration of its 10th seasonPanel-Archer Exclusive Sneak Peek Screening and Q&AIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-19T17:00:00-Archer Exclusive Sneak Peek Screening and Q&A2019-07-19T17:00:00-Archer Exclusive Sneak Peek Screening and Q&A
Behind the Design: Star Wars Fashion CollaborationsPanelFri 7/19 1:00pRoom 7ABStar Wars has always been on the forefront of the “geek chic” fashion movement by bringing iconic characters and stories to life through the lens of modern-day fashion. Over the past decade, the portfolio of brand partnerships has grown significantly, allowing fans all over the world to celebrate their passion for the brand with more than just T-shirts. This panel will include an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the design and development process of Star Wars fashion and accessories, including two new collaborations being unveiled at SDCC this year.Panel-Behind the Design: Star Wars Fashion CollaborationsRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T13:00:00-Behind the Design: Star Wars Fashion Collaborations2019-07-19T13:00:00-Behind the Design: Star Wars Fashion Collaborations
Bless the HartsPanelFri 7/19 11:00aIndigo BallroomFrom the network that brought you the Simpsons, the Griffins and the Belchers now present the Harts! FOX’s new half-hour comedy, “Bless The Harts,” features your new favorite, good ol’ Southern family. Jenny Hart (Kristen Wiig) supports her lottery scratcher-obsessed mother, Betty (Maya Rudolph), and her witty, creative daughter, Violet (Jillian Bell). With the help of her eternally optimistic, dreamer boyfriend Wayne (Ike Barinholtz), they hope to one day achieve the American dream. While they are always struggling to make ends meet, they’re already rich in friends, family and laughter.Panel-Bless the HartsIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-19T11:00:00-Bless the Harts2019-07-19T11:00:00-Bless the Harts
Bob’s BurgersPanelFri 7/19 4:00pIndigo BallroomAlways one of the most entertaining panels at Comic-Con, the Emmy Award-winning animated FOX series “Bob’s Burgers” returns to San Diego with a few surprises in storePanel-Bob’s BurgersIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-19T16:00:00-Bob’s Burgers2019-07-19T16:00:00-Bob’s Burgers
Bringing Mandalorians to Life: A Guide to Building ArmorPanelFri 7/19 10:00aRoom 7ABMembers of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club provide a primer for cosplayers looking to start their first set of Mandalorian armor. Discussion will include techniques for shaping, painting, and weathering.Panel-Bringing Mandalorians to Life: A Guide to Building ArmorRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T10:00:00-Bringing Mandalorians to Life: A Guide to Building Armor2019-07-19T10:00:00-Bringing Mandalorians to Life: A Guide to Building Armor
Brittney Lee, illustrator – Mary Blair’s Unique FlairSigningFri 7/19 11:00aBooth #1129Signing-Brittney Lee, illustrator – Mary Blair’s Unique FlairBooth #1129-2019-07-19T11:00:00-Brittney Lee, illustrator – Mary Blair’s Unique Flair2019-07-19T11:00:00-Brittney Lee, illustrator – Mary Blair’s Unique Flair
Clint McElroy, Travis McElroySigningFri 7/19 12:00pBooth #2329Signing-Clint McElroy, Travis McElroyBooth #2329-2019-07-19T12:00:00-Clint McElroy, Travis McElroy2019-07-19T12:00:00-Clint McElroy, Travis McElroy
Disney, Malibu, and The Uncensored MousePanelFri 7/19 4:30pRoom 24ABCMalibu Comics made headlines when it republished two volumes of public domain Mickey Mouse newspaper strips in The Uncensored Mouse . Disney sued Malibu and the series ended. Public domain law and the comics that get published will be discussed using The Uncensored Mouse as a case study. Hear the lively discussion with Tom Mason (Mouse editor), Dave Olbrich (Malibu publisher), Nat Gertler (About Comics publisher), and Michael Lovitz (trademark, copyright, and entertainment attorney and Comic Book Law School founder). What does it take to keep public domain material in print in 2019?Panel-Disney, Malibu, and The Uncensored MouseRoom 24ABC-2019-07-19T16:30:00-Disney, Malibu, and The Uncensored Mouse2019-07-19T16:30:00-Disney, Malibu, and The Uncensored Mouse
DuckTalesPanelFri 7/19 11:45aRoom 6AExpected to Appear: Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Paget Brewster, and producers Matt Youngbird and Frank AngonesPanel-DuckTalesRoom 6A-2019-07-19T11:45:00-DuckTales2019-07-19T11:45:00-DuckTales
E. K. Johnston – Queen’s ShadowSigningFri 7/19 3:00pBooth #2913-VSigning-E. K. Johnston – Queen’s ShadowBooth #2913-V-2019-07-19T15:00:00-E. K. Johnston – Queen’s Shadow2019-07-19T15:00:00-E. K. Johnston – Queen’s Shadow
Edgar Delgado, Victor Olazaba, Humberto RamosSigningFri 7/19 1:00pBooth #2329Signing-Edgar Delgado, Victor Olazaba, Humberto RamosBooth #2329-2019-07-19T13:00:00-Edgar Delgado, Victor Olazaba, Humberto Ramos2019-07-19T13:00:00-Edgar Delgado, Victor Olazaba, Humberto Ramos
Emergence SigningSigningFri 7/19 2:00pBooth #4245Signing-Emergence SigningBooth #4245-2019-07-19T14:00:00-Emergence Signing2019-07-19T14:00:00-Emergence Signing
Excelsior! Remembering Stan LeePanelFri 7/19 12:00pRoom 28DEColleagues and friends of Lee, the legendary Marvel Universe co-creator who passed away in November, celebrate his life and legacy. Panelists include Paul Levitz (former president and publisher of DC Comics), Marv Wolfman (former Marvel editor-in-chief), Michael Uslan (Batman movies executive producer), Denis Kitchen (Lee’s collaborator on Marvel’s experimental underground venture, Comix Book), Maggie Thompson (former editor of The Comics Buyer’s Guide), and Danny Fingeroth (author of the upcoming St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan biography A Marvelous Life: The Amazing Story of Stan Lee).Panel-Excelsior! Remembering Stan LeeRoom 28DE-2019-07-19T12:00:00-Excelsior! Remembering Stan Lee2019-07-19T12:00:00-Excelsior! Remembering Stan Lee
Fun with FunkoPanelFri 7/19 11:00aRoom 7ABCome meet the crew responsible for bringing the greatest story in the galaxy to the world of all your favorite Funko collectibles. Hear the stories behind their own deeply personal connections with “a galaxy far, far away” and how they channel that passion into constantly growing, ever-evolving Star Wars expressions. From their lifelong dreams to a literal dream come true, the story of Star Wars and Funko is one built from the hearts of true-blue fans.Panel-Fun with FunkoRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T11:00:00-Fun with Funko2019-07-19T11:00:00-Fun with Funko
Hasbro MarvelPanelFri 7/19 4:30pRoom 5ABThe Hasbro Marvel product experts discuss some exciting news around Hasbro’s ever popular Marvel Legends action figure line. Attendees will also get a sneak peek of upcoming Marvel action figures, followed by Q&A for your burning Marvel action figure questions. Panelists: Jesse Falcon, Ryan Ting, Dwight Stall, Mike Pullano, and Becky Nuger.Panel-Hasbro MarvelRoom 5AB-2019-07-19T16:30:00-Hasbro Marvel2019-07-19T16:30:00-Hasbro Marvel
Hasbro Star WarsPanelFri 7/19 2:00pRoom 7ABMembers of the Hasbro and Lucasfilm team discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line. Attendees will get an in-depth look at Hasbro’s latest action figure offerings. Word on the Holonet is there may also be a few surprises. Panelists: Sarah Carroll and Sam Smith.Panel-Hasbro Star WarsRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T14:00:00-Hasbro Star Wars2019-07-19T14:00:00-Hasbro Star Wars
Judges on The Clone WarsPanelFri 7/19 8:00pRoom 7ABThe Clone Wars represents some of the best Star Wars stories ever told. A panel of judges and attorneys report for duty to determine the duty to follow lawful orders vs. unlawful orders; child safety of younglings; secret marriages; clone rights; and the trial of Ashoka Tano. Panelists include Circuit Judge John B. Owens (9th Circuit Court of Appeals), Judge Carol Najera, Bethany Bengfort (US Courts), Stephen Tollafield (professor, Hastings School of Law), Bethany Bengfort (U.S. Courts), and Steve Chu (assistant U.S. attorney). Moderated by Joshua Gilliland (The Legal Geeks).Panel-Judges on The Clone WarsRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T20:00:00-Judges on The Clone Wars2019-07-19T20:00:00-Judges on The Clone Wars
Lucasfilm Publishing: Stores from a Galaxy Far, Far AwayPanelFri 7/19 5:00pRoom 7ABAs we near the epic conclusion of the Skywalker saga with Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, some of the biggest and best Star Wars authors and artists gather to discuss new and upcoming stories set in a galaxy far, far away. Featuring Lou Anders (Pirate’s Price), Katie Cook(Creatures Big & Small), Zorida Córdova (A Crash of Fate), Delilah Dawson (Black Spire), E. K. Johnston (Queen’s Shadow), George Mann (Myths & Fables), Brian Rood (The Skywalker Saga), Cavan Scott (Dooku: Jedi Lost), Kevin Shinick (Force Collector), Charles Soule (Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith), Timothy Zahn (Thrawn: Treason), and Rebecca Roanhorse (Resistance Reborn). Moderated by Lucasfilm’s Michael Siglain and Jennifer Heddle.Panel-Lucasfilm Publishing: Stores from a Galaxy Far, Far AwayRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T17:00:00-Lucasfilm Publishing: Stores from a Galaxy Far, Far Away2019-07-19T17:00:00-Lucasfilm Publishing: Stores from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Margaret Stohl, Frank Tieri, Jim ZubSigningFri 7/19 5:00pBooth #2329Signing-Margaret Stohl, Frank Tieri, Jim ZubBooth #2329-2019-07-19T17:00:00-Margaret Stohl, Frank Tieri, Jim Zub2019-07-19T17:00:00-Margaret Stohl, Frank Tieri, Jim Zub
Marvel Animation Celebrates Marvel’s 80th AnniversaryPanelFri 7/19 3:30pRoom 6AJoin Cort Lane (SVP, Animation and Family Entertainment), Kalia Ramirez (Director, Family Entertainment – Development & Partnerships), writers Mark Hoffmeier (Spider-Man: The Animated Series) and Marty Isenberg (X-Men: The Animated Series), and fan-favorite voice actors Josh Keaton (Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) and Jennifer Hale(Wolverine & the X-Men, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy) as they take a journey through highlights of over five decades of Marvel cartoons. Including behind-the-scenes dish on the making of classic shows, a run-down of all ten of Spider-Man’s series, and a 10th anniversary retrospective of Marvel’s Animation division, this is a panel you don’t want to miss! Plus a special in-memoriam look at Stan Lee’s greatest animation moments.Panel-Marvel Animation Celebrates Marvel’s 80th AnniversaryRoom 6A-2019-07-19T15:30:00-Marvel Animation Celebrates Marvel’s 80th Anniversary2019-07-19T15:30:00-Marvel Animation Celebrates Marvel’s 80th Anniversary
Marvel Comics #1000 RevealedPanelFri 7/19 12:30pRoom 5ABMarvel’s flagship podcast comes to Comic-Con loaded with secrets, giveaways, reveals, news, guests, and more! And, if you think you’ve got the stuff and want some swag, you can challenge the Marvel crew in a special House of Ideas Throwdown! Join host Ryan Penagos (aka Agent M, VP & Creative Exec, Marvel) along with C.B. Cebulski (Marvel Comics Editor in Chief) and an array of Marvel creators as they dig into Marvel Comics #1,000, one of the biggest Marvel Comics projects ever assembled, and celebrate Marvel’s 80th Anniversary!Panel-Marvel Comics #1000 RevealedRoom 5AB-2019-07-19T12:30:00-Marvel Comics #1000 Revealed2019-07-19T12:30:00-Marvel Comics #1000 Revealed
Marvel Comics: Spider-ManPanelFri 7/19 1:30pRoom 5ABGet caught in Spider-Man’s tangled web along with Executive Editor Nick Lowe, Assistant Editor Kathleen Wisneski, as well as writers Nick Spencer (Amazing Spider-Man), Seanan McGuire(Ghost-Spider), and Frank Tieri (Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool, Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors) to find out what’s on the horizon for all of your wall-crawling favorites! Spider-Man’s mysterious new foe sets his plan into motion! Ghost-Spider joins the Marvel Universe! And New York experiences Absolute Carnage! PLUS – Don’t miss an exclusive giveaway variant comic of SPIDER-MAN: CITY AT WAR #5! The stunning rendering by Skan depicts an homage to the classic AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #3 cover by Steve Ditko!Panel-Marvel Comics: Spider-ManRoom 5AB-2019-07-19T13:30:00-Marvel Comics: Spider-Man2019-07-19T13:30:00-Marvel Comics: Spider-Man
Marvel Let’s Play LIVEBooth EventFri 7/19 12:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Let’s Play LIVEBooth #2329-2019-07-19T12:00:00-Marvel Let’s Play LIVE2019-07-19T12:00:00-Marvel Let’s Play LIVE
Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth EventFri 7/19 5:45pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth #2329-2019-07-19T17:45:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway2019-07-19T17:45:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway
Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth EventFri 7/19 6:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth #2329-2019-07-19T18:00:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour2019-07-19T18:00:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order SigningSigningFri 7/19 1:45pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-19T13:45:00-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Signing2019-07-19T13:45:00-Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Signing
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast InterviewBooth EventFri 7/19 4:30pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast InterviewBooth #2329-2019-07-19T16:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast Interview2019-07-19T16:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast Interview
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SigningSigningFri 7/19 3:30pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-19T15:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Signing2019-07-19T15:30:00-Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Signing
Marvel’s Iron Man VR SigningSigningFri 7/19 11:15aBooth #2329Signing-Marvel’s Iron Man VR SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-19T11:15:00-Marvel’s Iron Man VR Signing2019-07-19T11:15:00-Marvel’s Iron Man VR Signing
Marvel’s Make Me a HeroBooth EventFri 7/19 1:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel’s Make Me a HeroBooth #2329-2019-07-19T13:00:00-Marvel’s Make Me a Hero2019-07-19T13:00:00-Marvel’s Make Me a Hero
Mickey’s Disco NightOff-Site EventFri 7/19 8:00pHouse of Blues San DiegoThis unforgettable evening will include very special guests, delicious appetizers, and plenty of throwback moments to capture. Costumes are encouraged, so bring out that polyester, as no platform shoes are too high and no jumpsuit is too sparkly for this funky night of fun.Off-Site Event-Mickey’s Disco NightHouse of Blues San Diego-2019-07-19T20:00:00-Mickey’s Disco Night2019-07-19T20:00:00-Mickey’s Disco Night
neXtPanelFri 7/19 6:45pRoom 6DEJoin us for the world premiere of “neXt,” a propulsive, fact-based thriller about the emergence of a deadly, rogue artificial intelligence that combines pulse-pounding action with an examination of how technology is invading our lives and transforming us in ways we don’t yet understand.Panel-neXtRoom 6DE-2019-07-19T18:45:00-neXt2019-07-19T18:45:00-neXt
Preeti Chhibber – Spider-Man: Far From Home: Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel JournalSigningFri 7/19 2:00pBooth #1129Signing-Preeti Chhibber – Spider-Man: Far From Home: Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel JournalBooth #1129-2019-07-19T14:00:00-Preeti Chhibber – Spider-Man: Far From Home: Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal2019-07-19T14:00:00-Preeti Chhibber – Spider-Man: Far From Home: Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Journal
Rainbow Rowell, Robbie ThompsonSigningFri 7/19 2:00pBooth #2329Signing-Rainbow Rowell, Robbie ThompsonBooth #2329-2019-07-19T14:00:00-Rainbow Rowell, Robbie Thompson2019-07-19T14:00:00-Rainbow Rowell, Robbie Thompson
Simpsons Collector GroupPanelFri 7/19 5:00pGrand 10 & 11 Marriott MarquisSimpsons collectors of the world, unite! Get a chance to meet and mingle with fellow collectors of Simpsons merchandise from all over. This gathering, hosted by members of the website, is a great chance to network with other collectors and share your experiences in the hobby with others.Panel-Simpsons Collector GroupGrand 10 & 11 Marriott Marquis-2019-07-19T17:00:00-Simpsons Collector Group2019-07-19T17:00:00-Simpsons Collector Group
Solar OppositesPanelFri 7/19 3:00pIndigo BallroomFrom the minds behind “Rick and Morty” come “Solar Opposites,” a new animated series that follows a family of aliens “from a better world” who take refuge in middle AmericaPanel-Solar OppositesIndigo Ballroom-2019-07-19T15:00:00-Solar Opposites2019-07-19T15:00:00-Solar Opposites
Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind the ScenesPanelFri 7/19 3:00pRoom 7ABmGet the inside scoop on how the Star Wars audiobooks are recorded and produced with some of the biggest Star Wars authors, voice actors, and producers in the business! You’ll hear from Janina Gavankar (voice of Iden Versio, narrator of Inferno Squad), Catherine Taber (voice of Padme, narrator of Queen’s Shadow), Cavan Scott (author of Star Wars audiobook exclusive Dooku: Jedi Lost), and Nick Martorelli (Penguin Random House Audio producer) about how they create characters, what it’s like in the recording booth, and how production builds different layers of voice narration, sound effects, and music into the final track.Panel-Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind the ScenesRoom 7ABm-2019-07-19T15:00:00-Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind the Scenes2019-07-19T15:00:00-Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind the Scenes
Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm’s Brian MertenPanelFri 7/19 12:00pRoom 7ABBesides being awesome, the things we collect and bring into our lives are real expressions of the story we love. Join the excitement and learn firsthand what’s happening with your favorite Star Wars collectibles. Panelists will chat about prop replicas, statues, and much more, maybe with a surprise or two along the way.Panel-Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm’s Brian MertenRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T12:00:00-Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm’s Brian Merten2019-07-19T12:00:00-Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm’s Brian Merten
Star Wars Trading Card CollectingPanelFri 7/19 7:00pRoom 7ABDavid Neuhausel (admin of Star Wars Card Collectors Alliance), Shawn Mullen (founder/president of Science Fiction Coalition), and Carlos Esteban Munoz and Kenneth Burke (Star Wars trading card collectors) will address topics such as where to start, who to trade with, how to avoid pitfalls, and other dynamics of card collecting. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, you’ll have a blast hearing this discussion on base sets, chase cards, autographs, sketch cards, and promos, among other topics that may come up.Panel-Star Wars Trading Card CollectingRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T19:00:00-Star Wars Trading Card Collecting2019-07-19T19:00:00-Star Wars Trading Card Collecting
Star Wars Trivia Game PanelPanelFri 7/19 9:00pRoom 7ABMembers of the San Diego Star Wars Society, veteran hosts of trivia panels at Comic-Con International since 2002, have created a new format this year that will allow for even more audience members to win valuable prizes. For those of you who think they know the galaxy far, far away, this is the panel for you. Returning this year will be a game round for kids ages 5–11 in which every child will win a prize. Following that will be the adult game rounds for ages 12 and up. Come test your knowledge of the galaxy far, far away, and you may win some of the many prizes provided by Star Wars licensees. The trivia panel hosts are Leia Hornedo, Linda Crispien, Brendan Prout, Carlos Munoz, Felicia Nykaza, and Collin Gomez.Panel-Star Wars Trivia Game PanelRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T21:00:00-Star Wars Trivia Game Panel2019-07-19T21:00:00-Star Wars Trivia Game Panel
Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars StoriesPanelFri 7/19 4:00pRoom 7ABFrom your Jedi Trials on Tatooine to a walk on the dark side in Vader Immortal, ILMxLAB is taking Star Wars fans on immersive journeys to a galaxy far, far away. Alyssa Finley (senior producer), Jose Perez III (senior experience designer), and Sarah Barrick (production coordinator) will give attendees a look back at these incredible adventures and a sneak peek at Vader Immortal: Episode II. Moderated by Justin Bolger (ILMxLAB marketing manager).Panel-Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars StoriesRoom 7AB-2019-07-19T16:00:00-Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars Stories2019-07-19T16:00:00-Step Inside ILMxLAB’s Star Wars Stories
The Diversity of Star WarsPanelFri 7/19 3:00pHorton Grand TheatreDespite taking place in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars remembered representation was important. From Rose Tico, Poe Damaron, Finn, Rey, Jyn Erso, and the cast of Rogue One, it only made the recent announcement of The Mandalorian so much more exciting. Special Star Wars actors, film critics, and cosplayers discuss with the founder of Positive Pop Culture/Persisted Media Group the coming of diversity for Star Wars and their hopes for the future.Panel-The Diversity of Star WarsHorton Grand Theatre-2019-07-19T15:00:00-The Diversity of Star Wars2019-07-19T15:00:00-The Diversity of Star Wars
The Genius of AnimationPanelFri 7/19 2:30pRoom 24ABCSome of the best and most creative minds who have made or are making history in animation come together to talk about developing characters and stories and how advancements, changes in technology, and taste have influenced their work. Featuring Floyd Norman (Jungle Book, Monsters, Inc.), Willie Ito (What’s Opera Doc?,Lady and the Tramp), Jane Baer (Sleeping Beauty, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), Bill Morrison (Futurama, The Simpsons), Brendan Hay (Star Wars: Detours, Harvey Girls Forever), Aliki Theofilopoulos (Phineas and Ferb, Harvey Girls Forever), Tony Benedict (The Atom Ant Show, The Jetsons), and Mindy Johnson (Ink and Paint: The Women of Disney Animation, Tinker Bell: An Evolution). Moderated by Leslie Combemale (ASIFA: Hollywood, CinemaSiren).Panel-The Genius of AnimationRoom 24ABC-2019-07-19T14:30:00-The Genius of Animation2019-07-19T14:30:00-The Genius of Animation
The RookiePanelFri 7/19 6:00pHorton Grand TheatreJoin series star and executive producer, Nathan Fillion, as he discusses his latest role as John Nolan on ABC’s high-action drama “The Rookie,” as production begins on its second seasonPanel-The RookieHorton Grand Theatre-2019-07-19T18:00:00-The Rookie2019-07-19T18:00:00-The Rookie
Veronica MarsPanelFri 7/19 11:30aBallroom 20A screening of the revival’s first episode, prior to its July 26 debut, followed by a Q&APanel-Veronica MarsBallroom 20-2019-07-19T11:30:00-Veronica Mars2019-07-19T11:30:00-Veronica Mars
What Just Happened??! with Fred SavagePanelFri 7/19 5:30pRoom 6DEAcclaimed director and television star Fred Savage cannot wait a second longer to share the world of “The Flare,” the most mind-bending, thrilling, edge-of-your-seat sci-fi show never created. “The Flare,” based on TJ Whitford’s classic series of sci-fi novels, “The Moon is the Sun at Night” not only sizzled its way into living rooms nationwide but also inspired Fox to create its first-ever after-show, “What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage.”Panel-What Just Happened??! with Fred SavageRoom 6DE-2019-07-19T17:30:00-What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage2019-07-19T17:30:00-What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage
Women of Marvel LIVE: Picture This!Booth EventFri 7/19 2:30pBooth #2329Booth Event-Women of Marvel LIVE: Picture This!Booth #2329-2019-07-19T14:30:00-Women of Marvel LIVE: Picture This!2019-07-19T14:30:00-Women of Marvel LIVE: Picture This!
Writing Avengers: EndgamePanelFri 7/19 10:00aHall HScreenwriters/producers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Avengers: Endgame) chat with Backstory magazine’s ( publisher/editor-in-chief Jeff Goldsmith (The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith Podcast) about what it took to plot, write, rewrite, and film both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame as back-to-back productions for this historic wrap-up of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s amazing 22-film journey.Panel-Writing Avengers: EndgameHall H-2019-07-19T10:00:00-Writing Avengers: Endgame2019-07-19T10:00:00-Writing Avengers: Endgame
A Fan’s Journey: From Wall Street to Lucasfilm to Rancho Obi-WanPanelSat 7/20 3:00pRoom 4Steve Sansweet (chairman of Rancho Obi-Wan) tells attendees how he went from being a reporter and editor to, according to George Lucas, Star Wars’ “ultimate fan” and the face of the saga from 1996 to 2011. He eventually opened Rancho Obi-Wan, the nonprofit museum that houses the world’s largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia.Panel-A Fan’s Journey: From Wall Street to Lucasfilm to Rancho Obi-WanRoom 4-2019-07-20T15:00:00-A Fan’s Journey: From Wall Street to Lucasfilm to Rancho Obi-Wan2019-07-20T15:00:00-A Fan’s Journey: From Wall Street to Lucasfilm to Rancho Obi-Wan
Adam Gorham, Jeremy WhitleySigningSat 7/20 11:00aBooth #2329Signing-Adam Gorham, Jeremy WhitleyBooth #2329-2019-07-20T11:00:00-Adam Gorham, Jeremy Whitley2019-07-20T11:00:00-Adam Gorham, Jeremy Whitley
American Dad and Family GuyPanelSat 7/20 1:00pBallroom 20We’ll take a look back at some of our favorite moments over the last 20 years, plus a special sneak peek at the hilarity and hi-jinx in the upcoming seasonPanel-American Dad and Family GuyBallroom 20-2019-07-20T13:00:00-American Dad and Family Guy2019-07-20T13:00:00-American Dad and Family Guy
Ashley Eckstein – It’s Your UniverseSigningSat 7/20 1:00pBooth #2913-VSigning-Ashley Eckstein – It’s Your UniverseBooth #2913-V-2019-07-20T13:00:00-Ashley Eckstein – It’s Your Universe2019-07-20T13:00:00-Ashley Eckstein – It’s Your Universe
D23 Member MixerOff-Site EventSat 7/20 3:00pPunch Bowl SocialD23 Gold and Gold Family Members are invited to channel their inner super heroes and assemble in San Diego, California with D23 for an action-packed Member Mixer celebrating the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics.Off-Site Event-D23 Member MixerPunch Bowl Social-2019-07-20T15:00:00-D23 Member Mixer2019-07-20T15:00:00-D23 Member Mixer
Derek Charm, Nilah NagruderSigningSat 7/20 1:20pBooth #2329Signing-Derek Charm, Nilah NagruderBooth #2329-2019-07-20T13:20:00-Derek Charm, Nilah Nagruder2019-07-20T13:20:00-Derek Charm, Nilah Nagruder
Disney Hyperion Publishing Panel: Fairy Tale Retellings with a TwistPanelSat 7/20 11:00aRoom 29ABThe creative team at Disney Publishing discuss how they have taken beloved Disney franchises and reimagined them for a fresh new take on classic stories told from a completely different perspective. This is an official panel by Disney Publishing Worldwide. Featuring Jocelyn Davies (senior editor, Disney Book Group), Brittany Rubiano (editor, Franchise Creative Content), and Serena Valentino (author, Villains series). Moderated by Disney Publishing Worldwide’s Emily Meehan.Panel-Disney Hyperion Publishing Panel: Fairy Tale Retellings with a TwistRoom 29AB-2019-07-20T11:00:00-Disney Hyperion Publishing Panel: Fairy Tale Retellings with a Twist2019-07-20T11:00:00-Disney Hyperion Publishing Panel: Fairy Tale Retellings with a Twist
Eat the Universe LIVEBooth EventSat 7/20 11:00aBooth #2329Booth Event-Eat the Universe LIVEBooth #2329-2019-07-20T11:00:00-Eat the Universe LIVE2019-07-20T11:00:00-Eat the Universe LIVE
Marvel Comics: Major X Signing with Rob Liefeld and C.B. CebulskiBooth EventSat 7/20 12:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Comics: Major X Signing with Rob Liefeld and C.B. CebulskiBooth #2329-2019-07-20T12:00:00-Marvel Comics: Major X Signing with Rob Liefeld and C.B. Cebulski2019-07-20T12:00:00-Marvel Comics: Major X Signing with Rob Liefeld and C.B. Cebulski
Marvel Comics: Marvel Fanfare with C.B. CebulskiPanelSat 7/20 3:00pRoom 6AThis is your chance to meet the head of editorial at Marvel! In an exclusive and intimate panel experience, Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski, along with superstar talents including Rob Liefeld and Skottie Young, will talk about anything and everything involved with Marvel Comics. What secrets are held in the House of X? Can Venom prove himself a true hero in Absolute Carnage? When is Dazzler’s next album coming out? What were C.B., Rob and Skottie’s favorite Marvel characters as kids, and how do they feel about those characters now? Ask these questions and more in the Q&A! PLUS – Don’t miss an exclusive giveaway variant of SILVER SURFER BLACK #2, Giuseppe Camuncoli’s take on Carnage soaring the spaceaways on Silver Surfer’s board!Panel-Marvel Comics: Marvel Fanfare with C.B. CebulskiRoom 6A-2019-07-20T15:00:00-Marvel Comics: Marvel Fanfare with C.B. Cebulski2019-07-20T15:00:00-Marvel Comics: Marvel Fanfare with C.B. Cebulski
Marvel Comics: Next Big ThingPanelSat 7/20 1:45pRoom 6ALegendary writer Jonathan Hickman is joined by Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski and other Mighty Marvel Guests to bring you all the latest and greatest news straight from the House of Ideas! Learn what comes next for the X-Men after the senses-shattering revelations of the House of X and Powers of X!! Plus, stick around for a few things we can’t even hint at yet!Panel-Marvel Comics: Next Big ThingRoom 6A-2019-07-20T13:45:00-Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing2019-07-20T13:45:00-Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing
Marvel Cosplay Costume ContestCosplay EventSat 7/20 5:30pBooth #2329Cosplay Event-Marvel Cosplay Costume ContestBooth #2329-2019-07-20T17:30:00-Marvel Cosplay Costume Contest2019-07-20T17:30:00-Marvel Cosplay Costume Contest
Marvel Let’s Play LIVE with Ultimate Alliance 3Booth EventSat 7/20 4:30pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Let’s Play LIVE with Ultimate Alliance 3Booth #2329-2019-07-20T16:30:00-Marvel Let’s Play LIVE with Ultimate Alliance 32019-07-20T16:30:00-Marvel Let’s Play LIVE with Ultimate Alliance 3
Marvel Quickdraw LIVEBooth EventSat 7/20 1:45pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Quickdraw LIVEBooth #2329-2019-07-20T13:45:00-Marvel Quickdraw LIVE2019-07-20T13:45:00-Marvel Quickdraw LIVE
Marvel StudiosPanelSat 7/20 5:15pHall HMarvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige and surprise panelists provide an inside look at the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.Panel-Marvel StudiosHall H-2019-07-20T17:15:00-Marvel Studios2019-07-20T17:15:00-Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame SigningSigningSat 7/20 2:30pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-20T14:30:00-Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame Signing2019-07-20T14:30:00-Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame Signing
Mickey on Vinyl: D23 Celebrates the Mouse, the Music, and the MovementPanelSat 7/20 11:00aRoom 25ABC2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the landmark multiplatinum Mickey Mouse Disco album, so put on your bell bottoms, and get ready to wind back the clock with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club. This panel will be a funky trip through Mickey Mouse’s influence on pop culture and a celebration of his past, present, and future-featuring a few familiar faces and rarely seen surprises!Panel-Mickey on Vinyl: D23 Celebrates the Mouse, the Music, and the MovementRoom 25ABC-2019-07-20T11:00:00-Mickey on Vinyl: D23 Celebrates the Mouse, the Music, and the Movement2019-07-20T11:00:00-Mickey on Vinyl: D23 Celebrates the Mouse, the Music, and the Movement
Peggy Carter Probably Saves the WorldPanelSat 7/20 1:00pGrand 10 & 11 Marriott MarquisThe love for Peggy Carter has allowed the character to have multiple film appearances, a TV series, mobile game versions (one even becoming a comic character and inspiring a TV episode spinoff), and more. Hear from fans Jennifer Redelle Carey (The Flamingo Girl), Gavin Carmen (GavinColeCosplay), Kristina Hedberg (Order of Gallifrey), Lisa Lower (Sci-fi Coalition, West Coast Avengers), and experts Matt Deckard (The Chap, Marvel’s Agent Carter series consultant), Dr. Andrea Letamendi (clinical psychologist, Under the Mask Online), and Marvel’s Agent Carter ‘s costume designer Gigi Melton as they discuss the influence Peggy Carter has made on our culture. Panel moderated by Dawn M. Bourn (The Geek Girl Project, Managed Chaos Events).Panel-Peggy Carter Probably Saves the WorldGrand 10 & 11 Marriott Marquis-2019-07-20T13:00:00-Peggy Carter Probably Saves the World2019-07-20T13:00:00-Peggy Carter Probably Saves the World
Peter David, Ken LashleySigningSat 7/20 4:00pBooth #2329Signing-Peter David, Ken LashleyBooth #2329-2019-07-20T16:00:00-Peter David, Ken Lashley2019-07-20T16:00:00-Peter David, Ken Lashley
Quick Draw!PanelSat 7/20 11:45aRoom 6BCFIt’s the fastest, funniest panel in the whole convention! Once again, your Quick Draw quizmaster Mark Evanier pits three super-speedy cartoonists against one another with dueling Sharpies as they create great cartoon art right before your very eyes. Competing this year are (as usual) Sergio Aragonés (MADmagazine, Groo the Wanderer) and Scott Shaw! (The Flintstones), joined this year by Disney legend Floyd Norman!Panel-Quick Draw!Room 6BCF-2019-07-20T11:45:00-Quick Draw!2019-07-20T11:45:00-Quick Draw!
Raising Skywalker: Parents, Padawans, and PsychopathsPanelSat 7/20 6:00pGrand 10 & 11 Marriott MarquisIn the Star Wars cinematic universe, traditional parent-child relationship dynamics become twisted and turned. Are the destinies of the heroes and villains determined by nature or nurture? Will it matter if Rey’s rise is prompted by lineage or legacy? Are Luke and Leia the substitute parents that Rey never had? Why does Ben Solo turn to the Dark Side of the Force, becoming Kylo Ren, while Luke Skywalker chooses to walk a different path? Does Kylo Ren have any chance at redemption like his grandfather before him? Does Emperor Palpatine “groom” his targets while the Jedi council encourage cult-like obedience? What does the “style” of killing and torturing others say about Darth Vader and Kylo Ren? Would they, or even Han Solo, have any psychiatric diagnoses if they existed in our world? The forensic psychiatrists of Broadcast Thought, Praveen Kambam, M.D., Vasilis K. Pozios, M.D., and H. Eric Bender, M.D., tackle these questions as they explore parent-child relationships, psychopathy, adolescent development, and more in a galaxy far, far away.Panel-Raising Skywalker: Parents, Padawans, and PsychopathsGrand 10 & 11 Marriott Marquis-2019-07-20T18:00:00-Raising Skywalker: Parents, Padawans, and Psychopaths2019-07-20T18:00:00-Raising Skywalker: Parents, Padawans, and Psychopaths
Serena Valentino – The Odd SistersSigningSat 7/20 2:00pBooth #1129Signing-Serena Valentino – The Odd SistersBooth #1129-2019-07-20T14:00:00-Serena Valentino – The Odd Sisters2019-07-20T14:00:00-Serena Valentino – The Odd Sisters
The Histroy of Jack KirbyPanelSat 7/20 11:00aRoom 7ABThe Jack Kirby Museum sits down with DC and Marvel artist Mark Badger,underground cartoonist Bruce Simon, and Kirby assistant and creative partner Steve Sherman for a historical slideshow on the life and career of Jack Kirby featuring an overview of his artistic progression from the 1940s through the 1980s, with an emphasis on his groundbreaking use of the spread. The panel will discuss the man behind the art from Simon’s and Sherman’s personal stories with Jack in the ’60s and ’70s, as well as the art itself. with an analysis of Kirby’s methods, theories, and design.Panel-The Histroy of Jack KirbyRoom 7AB-2019-07-20T11:00:00-The Histroy of Jack Kirby2019-07-20T11:00:00-The Histroy of Jack Kirby
The OrvillePanelSat 7/20 2:30pBallroom 20From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane, “The Orville” is back for season three and stopping in San Diego!Panel-The OrvilleBallroom 20-2019-07-20T14:30:00-The Orville2019-07-20T14:30:00-The Orville
The Rookie SigningSigningSat 7/20 3:00pBooth #4245Signing-The Rookie SigningBooth #4245-2019-07-20T15:00:00-The Rookie Signing2019-07-20T15:00:00-The Rookie Signing
The SimpsonsPanelSat 7/20 12:00pBallroom 20Now 30 years old and part of the mighty Disney empire, get inside insights and secret tips on the upcoming, brand-new season from Matt Groening, Al Jean, Mike B Anderson, Stephanie Gillis and the voice of Lisa Simpson and panel moderator, Yeardley Smith. There WILL be freebies!Panel-The SimpsonsBallroom 20-2019-07-20T12:00:00-The Simpsons2019-07-20T12:00:00-The Simpsons
The Technology Behind Spider-Man’s Rogues GalleryPanelSat 7/20 8:00pRoom 9The FGGGbT Brain Trust (Daniel J. Glenn, Dr. Michael Dennin, and Ben Siepser) takes a closer look at the gadgets and gizmos Spider-Man’s villains use against him. They will examine Electro, Shocker, Green Goblin, Sandman, and Scorpion.Panel-The Technology Behind Spider-Man’s Rogues GalleryRoom 9-2019-07-20T20:00:00-The Technology Behind Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery2019-07-20T20:00:00-The Technology Behind Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery
This Week in Marvel LIVEBooth EventSat 7/20 1:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-This Week in Marvel LIVEBooth #2329-2019-07-20T13:00:00-This Week in Marvel LIVE2019-07-20T13:00:00-This Week in Marvel LIVE
What We Do in the Shadows Screening and Q&APanelSat 7/20 6:30pRoom 6BCFJoin FX for a special screening followed by a spirited discussion with series starsPanel-What We Do in the Shadows Screening and Q&ARoom 6BCF-2019-07-20T18:30:00-What We Do in the Shadows Screening and Q&A2019-07-20T18:30:00-What We Do in the Shadows Screening and Q&A
Women of Marvel: 10 Years and 200 EpisodesPanelSat 7/20 10:00aRoom 5ABCelebrate ten years of Women of Marvel panels and 200 podcast episodes! Join hosts Sana Amanat (VP of Content & Character Development, Marvel) and Judy Stephens (Producer, Marvel) and special guests to talk 80 years of Marvel history, what it’s like working as a woman in comics, and the future of the industry.Panel-Women of Marvel: 10 Years and 200 EpisodesRoom 5AB-2019-07-20T10:00:00-Women of Marvel: 10 Years and 200 Episodes2019-07-20T10:00:00-Women of Marvel: 10 Years and 200 Episodes
Zoraida Cordova – A Crash of FateSigningSat 7/20 11:00aBooth #2913-VSigning-Zoraida Cordova – A Crash of FateBooth #2913-V-2019-07-20T11:00:00-Zoraida Cordova – A Crash of Fate2019-07-20T11:00:00-Zoraida Cordova – A Crash of Fate
Adam Hughes, Tom RaneySigningSun 7/21 2:00pBooth #2329Signing-Adam Hughes, Tom RaneyBooth #2329-2019-07-21T14:00:00-Adam Hughes, Tom Raney2019-07-21T14:00:00-Adam Hughes, Tom Raney
Earth’s Mightiest Show: Master Comics TheatreBooth EventSun 7/21 11:00aBooth #2329Booth Event-Earth’s Mightiest Show: Master Comics TheatreBooth #2329-2019-07-21T11:00:00-Earth’s Mightiest Show: Master Comics Theatre2019-07-21T11:00:00-Earth’s Mightiest Show: Master Comics Theatre
Katie Cook – Search Your FeelingsSigningSun 7/21 11:00aBooth #2913-VSigning-Katie Cook – Search Your FeelingsBooth #2913-V-2019-07-21T11:00:00-Katie Cook – Search Your Feelings2019-07-21T11:00:00-Katie Cook – Search Your Feelings
Life After Disney with Floyd NormanPanelSun 7/21 11:00aRoom 4Floyd Norman (artist, animator, The Jungle Book, Toy Story 2) highlights the periods of his career notworking for the Walt Disney Studios. Floyd will give a keynote presentation showcasing his fascinating projects working with people outside of the Disney company, including Fat Albert for Bill Cosby, the Soul Train main titles, Smokey Robinson’s Bushead, and many more from over the years.Panel-Life After Disney with Floyd NormanRoom 4-2019-07-21T11:00:00-Life After Disney with Floyd Norman2019-07-21T11:00:00-Life After Disney with Floyd Norman
Making Comics the Marvel WayPanelSun 7/21 11:15aRoom 5ABA slew of Mighty Marvel guests take you behind-the-scenes and show you how a Marvel comic book is made! Learn about every aspect of production including writing, penciling, inking, coloring, editing, and more – with creators on hand to offer personal insights and anecdotes. If you’re interested in the ins-and-outs of the comic book industry, this is the one panel you can’t miss!Panel-Making Comics the Marvel WayRoom 5AB-2019-07-21T11:15:00-Making Comics the Marvel Way2019-07-21T11:15:00-Making Comics the Marvel Way
Marvel Kids Costume EventCosplay EventSun 7/21 2:00pBooth #2329Cosplay Event-Marvel Kids Costume EventBooth #2329-2019-07-21T14:00:00-Marvel Kids Costume Event2019-07-21T14:00:00-Marvel Kids Costume Event
Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth EventSun 7/21 4:00pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Mastercard GiveawayBooth #2329-2019-07-21T16:00:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway2019-07-21T16:00:00-Marvel Mastercard Giveaway
Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Team SigningSigningSun 7/21 12:00pBooth #2329Signing-Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Team SigningBooth #2329-2019-07-21T12:00:00-Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Team Signing2019-07-21T12:00:00-Marvel Studios’ Visual Development Team Signing
Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth EventSun 7/21 4:15pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway HourBooth #2329-2019-07-21T16:15:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour2019-07-21T16:15:00-Marvel Super Hero Happy Giveaway Hour
Marvel’s Pull List LIVEBooth EventSun 7/21 1:15pBooth #2329Booth Event-Marvel’s Pull List LIVEBooth #2329-2019-07-21T13:15:00-Marvel’s Pull List LIVE2019-07-21T13:15:00-Marvel’s Pull List LIVE
Mayans M.C. Exclusive Screening and Q&APanelSun 7/21 1:00pHall HCome for an exclusive sneak peek at a scene from the upcoming season and a not-to-be-missed conversationPanel-Mayans M.C. Exclusive Screening and Q&AHall H-2019-07-21T13:00:00-Mayans M.C. Exclusive Screening and Q&A2019-07-21T13:00:00-Mayans M.C. Exclusive Screening and Q&A
Mindy Johnson & Lorelay Bové – Pencils, Pens & Brushes: A Great Girls’ Guide to Disney AnimationSigningSun 7/21 11:00aBooth #1129Signing-Mindy Johnson & Lorelay Bové – Pencils, Pens & Brushes: A Great Girls’ Guide to Disney AnimationBooth #1129-2019-07-21T11:00:00-Mindy Johnson & Lorelay Bové – Pencils, Pens & Brushes: A Great Girls’ Guide to Disney Animation2019-07-21T11:00:00-Mindy Johnson & Lorelay Bové – Pencils, Pens & Brushes: A Great Girls’ Guide to Disney Animation
Ron Lim, Philip TanSigningSun 7/21 11:00aBooth #2329Signing-Ron Lim, Philip TanBooth #2329-2019-07-21T11:00:00-Ron Lim, Philip Tan2019-07-21T11:00:00-Ron Lim, Philip Tan
Ryan Ottley, Tom TaylorSigningSun 7/21 1:00pBooth #2329Signing-Ryan Ottley, Tom TaylorBooth #2329-2019-07-21T13:00:00-Ryan Ottley, Tom Taylor2019-07-21T13:00:00-Ryan Ottley, Tom Taylor
The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute PanelPanelSun 7/21 10:00aRoom 5ABThis annual panel celebrates Comic-Con’s first superstar guest, the man they call “The King of Comics,” Jack Kirby. Jack left us in 1994, but his influence on comics, film, and this convention has never been greater. Discussing the man and his work this year are Kurt Busiek (Astro City, Marvels), Buzz Dixon (Thundarr the Barbarian, Destroyer Duck), Mike Royer (Kirby’s favorite inker), attorney Paul S. Levine, and maybe a few surprise panelists. Naturally, it’s moderated by former Kirby assistant Mark Evanier.Panel-The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute PanelRoom 5AB-2019-07-21T10:00:00-The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel2019-07-21T10:00:00-The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
The Goldbergs/Schooled SigningSigningSun 7/21 12:00pBooth #4245Signing-The Goldbergs/Schooled SigningBooth #4245-2019-07-21T12:00:00-The Goldbergs/Schooled Signing2019-07-21T12:00:00-The Goldbergs/Schooled Signing
Tony Isabella, Don McGregorSigningSun 7/21 3:00pBooth #2329Signing-Tony Isabella, Don McGregorBooth #2329-2019-07-21T15:00:00-Tony Isabella, Don McGregor2019-07-21T15:00:00-Tony Isabella, Don McGregor