This extensive guide will keep you up to date on all the upcoming releases from Star Wars. Included in this list are:

  • Books
  • Comic Books
  • Movies
  • Park attractions
  • Streaming and Television series
  • And More

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NameDateTypeSub TypeInfoSortTypeSortDate
Poe Dameron: Free Fall8/4/2020BookNovelBook-Poe Dameron: Free Fall20200804-Poe Dameron: Free Fall
Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Adventure Awaits8/7/2020Disney+Library SpecialDisney+-Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Adventure Awaits20200807-Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Adventure Awaits
The High Republic: Light of the Jedi8/25/2020BookNovelBook-The High Republic: Light of the Jedi20200825-The High Republic: Light of the Jedi
Mandalorian: Season 2October 2020Disney+Original SeriesDisney+-Mandalorian: Season 220201001-Mandalorian: Season 2
Chaos Rising10/6/2020BookNovelThe first book in a new trilogy set before Thrawn traveled to the Empire and became a Grand Admiral. Journey to the Unknown Regions and learn more about Thrawn’s origins and his home: The Chiss Ascendancy.Book-Chaos Rising20201006-Chaos Rising
Star Wars: A Jedi, You Will Be10/6/2020BookJunior FictionBook-Star Wars: A Jedi, You Will Be20201006-Star Wars: A Jedi, You Will Be
Star Wars The High Republic: Into the Dark10/13/2020BookYA FictionBook-Star Wars The High Republic: Into the Dark20201013-Star Wars The High Republic: Into the Dark
Galactic Starcruiser2021ParksWalt Disney WorldPunch it Chewie! Speed through hyperspace into an epic new experience that will take guests to a galaxy far, far away and will be seamlessly connected to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Unlike anything that exists today, the new luxury resort will completely immerse guests in an authentic Star Wars story. The journey through space begins the moment guests arrive, as everyone boards a starship.Parks-Galactic Starcruiser20210101-Galactic Starcruiser
Untitled Cassian Andor Series2022Disney+Original SeriesDisney+-Untitled Cassian Andor Series20220101-Untitled Cassian Andor Series
Untitled Star Wars12/16/2022FilmLucasfilmFilm-Untitled Star Wars20221216-Untitled Star Wars
Untitled Star Wars12/20/2024FilmLucasfilmFilm-Untitled Star Wars20241220-Untitled Star Wars
Untitled Star Wars12/18/2026FilmLucasfilmFilm-Untitled Star Wars20261218-Untitled Star Wars
Star Wars LandTBAParksDisneyland ParisExplore the amazing galaxy that is Star Wars in this new interactive land at Walt Disney Studios Park. Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the exciting stories and wolds that make up the Star Wars universe.Parks-Star Wars Land20271219-Star Wars Land