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A buddy comedy about tween optimist Molly McGee and grumpy ghost Scratch, from Emmy Award-winning duo Bill Motz and Bob Roth (LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures) who serve as executive producers with Emmy Award-winner Steve Loter (Kim Possible). The series, from Disney Television Animation, follows Molly, who lives to make the world a better place, and Scratch, whose joy comes from spreading misery. When one of Scratch’s spells backfires, he finds himself forever cursed in Molly’s presence.

The Ghost and Molly McGee Episode List

Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
26 2/26/2022 Twin Trouble
25 2/26/2022 Innocent Until Proven Ghostly
24 2/19/2022 The Don’t-Gooder When Andrea steals credit for Molly’s volunteer work, Molly tries to expose her.
23 2/19/2022 Game Night The McGees lets competition get the best of them during family game night.
22 2/12/2022 Ready, Set, Snow!
21 2/12/2022 Ice Princess
20 11/27/2021 Saving Christmas Molly tries to convince Andrea’s father to save Christmas after budget cuts leave Brighton without its beloved Snowflake Festival.
19 11/27/2021 Festival of Lights When a town-wide blackout occurs on the final night of Hanukkah, the people of Brighton seek refuge in Libby’s mom’s bookstore, the only place in town with light.
18 11/20/2021 Friend-Off When Libby and Scratch struggle to be friends with each other, Molly sends them on a scavenger hunt in an attempt to force their friendship.
17 11/20/2021 Scratch the Surface When constantly lying to Libby about Scratch begins to take a toll, Molly struggles to keep Scratch a secret.
16 11/13/2021 Talent Show Molly tries to prevent Libby from humiliating herself in the school talent show without shattering her newfound confidence.
15 11/13/2021 Monumental Disaster When Molly meets Brighton’s legendary founder, Ezekial Tugbottom, she realizes he’s not the hero history made him out to be.
14 11/6/2021 All Systems No For one day, Molly can only say “yes” and Scratch can only say “no”.
13 11/6/2021 The Turnip Twist Pete and Molly put a Turnip Fest to win Best Fest of the midwest over Brighton’s rival town: Perfektborg.
12 10/30/2021 No Good Deed When Darryl gets in trouble at school, Molly volunteers to help reform his delinquent ways by giving him ‘nice lessons’.
11 10/30/2021 Mazel Tov, Libby! When Molly discovers her best friend didn’t even go close to big on the biggest day of life, Molly takes charge to throw Libby the best Bat Mitzvah ever.
10 10/23/2021 The Best of Nin-tensions Molly senses tension between her mom and grandma Nin, so she takes it upon herself to identify the source of the conflict and mend the rift.
9 10/23/2021 Not So Honest Abe Molly only has a few hours to put together an entire school project on Abraham Lincoln, but it’s helpful that Scratch knows Abraham Lincoln’s ghost.
8 10/16/2021 Hooray for Mollywood! Molly learns that more money means more problems when she teams up with Andrea to create a scary movie.
7 10/16/2021 Mama’s Gotta Hustle When the McGee’s van breaks down and the repair costs are more than they can afford, Molly’s mom decides to take on odd jobs to help the family make ends meet.
6 10/9/2021 The Greatest Concert Ever Molly must find a band to play the first concert at Brighton’s new Bandshell.
5 10/9/2021 Getting the Band(shell) Back Together When Molly learns about Brighton’s old outdoor concert Bandshell, she sets out to rebuild it to bring the community together.
4 10/2/2021 The Unnatural Scratch teaches Molly’s softball team what it feels like to win.
3 10/2/2021 Howlin’ Harriet Molly attends a camping trip to answer the important question of who her best friends will be
2 10/1/2021 First Day Frights Thanks to Scratch, Molly struggles to make a good impression at school.
1 10/1/2021 The Curse When the McGee family moves into a new house, Molly stumbles upon Scratch, a grumpy old ghost.

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