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Streaming Release: January 19, 2022
Original Series
Studio: National Geographic

Through the prism of Jeff Goldblum’s always inquisitive and highly entertaining mind, nothing is as it seems in this new series. Each episode is centered around something we all love—like sneakers or ice cream—as Jeff pulls the thread on these deceptively familiar objects and unravels a wonderful world of astonishing connections, fascinating science and history, amazing people, and a whole lot of surprising big ideas and insights.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
10 1/19/2022 Motorcycles Jeff challenges preconceived notions of bikers. From a cliché-busting all-woman club to the cutting-edge customization of electric motorcycles and the awe-inspiring journeys of one disabled motorcycling champion, Jeff will help us appreciate the freedom of the road.
9 1/19/2022 Tiny Things Jeff Goldblum grabs his magnifying glass for a close-up at our love of tiny things.
8 1/19/2022 Birthdays Jeff unwraps the weird and wacky ways we celebrate birthdays.
7 1/19/2022 Backyards Jeff measures perfectly manicured lawns and sets sail with swashbuckling pirates before scaling some of the tallest trees in the world and linking up with the Wood Wide Web.
6 1/19/2022 Puzzles Jeff puts his brain to the test as he embarks on an adventure with some bona fide geniuses to discover our fascination with puzzles.
5 11/12/2021 Monsters Jeff discovers the frightening truth behind why we love to be scared: We need monsters in our lives. Without them, the world would be a whole lot more terrifying.
4 11/12/2021 Fireworks Now a billion-dollar industry, Jeff learns the fireworks business is booming as he encounters pyrotechnics superfans and gets a private audience with the “First Family of Fireworks”.
3 11/12/2021 Magic Prepare to be amazed as Jeff Goldblum investigates the ancient secrets of MAGIC. Jeff learns some mind-bending tricks from Las Vegas icons Penn & Teller and has his perception of reality destroyed by viral superstar Zach King.
2 11/12/2021 Dance Jeff Goldblum does a grand jeté into the world of DANCE. He spins into a roller disco with some four-wheeled enthusiasts, foxtrots with a new flippered friend, pops and locks with some Gen Z celebrities and struts right into the heart of a ferocious dance battle.
1 11/12/2021 Dogs Jeff Goldblum gets acquainted with man’s best friend and uncovers our obsession with DOGS.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
12 1/24/2020 Jewelry Jeff learns all that glitters is ‘gold’ when he takes a shimmering journey to unveil the extravagant joy of jewelry, including a visit to the jewelry masters who craft custom gold-and-diamond-encrusted Grillz for wealthy celebrity clients. He also discovers how sparkles play a large role at an Indian wedding; visits the HQ of a diamond foundry; and gets swept up in a New Orleans street parade.
11 1/17/2020 Pools Jeff Goldblum takes a dip into the world of pools and follows his curiosity about its impact and ability to break boundaries. Jeff’s journey includes experiencing an LA water park, an aqua-therapy center and NASA’s neutral buoyancy lab, where he discovers firsthand the unique qualities of water and our relationship to it. He even tries his hand at synchronized swim routines in the process.
10 1/10/2020 Cosmetics Jeff Goldblum faces the truth about cosmetics and discovers that it is a vehicle for both embracing who you are or becoming someone else entirely. From taking a crash course on all things cosmetic and learning the spiritual meaning behind Native American face designs to getting groovy at a drag-queenshow, Jeff gets to the root of why the world is crazy for cosmetics.
9 1/3/2020 Coffee Jeff Goldblum is buzzed about Coffee as he learns the secrets behind its popularity and ubiquity. From driving cattle on the Texan plains to enjoying a late-night cup of Joe and meeting the brains behind ‘Latte Art,’ Jeff delves into a drink that’s becoming both an art and a science,while he also plays a crucial role in facilitating social interaction.
8 12/27/2019 RVs Jeff Goldblum rolls into the RV capital of the world to investigate the unique mode of transport and the lifestyle that goes with it. He witnesses the RV Summer Super Show; tours an RV manufacturing factory; and rides with a family who has chosen to live permanently on the road. Through it all, he ponders the conflict between our need for stability and desire to roam free.
7 12/20/2019 Bikes Jeff Goldblum pedals through the world of BIKES as he investigates this transportation transformation and the future of mobility. From witnessing jaw-dropping stunts of BMX riders to visiting the cutting-edge facilities of Specialized Bikes, Jeff investigates how this old mode of transport is heading in new directions. He commits himself to discover what bikes truly mean to their owners.
6 12/13/2019 Gaming Jeff Goldblum plugs in to the world of GAMING and all it has to offer.
5 12/6/2019 BBQ Jeff Goldblum embarks on a mouthwatering, smoky tour of all things BBQ.
4 11/29/2019 Denim Jeff Goldblum slips into the tight-fitting, powerful world of DENIM.
3 11/22/2019 Tattoos Jeff gets under the skin of the tattoo community and discovers a world of passionate artists, deep history and eccentric personalities.
2 11/15/2019 Ice Cream Jeff Goldblum takes his tastebuds on a delectable trip within the world of ice cream. He forages for ingredients in the wild and serves the treat from a van at the Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival.
1 11/12/2019 Sneakers Jeff sets out to investigate the multi-million billion dollar industry of sneakers. His journey includes the basketball court, the boardroom, the country’s sneaker convention – Sneaker Con – and Adidas’ high tech labs.

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