Below is a list of all announced attractions, entertainment, and restaurants coming to Tokyo Disney Resort. Click on any project for a brief description, pictures, videos and more.

Song of MirageTokyo DisneySeaIn DevelopmentSummer 2019Tokyo DisneySea-Song of MirageIn Development-Song of Mirage20190601-Song of Mirage
Soaring: Fantastic FlightTokyo DisneySeaNow OpenNow OpenTokyo DisneySea-Soaring: Fantastic FlightNow Open-Soaring: Fantastic Flight20190723-Soaring: Fantastic Flight
Beauty and the Beast AreaTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-Beauty and the Beast AreaIn Development-Beauty and the Beast Area20200415-Beauty and the Beast Area
Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the BeastTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the BeastIn Development-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast20200415-Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast
Fantasyland Forest TheatreTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-Fantasyland Forest TheatreIn Development-Fantasyland Forest Theatre20200415-Fantasyland Forest Theatre
La Taverne de GastonTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-La Taverne de GastonIn Development-La Taverne de Gaston20200415-La Taverne de Gaston
Minnie’s Style StudioTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-Minnie’s Style StudioIn Development-Minnie’s Style Studio20200415-Minnie’s Style Studio
The Big PopTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-The Big PopIn Development-The Big Pop20200415-The Big Pop
The Happy Ride with BaymaxTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-The Happy Ride with BaymaxIn Development-The Happy Ride with Baymax20200415-The Happy Ride with Baymax
Village ShoppesTokyo DisneylandIn DevelopmentApril 15, 2020Tokyo Disneyland-Village ShoppesIn Development-Village Shoppes20200415-Village Shoppes
Toy Story Inspired HotelIn Development2021-22-Toy Story Inspired HotelIn Development-Toy Story Inspired Hotel20211001-Toy Story Inspired Hotel
Fantasy SpringsTokyo DisneySeaIn Development2022Tokyo DisneySea-Fantasy SpringsIn Development-Fantasy Springs20221001-Fantasy Springs
Frozen Boat RideTokyo DisneySeaIn Development2022Tokyo DisneySea-Frozen Boat RideIn Development-Frozen Boat Ride20221001-Frozen Boat Ride
Peter Pan Boat RideTokyo DisneySeaIn Development2022Tokyo DisneySea-Peter Pan Boat RideIn Development-Peter Pan Boat Ride20221001-Peter Pan Boat Ride
Pixie Hollow AttractionTokyo DisneySeaIn Development2022Tokyo DisneySea-Pixie Hollow AttractionIn Development-Pixie Hollow Attraction20221001-Pixie Hollow Attraction
Tangled Boat RideTokyo DisneySeaIn Development2022Tokyo DisneySea-Tangled Boat RideIn Development-Tangled Boat Ride20221001-Tangled Boat Ride
Tokyo DisneySea HotelTokyo DisneySeaIn DevelopmentTBATokyo DisneySea-Tokyo DisneySea HotelIn Development-Tokyo DisneySea Hotel20221001-Tokyo DisneySea Hotel
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