WDW Reopening

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Affection SectionDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thAffection SectionOpening July 11th
Avatar Flight of PassageDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thAvatar Flight of PassageOpening July 11th
DINOSAURDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thDINOSAUROpening July 11th
Discovery Island TrailsDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thDiscovery Island TrailsOpening July 11th
Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden MountainDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thExpedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden MountainOpening July 11th
Gorilla Falls Exploration TrailDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thGorilla Falls Exploration TrailOpening July 11th
It’s Tough to be a Bug!Disney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thIt’s Tough to be a Bug!Opening July 11th
Kali River RapidsDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thKali River RapidsOpening July 11th
Kilimanjaro SafarisDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thKilimanjaro SafarisOpening July 11th
Maharajah Jungle TrekDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thMaharajah Jungle TrekOpening July 11th
Na’vi River JourneyDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thNa’vi River JourneyOpening July 11th
The Animation Experience at Conservation StationDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thAnimation Experience at Conservation StationOpening July 11th
The Oasis ExhibitsDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thOasis ExhibitsOpening July 11th
TriceraTop SpinDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thTriceraTop SpinOpening July 11th
Wilderness ExplorersDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thWilderness ExplorersOpening July 11th
Wildlife ExpressDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsOpening July 11thWildlife ExpressOpening July 11th
Primeval Whirl (Operates Seasonally)Disney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansPrimeval Whirl (Operates Seasonally)No Reopening Plans
The BoneyardDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansBoneyardNo Reopening Plans
Festival of the Lion KingDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansFestival of the Lion KingNo Reopening Plans
Finding Nemo – The MusicalDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansFinding Nemo – The MusicalNo Reopening Plans
Rivers of Light: We Are OneDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansRivers of Light: We Are OneNo Reopening Plans
UP! A Great Bird AdventureDisney’s Animal KingdomAttractionsNo Reopening PlansUP! A Great Bird AdventureNo Reopening Plans
Discovery River Character CruiseDisney’s Animal KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11thDiscovery River Character CruiseOpening July 11th
Discovery Island DrummersDisney’s Animal KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11thDiscovery Island DrummersOpening July 11th
Donald’s Dino Boat Bash!Disney’s Animal KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11thDonald’s Dino Boat Bash!Opening July 11th
Mickey & Friends FlotillaDisney’s Animal KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11thMickey & Friends FlotillaOpening July 11th
Anandapur Ice Cream TruckDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Anandapur Ice Cream TruckOpening July 11
Creature ComfortsDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Creature ComfortsOpening July 11
Dawa BarDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Dawa BarOpening July 11
Dino-Bite SnacksDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Dino-Bite SnacksOpening July 11
Flame Tree BarbecueDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Flame Tree BarbecueOpening July 11
Harambe Fruit MarketDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Harambe Fruit MarketOpening July 11
Isle of JavaDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Isle of JavaOpening July 11
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyOpening July 11
Mr. Kamal’sDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Mr. Kamal’sOpening July 11
Nomad LoungeDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Nomad LoungeOpening July 11
Pongu PonguDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Pongu PonguOpening July 11
Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal KingdomDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Rainforest Cafe at Disney’s Animal KingdomOpening July 11
RestaurantosaurusDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11RestaurantosaurusOpening July 11
Satu’li CanteenDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Satu’li CanteenOpening July 11
Tamu Tamu RefreshmentsDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Tamu Tamu RefreshmentsOpening July 11
Thirsty River Bar & Trek SnacksDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Thirsty River Bar & Trek SnacksOpening July 11
Tiffins RestaurantDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Tiffins RestaurantOpening July 11
Trilo-BitesDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Trilo-BitesOpening July 11
Yak & Yeti Local Food CafesDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Yak & Yeti Local Food CafesOpening July 11
Yak & Yeti RestaurantDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Yak & Yeti RestaurantOpening July 11
Caravan RoadDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCaravan RoadNo Reopening Plans
Dino DinerDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansDino DinerNo Reopening Plans
DrinkwallahDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansDrinkwallahNo Reopening Plans
Eight Spoon CafeDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansEight Spoon CafeNo Reopening Plans
Harambe MarketDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansHarambe MarketNo Reopening Plans
Kusafiri Coffee Shop & BakeryDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansKusafiri Coffee Shop & BakeryNo Reopening Plans
MahindiDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansMahindiNo Reopening Plans
PizzafariDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansPizzafariNo Reopening Plans
The Smiling CrocodileDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansSmiling CrocodileNo Reopening Plans
Terra TreatsDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTerra TreatsNo Reopening Plans
Tusker House RestaurantDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTusker House RestaurantNo Reopening Plans
Warung OutpostDisney’s Animal KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansWarung OutpostNo Reopening Plans
Africa Hub CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Africa Hub CartOpening July 11
African Heritage Wood CarvingDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11African Heritage Wood CarvingOpening July 11
Baby CareDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Baby CareOpening July 11
Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur TreasuresDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur TreasuresOpening July 11
Discovery Trading CompanyDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Discovery Trading CompanyOpening July 11
Garden Gate Gifts & StrollersDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Garden Gate Gifts & StrollersOpening July 11
Kilimanjaro Safari CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Kilimanjaro Safari CartOpening July 11
Mandala GiftsDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Mandala GiftsOpening July 11
Mombasa MarketplaceDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Mombasa MarketplaceOpening July 11
Out Of The WildDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Out Of The WildOpening July 11
Serka Zong BazaarDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Serka Zong BazaarOpening July 11
The Dino Institute ShopDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11Dino Institute ShopOpening July 11
WindtradersDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsOpening July 11WindtradersOpening July 11
Boneyard CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansBoneyard CartNo Reopening Plans
DinoLand CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansDinoLand CartNo Reopening Plans
Dino-Rama CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansDino-Rama CartNo Reopening Plans
Island MercantileDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansIsland MercantileNo Reopening Plans
Kali CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansKali CartNo Reopening Plans
Maharajah CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansMaharajah CartNo Reopening Plans
Mariya’s SouvenirsDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansMariya’s SouvenirsNo Reopening Plans
Outpost CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansOutpost CartNo Reopening Plans
The Outpost ShopDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansOutpost ShopNo Reopening Plans
Riverside DepotDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansRiverside DepotNo Reopening Plans
Serka CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansSerka CartNo Reopening Plans
Theater in the Wild CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansTheater in the Wild CartNo Reopening Plans
Tiffins CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansTiffins CartNo Reopening Plans
Tree of Life CartDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansTree of Life CartNo Reopening Plans
Ziwandi TradersDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansZiwandi TradersNo Reopening Plans
Zuri’s Sweets ShopDisney’s Animal KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansZuri’s Sweets ShopNo Reopening Plans
Alien Swirling SaucersDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thAlien Swirling SaucersOpening July 15th
Lightning McQueen’s Racing AcademyDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thLightning McQueen’s Racing AcademyOpening July 15th
Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thMickey & Minnie’s Runaway RailwayOpening July 15th
Millennium Falcon: Smugglers RunDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thMillennium Falcon: Smugglers RunOpening July 15th
Muppet*Vision 3DDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thMuppet*Vision 3DOpening July 15th
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring AerosmithDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thRock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring AerosmithOpening July 15th
Slinky Dog DashDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thSlinky Dog DashOpening July 15th
Star Tours – The Adventures ContinueDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thStar Tours – The Adventures ContinueOpening July 15th
Star Wars: Rise of the ResistanceDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thStar Wars: Rise of the ResistanceOpening July 15th
The Twilight Zone Tower of TerrorDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thTwilight Zone Tower of TerrorOpening July 15th
Toy Story Mania!Disney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thToy Story Mania!Opening July 15th
Vacation Fun (at Mickey Shorts Theater)Disney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thVacation Fun (at Mickey Shorts Theater)Opening July 15th
Walt Disney PresentsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsOpening July 15thWalt Disney PresentsOpening July 15th
Star Wars Launch BayDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansStar Wars Launch BayNo Reopening Plans
Beauty and the Beast- Live on StageDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansBeauty and the Beast- Live on StageNo Reopening Plans
Fantasmic!Disney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansFantasmic!No Reopening Plans
For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along CelebrationDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansFor the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along CelebrationNo Reopening Plans
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt SpectacularDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansIndiana Jones Epic Stunt SpectacularNo Reopening Plans
Jedi Training: Trials of the TempleDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansJedi Training: Trials of the TempleNo Reopening Plans
Star Wars: A Galactic SpectacularDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansStar Wars: A Galactic SpectacularNo Reopening Plans
Voyage of The Little MermaidDisney’s Hollywood StudiosAttractionsNo Reopening PlansVoyage of The Little MermaidNo Reopening Plans
Disney Junior Stars MotorcadeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosEntertainmentOpening July 15thDisney Junior Stars MotorcadeOpening July 15th
Mickey & Friends MotorcadeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosEntertainmentOpening July 15thMickey & Friends MotorcadeOpening July 15th
Pixar MotorcadeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosEntertainmentOpening July 15thPixar MotorcadeOpening July 15th
Anaheim ProduceDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thAnaheim ProduceOpening July 15th
Backlot ExpressDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thBacklot ExpressOpening July 15th
BaseLine Tap HouseDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thBaseLine Tap HouseOpening July 15th
Docking Bay 7 Food and CargoDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thDocking Bay 7 Food and CargoOpening July 15th
The Hollywood Brown DerbyDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thHollywood Brown DerbyOpening July 15th
The Hollywood Brown Derby LoungeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thHollywood Brown Derby LoungeOpening July 15th
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thJoffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyOpening July 15th
Mama Melrose’s Ristorante ItalianoDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thMama Melrose’s Ristorante ItalianoOpening July 15th
Milk StandDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thMilk StandOpening July 15th
Oga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney World ResortDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thOga’s Cantina at the Walt Disney World ResortOpening July 15th
Peevy’s Polar PipelineDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thPeevy’s Polar PipelineOpening July 15th
PizzeRizzoDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thPizzeRizzoOpening July 15th
Ronto RoastersDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thRonto RoastersOpening July 15th
Rosie’s All-American CaféDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thRosie’s All-American CaféOpening July 15th
Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater RestaurantDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thSci-Fi Dine-In Theater RestaurantOpening July 15th
Sunshine Day BarDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thSunshine Day BarOpening July 15th
The Trolley Car CaféDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsOpening July 15thTrolley Car CaféOpening July 15th
50’s Prime Time CafeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening Plans50’s Prime Time CafeNo Reopening Plans
ABC CommissaryDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansABC CommissaryNo Reopening Plans
Catalina Eddie’sDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCatalina Eddie’sNo Reopening Plans
Dockside DinerDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansDockside DinerNo Reopening Plans
Epic EatsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansEpic EatsNo Reopening Plans
Fairfax FareDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansFairfax FareNo Reopening Plans
Hollywood ScoopsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansHollywood ScoopsNo Reopening Plans
Hollywood & VineDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansHollywood & VineNo Reopening Plans
Kat Saka’s KettleDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansKat Saka’s KettleNo Reopening Plans
KRNR The Rock StationDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansKRNR The Rock StationNo Reopening Plans
Neighborhood BakeryDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansNeighborhood BakeryNo Reopening Plans
Tune-In LoungeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTune-In LoungeNo Reopening Plans
Woody’s Lunch BoxDisney’s Hollywood StudiosRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansWoody’s Lunch BoxNo Reopening Plans
Celebrity 5 & 10Disney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thCelebrity 5 & 10Opening July 15th
Crossroads of the WorldDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thCrossroads of the WorldOpening July 15th
Dok Ondar’s Den of AntiquitiesDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thDok Ondar’s Den of AntiquitiesOpening July 15th
Droid Depot ExperienceDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thDroid Depot ExperienceOpening July 15th
Droid Depot StoreDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thDroid Depot StoreOpening July 15th
In CharacterDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thIn CharacterOpening July 15th
Legends of HollywoodDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thLegends of HollywoodOpening July 15th
Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway RailwayDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thMickey and Minnie’s Runaway RailwayOpening July 15th
Mickey’s Of HollywoodDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thMickey’s Of HollywoodOpening July 15th
Movieland MemorabiliaDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thMovieland MemorabiliaOpening July 15th
Once Upon A TimeDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thOnce Upon A TimeOpening July 15th
Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-KindDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thSid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-KindOpening July 15th
Rock Around The ShopDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thRock Around The ShopOpening July 15th
Rubio ArtsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thRubio ArtsOpening July 15th
Strollers & WheelchairsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thStrollers & WheelchairsOpening July 15th
Tatooine TradersDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thTatooine TradersOpening July 15th
The MarketDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thMarketOpening July 15th
Tower Hotel GiftsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thTower Hotel GiftsOpening July 15th
Toy Story Mania ShopDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsOpening July 15thToy Story Mania ShopOpening July 15th
Beverly Sunset BoutiqueDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansBeverly Sunset BoutiqueNo Reopening Plans
Black Spire OutfittersDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansBlack Spire OutfittersNo Reopening Plans
Creature StallDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansCreature StallNo Reopening Plans
Disney Studio StoreDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansDisney Studio StoreNo Reopening Plans
First Order CargoDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansFirst Order CargoNo Reopening Plans
Frozen Fractal GiftsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansFrozen Fractal GiftsNo Reopening Plans
Indiana Jones Adventure OutpostDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansIndiana Jones Adventure OutpostNo Reopening Plans
It’s A Wonderful ShopDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansIt’s A Wonderful ShopNo Reopening Plans
Keystone ClothiersDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansKeystone ClothiersNo Reopening Plans
Launch Bay CargoDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansLaunch Bay CargoNo Reopening Plans
Resistance SupplyDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansResistance SupplyNo Reopening Plans
Savi’s WorkshopDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansSavi’s WorkshopNo Reopening Plans
Stage 1 Company StoreDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansStage 1 Company StoreNo Reopening Plans
Sunset Ranch Pins and SouvenirsDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansSunset Ranch Pins and SouvenirsNo Reopening Plans
Toydarian ToymakerDisney’s Hollywood StudiosShopsNo Reopening PlansToydarian ToymakerNo Reopening Plans
Awesome PlanetEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thAwesome PlanetOpening July 15th
Canada Far and WideEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thCanada Far and WideOpening July 15th
Disney & Pixar Short Film FestivalEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thDisney & Pixar Short Film FestivalOpening July 15th
Friendship Lagoon BoatsEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thFriendship Lagoon BoatsOpening July 15th
Frozen Ever AfterEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thFrozen Ever AfterOpening July 15th
Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three CaballerosEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thGran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three CaballerosOpening July 15th
Impressions de FranceEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thImpressions de FranceOpening July 15th
Journey Into Imagination with FigmentEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thJourney Into Imagination with FigmentOpening July 15th
Kidcot (modified)EPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thKidcot (modified)Opening July 15th
Living with the LandEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thLiving with the LandOpening July 15th
Mission: SPACEEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thMission: SPACEOpening July 15th
Reflections of ChinaEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thReflections of ChinaOpening July 15th
Soarin’ Around the WorldEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thSoarin’ Around the WorldOpening July 15th
Spaceship EarthEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thSpaceship EarthOpening July 15th
Test TrackEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thTest TrackOpening July 15th
The American AdventureEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thAmerican AdventureOpening July 15th
The Seas with Nemo & FriendsEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thSeas with Nemo & FriendsOpening July 15th
Walt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot ExperienceEPCOTAttractionsOpening July 15thWalt Disney Imagineering presents the Epcot ExperienceOpening July 15th
Beauty and the Beast Sing-AlongEPCOTAttractionsNo Reopening PlansBeauty and the Beast Sing-AlongNo Reopening Plans
Epcot ForeverEPCOTAttractionsNo Reopening PlansEpcot ForeverNo Reopening Plans
Turtle Talk with CrushEPCOTAttractionsNo Reopening PlansTurtle Talk with CrushNo Reopening Plans
JAMMitorsEPCOTEntertainmentOpening July 15thJAMMitorsOpening July 15th
Mariachi CobreEPCOTEntertainmentOpening July 15thMariachi CobreOpening July 15th
Frozen PromenadeEPCOTEntertainmentOpening July 15thFrozen PromenadeOpening July 15th
Mickey & Friends World TourEPCOTEntertainmentOpening July 15thMickey & Friends World TourOpening July 15th
Princess PromenadeEPCOTEntertainmentOpening July 15thPrincess PromenadeOpening July 15th
Biergarten RestaurantEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thBiergarten RestaurantOpening July 15th
Choza de MargaritaEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thChoza de MargaritaOpening July 15th
Coral Reef RestaurantEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thCoral Reef RestaurantOpening July 15th
Crepes des Chefs de FranceEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thCrepes des Chefs de FranceOpening July 15th
Fife & Drum TavernEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thFife & Drum TavernOpening July 15th
Funnel CakeEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thFunnel CakeOpening July 15th
Garden Grill RestaurantEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thGarden Grill RestaurantOpening July 15th
GelatiEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thGelatiOpening July 15th
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thJoffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyOpening July 15th
Joy of TeaEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thJoy of TeaOpening July 15th
Kabuki CaféEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thKabuki CaféOpening July 15th
Katsura GrillEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thKatsura GrillOpening July 15th
L’Artisan des GlacesEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thL’Artisan des GlacesOpening July 15th
La Cantina de San AngelEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thLa Cantina de San AngelOpening July 15th
La Cava de TequilaEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thLa Cava de TequilaOpening July 15th
La Hacienda de San AngelEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thLa Hacienda de San AngelOpening July 15th
The Land CartEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thLand CartOpening July 15th
Le Cellier SteakhouseEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thLe Cellier SteakhouseOpening July 15th
Popcorn in CanadaEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thPopcorn in CanadaOpening July 15th
Refreshment OutpostEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thRefreshment OutpostOpening July 15th
Refreshment PortEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thRefreshment PortOpening July 15th
Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & BarbecueEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thRegal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & BarbecueOpening July 15th
Rose & Crown Dining RoomEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thRose & Crown Dining RoomOpening July 15th
Rose & Crown PubEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thRose & Crown PubOpening July 15th
San Angel Inn RestauranteEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thSan Angel Inn RestauranteOpening July 15th
Spice Road TableEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thSpice Road TableOpening July 15th
Sunshine SeasonsEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thSunshine SeasonsOpening July 15th
Tangierine CaféEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thTangierine CaféOpening July 15th
Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival kiosksEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thTaste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival kiosksOpening July 15th
Traveler’s CaféEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thTraveler’s CaféOpening July 15th
UK Beer CartEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thUK Beer CartOpening July 15th
Via Napoli Ristorante e PizzeriaEPCOTRestaurantsOpening July 15thVia Napoli Ristorante e PizzeriaOpening July 15th
Akershus Royal Banquet HallEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansAkershus Royal Banquet HallNo Reopening Plans
Block & HansEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansBlock & HansNo Reopening Plans
Chefs de FranceEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansChefs de FranceNo Reopening Plans
Cool WashEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCool WashNo Reopening Plans
Kringla Bakeri Og KafeEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansKringla Bakeri Og KafeNo Reopening Plans
L’Artisan des GlacesEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansL’Artisan des GlacesNo Reopening Plans
Les Halles Boulangerie-PatisserieEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansLes Halles Boulangerie-PatisserieNo Reopening Plans
Les Vins des Chefs de FranceEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansLes Vins des Chefs de FranceNo Reopening Plans
Lotus Blossom CafeEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansLotus Blossom CafeNo Reopening Plans
Monsieur PaulEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansMonsieur PaulNo Reopening Plans
Nine Dragons RestaurantEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansNine Dragons RestaurantNo Reopening Plans
Restaurant MarrakeshEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansRestaurant MarrakeshNo Reopening Plans
SommerfestEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansSommerfestNo Reopening Plans
Takumi-TeiEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTakumi-TeiNo Reopening Plans
Teppan EdoEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTeppan EdoNo Reopening Plans
Tokyo DiningEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTokyo DiningNo Reopening Plans
Tutto Gusto Wine CellarEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTutto Gusto Wine CellarNo Reopening Plans
Yorkshire County Fish ShopEPCOTRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansYorkshire County Fish ShopNo Reopening Plans
African HeritageEPCOTShopsOpening July 15African HeritageOpening July 15
Arribas BrothersEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Arribas BrothersOpening July 15
Art of DisneyEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Art of DisneyOpening July 15
Baby CareEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Baby CareOpening July 15
Canada CartEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Canada CartOpening July 15
China KioskEPCOTShopsOpening July 15China KioskOpening July 15
Disney TradersEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Disney TradersOpening July 15
Galerie Des HallesEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Galerie Des HallesOpening July 15
Gateway GiftsEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Gateway GiftsOpening July 15
Glas Und PorcellanEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Glas Und PorcellanOpening July 15
ImageWorksEPCOTShopsOpening July 15ImageWorksOpening July 15
Karamell KucheEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Karamell KucheOpening July 15
La Bottega ItalianaEPCOTShopsOpening July 15La Bottega ItalianaOpening July 15
Mexico Indoor PlazaEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Mexico Indoor PlazaOpening July 15
Mission: SPACE CargoEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Mission: SPACE CargoOpening July 15
MitsukoshiEPCOTShopsOpening July 15MitsukoshiOpening July 15
Mouse Gear Temporary LocationEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Mouse Gear Temporary LocationOpening July 15
Pin Traders – Camera CenterEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Pin Traders – Camera CenterOpening July 15
Port of EntryEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Port of EntryOpening July 15
Puffin’s RoostEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Puffin’s RoostOpening July 15
Sea Base Alpha Gift ShopEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Sea Base Alpha Gift ShopOpening July 15
Strollers & WheelchairsEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Strollers & WheelchairsOpening July 15
Tea CaddyEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Tea CaddyOpening July 15
Test Track SimporiumEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Test Track SimporiumOpening July 15
Wood CarverEPCOTShopsOpening July 15Wood CarverOpening July 15
World TravelerEPCOTShopsOpening July 15World TravelerOpening July 15
Casablanca CarpetsEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansCasablanca CarpetsNo Reopening Plans
Das KaufhausEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansDas KaufhausNo Reopening Plans
Der TeddybarEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansDer TeddybarNo Reopening Plans
Die Weihnachts EckeEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansDie Weihnachts EckeNo Reopening Plans
El Ranchito del NorteEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansEl Ranchito del NorteNo Reopening Plans
Good Fortune GiftsEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansGood Fortune GiftsNo Reopening Plans
Green Thumb EmporiumEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansGreen Thumb EmporiumNo Reopening Plans
House of Good FortuneEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansHouse of Good FortuneNo Reopening Plans
Il Bel CristalloEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansIl Bel CristalloNo Reopening Plans
L’Esprit de la ProvenceEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansL’Esprit de la ProvenceNo Reopening Plans
La Gemma EleganteEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansLa Gemma EleganteNo Reopening Plans
La SignatureEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansLa SignatureNo Reopening Plans
Les Vins de FranceEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansLes Vins de FranceNo Reopening Plans
Lords and LadiesEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansLords and LadiesNo Reopening Plans
Marketplace in the MedinaEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansMarketplace in the MedinaNo Reopening Plans
Northwest MercantileEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansNorthwest MercantileNo Reopening Plans
Plume et PaletteEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansPlume et PaletteNo Reopening Plans
Souk-al-MagrebEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansSouk-al-MagrebNo Reopening Plans
Sportsman’s ShoppeEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansSportsman’s ShoppeNo Reopening Plans
Stein HausEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansStein HausNo Reopening Plans
Tangier TradersEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansTangier TradersNo Reopening Plans
The Brass BazaarEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansBrass BazaarNo Reopening Plans
The Crown & CrestEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansCrown & CrestNo Reopening Plans
The FjordingEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansFjordingNo Reopening Plans
The Queen’s TableEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansQueen’s TableNo Reopening Plans
The Toy SoldierEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansToy SoldierNo Reopening Plans
Trading PostEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansTrading PostNo Reopening Plans
Village TradersEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansVillage TradersNo Reopening Plans
VolkskunstEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansVolkskunstNo Reopening Plans
Wandering ReindeerEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansWandering ReindeerNo Reopening Plans
WinkellerEPCOTShopsNo Reopening PlansWinkellerNo Reopening Plans
A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven SeasMagic KindomAttractionNo Reopening PlansPirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven SeasNo Reopening Plans
Astro OrbiterMagic KindomAttractionOpening July 11Astro OrbiterOpening July 11
Big Thunder Mountain RailroadMagic KindomAttractionOpening July 11Big Thunder Mountain RailroadOpening July 11
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger SpinMagic KindomAttractionOpening July 11Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger SpinOpening July 11
Country Bear JamboreeMagic KindomAttractionOpening July 11Country Bear JamboreeOpening July 11
Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak StationMagic KindomPlay AreaNo Reopening PlansCasey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak StationNo Reopening Plans
Dumbo the Flying ElephantMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Dumbo the Flying ElephantOpening July 11
Enchanted Tales with BelleMagic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansEnchanted Tales with BelleNo Reopening Plans
Frontierland Shootin’ ArcadeMagic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansFrontierland Shootin’ ArcadeNo Reopening Plans
Haunted MansionMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Haunted MansionOpening July 11
it’s a small worldMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11it’s a small worldOpening July 11
Jungle CruiseMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Jungle CruiseOpening July 11
Liberty Square RiverboatMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Liberty Square RiverboatOpening July 11
Mad Tea PartyMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Mad Tea PartyOpening July 11
Main Street VehiclesMagic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansMain Street VehiclesNo Reopening Plans
Mickey’s PhilharMagicMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Mickey’s PhilharMagicOpening July 11
Monsters, Inc. Laugh FloorMagic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansMonsters, Inc. Laugh FloorNo Reopening Plans
Peter Pan’s FlightMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Peter Pan’s FlightOpening July 11
Pirates of the CaribbeanMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Pirates of the CaribbeanOpening July 11
Prince Charming Regal CarrouselMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Prince Charming Regal CarrouselOpening July 11
Seven Dwarfs Mine TrainMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Seven Dwarfs Mine TrainOpening July 11
Sorcerers of the Magic KingdomMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Sorcerers of the Magic KingdomOpening July 11
Space MountainMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Space MountainOpening July 11
Splash MountainMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Splash MountainOpening July 11
Stitch’s Great Escape!Magic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansStitch’s Great Escape!No Reopening Plans
Swiss Family TreehouseMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Swiss Family TreehouseOpening July 11
The BarnstormerMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11BarnstormerOpening July 11
The Hall of PresidentsMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Hall of PresidentsOpening July 11
The Magic Carpets of AladdinMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Magic Carpets of AladdinOpening July 11
The Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Many Adventures of Winnie the PoohOpening July 11
Tom Sawyer IslandMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Tom Sawyer IslandOpening July 11
Tomorrowland SpeedwayMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Tomorrowland SpeedwayOpening July 11
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMoverMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMoverOpening July 11
Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little MermaidMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little MermaidOpening July 11
Walt Disney World RailroadMagic KingdomAttractionNo Reopening PlansWalt Disney World RailroadNo Reopening Plans
Walt Disney’s Carousel of ProgressMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Walt Disney’s Carousel of ProgressOpening July 11
Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki RoomMagic KingdomAttractionOpening July 11Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki RoomOpening July 11
Disney Festival of Fantasy ParadeMagic KingdomEntertainmentNo Reopening PlansDisney Festival of Fantasy ParadeNo Reopening Plans
Main Street PhilharmonicMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Main Street PhilharmonicOpening July 11
The Royal Princess ProcessionalMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Royal Princess ProcessionalOpening July 11
Mickey & Friends CavalcadeMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Mickey & Friends CavalcadeOpening July 11
Fantasyland Friends CavalcadeMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Fantasyland Friends CavalcadeOpening July 11
A Goofy CavalcadeMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Goofy CavalcadeOpening July 11
Tinker Bell & the Lost TreasureMagic KingdomEntertainmentOpening July 11Tinker Bell & the Lost TreasureOpening July 11
Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It!Magic KingdomEntertainmentNo Reopening PlansMove It! Shake It! MousekeDance It!No Reopening Plans
Happily Ever AfterMagic KingdomFireworksNo Reopening PlansHappily Ever AfterNo Reopening Plans
Aloha IsleMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Aloha IsleOpening July 11
Auntie Gravity’s Galactic GoodiesMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Auntie Gravity’s Galactic GoodiesOpening July 11
Be Our Guest RestaurantMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Be Our Guest RestaurantOpening July 11
Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafeMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafeOpening July 11
Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea CompanyOpening July 11
Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper CanteenMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper CanteenOpening July 11
Liberty Square MarketMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Liberty Square MarketOpening July 11
Liberty Tree TavernMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Liberty Tree TavernOpening July 11
Main Street BakeryMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Main Street BakeryOpening July 11
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and CafeMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and CafeOpening July 11
Pinocchio Village HausMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Pinocchio Village HausOpening July 11
The Plaza RestaurantMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Plaza RestaurantOpening July 11
Sleepy HollowMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Sleepy HollowOpening July 11
Storybook TreatsMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Storybook TreatsOpening July 11
Sunshine Tree TerraceMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Sunshine Tree TerraceOpening July 11
Tony’s Town Square RestaurantMagic KingdomRestaurantsOpening July 11Tony’s Town Square RestaurantOpening July 11
Casey’s CornerMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCasey’s CornerNo Reopening Plans
Cheshire CafeMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCheshire CafeNo Reopening Plans
Cinderella’s Royal TableMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCinderella’s Royal TableNo Reopening Plans
Columbia Harbour HouseMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansColumbia Harbour HouseNo Reopening Plans
Cool ShipMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCool ShipNo Reopening Plans
The Crystal PalaceMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCrystal PalaceNo Reopening Plans
The Diamond HorseshoeMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansDiamond HorseshoeNo Reopening Plans
The Friar’s NookMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansFriar’s NookNo Reopening Plans
Gaston’s TavernMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansGaston’s TavernNo Reopening Plans
Golden Oak OutpostMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansGolden Oak OutpostNo Reopening Plans
The Lunching PadMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansLunching PadNo Reopening Plans
Plaza Ice Cream ParlorMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansPlaza Ice Cream ParlorNo Reopening Plans
Prince Eric’s Village MarketMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansPrince Eric’s Village MarketNo Reopening Plans
Tomorrowland Terrace RestaurantMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTomorrowland Terrace RestaurantNo Reopening Plans
Tortuga TavernMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTortuga TavernNo Reopening Plans
Westward HoMagic KingdomRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansWestward HoNo Reopening Plans
Agrabah BazaarMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansAgrabah BazaarNo Reopening Plans
Arribas BrothersMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Arribas BrothersOpening July 11
Baby CareMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Baby CareOpening July 11
Bibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansBibbidi Bobbidi BoutiqueNo Reopening Plans
Big Al’sMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Big Al’sOpening July 11
Big Top SouvenirsMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansBig Top SouvenirsNo Reopening Plans
Bonjour! Village GiftsMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansBonjour! Village GiftsNo Reopening Plans
Box Office GiftsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Box Office GiftsOpening July 11
Briar PatchMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansBriar PatchNo Reopening Plans
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin PhotosMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin PhotosOpening July 11
Casey Jr. RailRoad MercantileMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansCasey Jr. RailRoad MercantileNo Reopening Plans
Crystal ArtsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Crystal ArtsOpening July 11
Curtain Call CollectiblesMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansCurtain Call CollectiblesNo Reopening Plans
Disney ClothiersMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansDisney ClothiersNo Reopening Plans
EmporiumMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11EmporiumOpening July 11
Fantasy FaireMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Fantasy FaireOpening July 11
Frontier Trading PostMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansFrontier Trading PostNo Reopening Plans
Hundred Acre GoodsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Hundred Acre GoodsOpening July 11
Island Supply by Sunglass HutMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Island Supply by Sunglass HutOpening July 11
Main Street ConfectioneryMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Main Street ConfectioneryOpening July 11
Memento MoriMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Memento MoriOpening July 11
Merchant of VenusMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansMerchant of VenusNo Reopening Plans
Mickey’s Star TradersMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Mickey’s Star TradersOpening July 11
NewsstandMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansNewsstandNo Reopening Plans
Plaza del Sol Caribe BazaarMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Plaza del Sol Caribe BazaarOpening July 11
Prairie Outpost & SupplyMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansPrairie Outpost & SupplyNo Reopening Plans
Rubio ArtsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Rubio ArtsOpening July 11
Sir Mickey’sMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Sir Mickey’sOpening July 11
Splashdown PhotosMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Splashdown PhotosOpening July 11
Strollers & WheelchairsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Strollers & WheelchairsOpening July 11
The ChapeauMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11ChapeauOpening July 11
Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.Magic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.Opening July 11
TTC Cart / WheelchairsMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11TTC Cart / WheelchairsOpening July 11
Uptown Jewelers & CinemaMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Uptown Jewelers & CinemaOpening July 11
Ursa’s Major Minor MartMagic KingdomShopsNo Reopening PlansUrsa’s Major Minor MartNo Reopening Plans
Ye Olde Christmas ShoppeMagic KingdomShopsOpening July 11Ye Olde Christmas ShoppeOpening July 11
The Wave… of American FlavorsBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNow OpenWave… of American FlavorsNow Open
The Wave LoungeBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNow OpenWave LoungeNow Open
Contempo CaféBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNow OpenContempo CaféNow Open
Cove BarBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNow OpenCove BarNow Open
California GrillBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCalifornia GrillNo Reopening Plans
California Grill LoungeBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCalifornia Grill LoungeNo Reopening Plans
Chef Mickey’sBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansChef Mickey’sNo Reopening Plans
Contemporary GroundsBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansContemporary GroundsNo Reopening Plans
The Sand BarBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansSand BarNo Reopening Plans
Outer RimBay Lake TowerRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansOuter RimNo Reopening Plans
Bayview GiftsBay Lake TowerShopsNow OpenBayview GiftsNow Open
Fantasia MarketBay Lake TowerShopsNow OpenFantasia MarketNow Open
PoolsBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Community HallBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenCommunity HallNow Open
Sports CourtsBay Lake TowerActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Whispering CanyonBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasRestaurantsNow OpenWhispering CanyonNow Open
Roaring ForkBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasRestaurantsNow OpenRoaring ForkNow Open
Geyser Point Bar & GrillBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasRestaurantsNow OpenGeyser Point Bar & GrillNow Open
Territory LoungeBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTerritory LoungeNo Reopening Plans
Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow WhiteBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansStorybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow WhiteNo Reopening Plans
Wilderness MercantilesBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasShopsNow OpenWilderness MercantilesNow Open
PoolsBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Reunion StationBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenReunion StationNow Open
Multi-Purpose CourtsBoulder Ridge and Copper Creek VillasActivitiesNow OpenMulti-Purpose CourtsNow Open
SanaaDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNow OpenSanaaNow Open
Kidani Breakfast at SanaaDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNow OpenKidani Breakfast at SanaaNow Open
Sanaa LoungeDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNow OpenSanaa LoungeNow Open
Maji Pool BarDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNow OpenMaji Pool BarNow Open
Jiko – The Cooking PlaceDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansJiko – The Cooking PlaceNo Reopening Plans
Boma – Flavors of AfricaDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansBoma – Flavors of AfricaNo Reopening Plans
The MaraDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansMaraNo Reopening Plans
Uzima Pool BarDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansUzima Pool BarNo Reopening Plans
Cape Town Lounge and Wine BarDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCape Town Lounge and Wine BarNo Reopening Plans
Victoria Falls LoungeDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansVictoria Falls LoungeNo Reopening Plans
Johari TreasuresDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageShopsNow OpenJohari TreasuresNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Community HallDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenCommunity HallNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani VillageActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Beaches and Cream Soda ShopDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNow OpenBeaches and Cream Soda ShopNow Open
Beach Club MarketplaceDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNow OpenBeach Club MarketplaceNow Open
Martha’s VineyardDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNow OpenMartha’s VineyardNow Open
Yatchsman SteakhouseDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansYatchsman SteakhouseNo Reopening Plans
Cape May CafeDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCape May CafeNo Reopening Plans
Ale & Compass LoungeDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansAle & Compass LoungeNo Reopening Plans
Crew’s Cup LoungeDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCrew’s Cup LoungeNo Reopening Plans
The Market at Ale & CompassDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansMarket at Ale & CompassNo Reopening Plans
Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and GrillDisney’s Beach Club VillasRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansHurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar and GrillNo Reopening Plans
Beach Club MarketplaceDisney’s Beach Club VillasShopsNow OpenBeach Club MarketplaceNow Open
Leisure Pool (Stormalong Bay will not be available during the initial reopening period)Disney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenLeisure Pool (Stormalong Bay will not be available during the initial reopening period)Now Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Seaside RetreatDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenSeaside RetreatNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Fishing ExcursionsDisney’s Beach Club VillasActivitiesNow OpenFishing ExcursionsNow Open
Trattoria al Forno (Character dining is temporarily unavailable)Disney’s BoardWalk VillasRestaurantsNow OpenTrattoria al Forno (Character dining is temporarily unavailable)Now Open
Pizza WindowDisney’s BoardWalk VillasRestaurantsNow OpenPizza WindowNow Open
BoardWalk BakeryDisney’s BoardWalk VillasRestaurantsNow OpenBoardWalk BakeryNow Open
Leaping Horse LibationsDisney’s BoardWalk VillasRestaurantsNow OpenLeaping Horse LibationsNow Open
AbracadaBarDisney’s BoardWalk VillasRestaurantsNow OpenAbracadaBarNow Open
Screen Door General StoreDisney’s BoardWalk VillasShopsNow OpenScreen Door General StoreNow Open
PoolsDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Community HallDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenCommunity HallNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s BoardWalk VillasActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Flying FishDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansFlying FishNo Reopening Plans
Big River Grille & Brewing WorksDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansBig River Grille & Brewing WorksNo Reopening Plans
ESPN ClubDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansESPN ClubNo Reopening Plans
BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous MargaritasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansBoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous MargaritasNo Reopening Plans
Ample Hills CreameryDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansAmple Hills CreameryNo Reopening Plans
Funnel Cake CartDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansFunnel Cake CartNo Reopening Plans
The To Go CartDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansTo Go CartNo Reopening Plans
Belle Vue LoungeDisney’s BoardWalk VillasDisney’s BoardWalk VillasNo Reopening PlansBelle Vue LoungeNo Reopening Plans
P&J’s Southern TakeoutDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNow OpenP&J’s Southern TakeoutNow Open
Meadow Snack BarDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNow OpenMeadow Snack BarNow Open
Crockett’s TavernDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNow OpenCrockett’s TavernNow Open
Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical RevueDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansHoop-Dee-Doo Musical RevueNo Reopening Plans
Trail’s End RestaruantDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTrail’s End RestaruantNo Reopening Plans
The Chuck WagonDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansChuck WagonNo Reopening Plans
Settlement Trading PostDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundShopsNow OpenSettlement Trading PostNow Open
Meadow Trading PostDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundShopsNow OpenMeadow Trading PostNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Bike BarnDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenBike BarnNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Trail Rides and Horse BarnDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenTrail Rides and Horse BarnNow Open
Fishing ExcursionsDisney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundActivitiesNow OpenFishing ExcursionsNow Open
Olivia’s CafeDisney’s Old Key West ResortRestaurantsNow OpenOlivia’s CafeNow Open
Good’s Food to GoDisney’s Old Key West ResortRestaurantsNow OpenGood’s Food to GoNow Open
Gurgling SuitcaseDisney’s Old Key West ResortRestaurantsNow OpenGurgling SuitcaseNow Open
Turtle Shack Poolside SnacksDisney’s Old Key West ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTurtle Shack Poolside SnacksNo Reopening Plans
Conch Flats General StoreDisney’s Old Key West ResortShopsNow OpenConch Flats General StoreNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Community HallDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenCommunity HallNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s Old Key West ResortActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Kona CafeDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNow OpenKona CafeNow Open
Capt. Cook’sDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNow OpenCapt. Cook’sNow Open
Pineapple LanaiDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNow OpenPineapple LanaiNow Open
Barefoot Pool BarDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNow OpenBarefoot Pool BarNow Open
Oasis Bar and GrillDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansOasis Bar and GrillNo Reopening Plans
OhanaDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansOhanaNo Reopening Plans
On the Green GrillDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansOn the Green GrillNo Reopening Plans
Trader Sam’s Tiki TerraceDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansTrader Sam’s Tiki TerraceNo Reopening Plans
Moana MercantileDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsShopsNow OpenMoana MercantileNow Open
Bou-tikiDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsShopsNow OpenBou-tikiNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Polynesian Villas & BungalowsActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera (Character dining will be modified)Disney’s Riviera ResortRestaurantsNow OpenTopolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera (Character dining will be modified)Now Open
Primo PiattoDisney’s Riviera ResortRestaurantsNow OpenPrimo PiattoNow Open
Le Petit CafeDisney’s Riviera ResortRestaurantsNow OpenLe Petit CafeNow Open
Bar RivaDisney’s Riviera ResortRestaurantsNow OpenBar RivaNow Open
La BoutiqueDisney’s Riviera ResortShopsNow OpenLa BoutiqueNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Riviera ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Riviera ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Riviera ResortActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s Riviera ResortActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
EventiDisney’s Riviera ResortActivitiesNow OpenEventiNow Open
The Artist’s PaletteDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortRestaurantsNow OpenArtist’s PaletteNow Open
The Paddock GrillDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortRestaurantsNow OpenPaddock GrillNow Open
On the Rocks Pool BarDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortRestaurantsNow OpenOn the Rocks Pool BarNow Open
Chip ‘n’ Dale CafeDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortNo Reopening PlansChip ‘n’ Dale CafeNo Reopening Plans
Turf Club Bar and GrillDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortNo Reopening PlansTurf Club Bar and GrillNo Reopening Plans
Back Stretch Pool BarDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortNo Reopening PlansBack Stretch Pool BarNo Reopening Plans
Artist’s PaletteDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortShopsNow OpenArtist’s PaletteNow Open
PoolsDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Community HallDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenCommunity HallNow Open
Sports CourtsDisney’s Saratoga Springs ResortActivitiesNow OpenSports CourtsNow Open
Grand Floridian CafeThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNow OpenGrand Floridian CafeNow Open
Gasparilla Island GrillThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNow OpenGasparilla Island GrillNow Open
Enchanted RoseThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNow OpenEnchanted RoseNow Open
Beaches Pool Bar & GrillThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNow OpenBeaches Pool Bar & GrillNow Open
M. Mouse MercantileThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortShopsNow OpenM. Mouse MercantileNow Open
Sandy Cove Gifts and SundriesThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortShopsNow OpenSandy Cove Gifts and SundriesNow Open
PoolsThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolsNow Open
Pool Cabana RentalsThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenPool Cabana RentalsNow Open
Poolside ActivitiesThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenPoolside ActivitiesNow Open
Movies Under the StarsThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenMovies Under the StarsNow Open
Fitness CenterThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenFitness CenterNow Open
Multi-Purpose CourtsThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortActivitiesNow OpenMulti-Purpose CourtsNow Open
CítricosThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansCítricosNo Reopening Plans
Narcoosee’sThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansNarcoosee’sNo Reopening Plans
Victoria & Albert’sThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansVictoria & Albert’sNo Reopening Plans
1900 Park FareThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening Plans1900 Park FareNo Reopening Plans
Garden View Tea RoomThe Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian ResortRestaurantsNo Reopening PlansGarden View Tea RoomNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Animal Kingdom LodgeNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo HouseNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s All Star MoviesNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s All Star MusicNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s All Star SportsNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Art of AnimationOpening August 12thHotelOpening August 12th
The HotelDisney’s Beach ClubOpening August 24thHotelOpening August 24th
The HotelDisney’s BoardWalk InnOpening October 1stHotelOpening October 1st
The HotelDisney’s Caribbean BeachOpening July 29thHotelOpening July 29th
The HotelDisney’s Contemporary ResortOpening July 10thHotelOpening July 10th
The HotelDisney’s Coronado Springs ResortOpening October 14thHotelOpening October 14th
The HotelDisney’s Grand Floridian Resort & SpaOpening September 21stHotelOpening September 21st
The HotelDisney’s Polynesian Village ResortOpening August 12thHotelOpening August 12th
The HotelDisney’s Pop CenturyOpening July 10thHotelOpening July 10th
The HotelDisney’s Port Orleans Resort – French QuarterNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Port Orleans Resort – RiversideNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Wilderness LodgeNo Reopening PlansHotelNo Reopening Plans
The HotelDisney’s Yacht ClubOpening August 12thHotelOpening August 12th
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