Streaming Release: September 8, 2021
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Based on one of the most influential and important groups in hip-hop history, Wu-Tang: An American Saga is inspired by “The Wu-Tang Manual” and “Tao of Wu”, and based on the true story of the Wu-Tang Clan. Set in early ’90s New York at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, the show tracks the Clan’s formation, a vision of Bobby Diggs aka The RZA, who strives to unite a dozen young, black men that are torn between music and crime but eventually rise to become the unlikeliest of American success stories.


Wu-Tang: An American Saga Episode List

Season 2
Episode Date Title Description
10 10/27/2021 As High as Wu-Tang Gets The Clan makes big moves for Wu domination.
9 10/20/2021 C.R.E.A.M. RZA is torn between long money and quick cash as the Clan struggles with financial issues.
8 10/13/2021 Saturday Nite The pressure is on when the Clan tells label executives to come see them perform at a legendary hip hop club on a night they aren’t booked.
7 10/6/2021 Airwaves With Protect Ya Neck in hand the Clan hustles to get it on airwaves and in stores by any means necessary.
6 9/29/2021 Protect Ya Neck The Clan digs deep to make the perfect record to take the industry by storm.
5 9/22/2021 Visionz Tension is thick as the Clan works together to build a home recording studio.
4 9/15/2021 Pioneer the Frontier RZA makes a risky move to squash old beef.
3 9/8/2021 Hollow Bones The Clan becomes disillusioned with their paths as Bobby prepares to steer them in a new direction.
2 9/8/2021 Brooklyn Zoo Bobby goes all in on music while the rest of the Clan struggles with life in the projects.
1 9/8/2021 Little Ghetto Boys A new beginning is soured when a single decision turns Bobby’s life on its head.
Season 1
Episode Date Title Description
10 10/23/2019 Assassination Day A mysterious tape makes the rounds of NYC. As people try to figure out who this group is Bobby and Dennis try to figure out how to handle Attila.
9 10/16/2019 I Declare War The Shaolin and the Wu Tang could be dangerous.
8 10/9/2019 Labels Industry Rule #4,080…
7 10/2/2019 Box in Hand The Diggs family moves on but in different directions.
6 9/25/2019 Impossible A bird’s eye view of Wu…
5 9/18/2019 Cold War Divine returns home, but it doesn’t feel the same.
4 9/11/2019 All That I Got Is You Bobby and Dennis find a new hustle to make some cream.
3 9/4/2019 All in Together Now The death of a friend sends Dennis spiraling and divides Staten Island.
2 9/4/2019 Winter Warz With Divine on the sideline, Dennis and Bobby step up to handle his responsibilities.
1 9/4/2019 Can It Be All So Simple Staten Island, NY. The birth of Wu-Tang starts with a bang–literally.

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