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Enchanted Tiki Room Bowl - Purple

Goofy's Jelly Beans Glass

Toy Story 2 Mouse Ear Ornament

Steamboat Willie Mouse Ear Ornament

Alice in Wonderland Stylized Magnet

Mickey Mouse "Please Stand Clear Of The Door!" Monorail Door Sign

2015 Pixar Posters Wall Calendar

Princess Shoe Ornament - Jessica Rabbit

Tomorrowland Arcade

State-of-the-art video games are featured in this arcade.

Type: Arcade
FastPass: No  
Length: 5 - 30 minutes
Typical Wait: None
  Infant: 1   Child: 1   Pre-Teen: 1   Teen/Young Adult: 2   Adult: 1   Older Adult: 1
Editors' Ratings (Averages): Thrill: 1.0   Theme: 1.0   Overall: 1.0
Reader Ratings: Unrated


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