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Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

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Reader Comments

User ID: luv4wdw   Thrill: 4  Theme: 3  Overall: 4 (10/2/2009)
An excellent thrilling show! Fun to see some of the "behind the scenes" magic and how those scenes are put together. I was on the edge of my seat during some of the sequences because of the how close the cars get to eachother. However, it was nice to see HOW the stunts are done, i think it takes away somewhat from the flow of the show.

User ID: rsumrall   Thrill: 3  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (2/20/2008)
A decent show, but I've seen them miss some stunts on more shows than I've seen them get them all right. i guess that goes to show how hard the stunt business really is.

User ID: jakefaker1   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (11/14/2007)
Great show! Disney keeps finding new ways to entertain us.

User ID: disneytoon   Thrill: 3  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (12/18/2006)
this was something very amazing- i was stunned. i liked it, alot

User ID: siko626   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (9/6/2006)
Two words: awesome.

User ID: Rob008   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (5/22/2006)
I could watch it a hundred times

User ID: Rob008   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: Unrated (5/22/2006)
excellent show and I could watch it a hundred times

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