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Cars as Star Wars Characters - Pitties as Logray and Wicket

Disney Theme Park Monopoly

Minnie Mouse Bow Flag Pin - France

Epcot Center Retro Logo T-Shirt- White (Adult)

Haunted Mansion Tombstones Ornament Set

Epcot Center Retro Logo T-Shirt- Red (Adult)

Minnie Mouse Diva Mug

Minnie Mouse It's a Small World Nutcracker


Type: Cart
When Open: Afternoon and Evening
Hours: Typically 12p-9p
Typical Wait: 10 - 25 minutes
  Infant: 2   Child: 2   Pre-Teen: 2   Teen/Young Adult: 2   Adult: 2   Older Adult: 2
Editor Ratings: Unrated
Reader Ratings: Unrated


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