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Minnie Mouse Bow Flag Pin - United Kingdom

Figment "Since 1983" Long-Sleeved Shirt (Adult)

Maleficent Purple Kitchen Towels (Set of 2)

Wonderground Gallery Small World Framed Print

Haunted Mansion Luggage Tag

Belle in Frame Kitchen Towels (Set of 2)

Tower of Terror Jenga

Villain Character Pen - Cheshire Cat

Refreshment Corner

Type: Counter Service
Editors' Ratings: Overall: 3.0
 Food Quality: 3.0   Atmosphere: 3.0   Service: 2.0
 Suitable for Children: 3.0   Romance: 3.0   Value: 3.0
Reader Ratings: Overall: 3.2
 Food Quality: 1.7   Atmosphere: 1.7   Service: 1.7
 Suitable for Children: 1.3    Romance: 1.1   Value: 1.5
Hot dogs, chili, snacks.


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Howard Johnson Hotel Anaheim

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