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Reader Comments

User ID: tuneboy  (6/1/2009)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: 3   Overall: 3
All we had was the Pineapple Dole Whip Soft Serve but it was soooooo good, we highly recommend it.

User ID: sharon2  (6/17/2008)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 2   Value: 2   Overall: 3
Dole Whips are the best MK snack....PERIOD...

User ID: frog_freak  (6/21/2007)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: Unrated   Value: 4   Overall: 4
1 word:DOLE WHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User ID: LisaKay  (3/11/2007)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: Unrated   Value: 4   Overall: 4

User ID: brerduzzy  (4/13/2005)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 4
This is a nice place to take a break and have a snack and watch people. I like this place alot too

User ID: DisneyPrincess318  (1/6/2005)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 2   Value: 4   Overall: 4
Whoever thought to make pineaple into soft serve is brilliant!!! We love the Dole-Whips

User ID: dms24gg  (5/31/2004)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 4   Value: 4   Overall: 4
For us, Dole Whips are a true tradition. Everyone has something their trip wouldn't be complete without and this is ours!

User ID: joliharvey  (5/16/2003)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 3
Good pineapple drinks!

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