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Fly 'n' Buy

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Editors' Comments

Editor: Denise   Rating: 3 (10/9/2007)
A unique aviation themed shop which offers friendly service, some general Disney merchandise and a limited selection of merchandise for the aviation enthusiast.

Reader Comments

User ID: gabrielle2106   Rating: 3 (2/17/2005)
This is ok, but not up to disney standards

User ID: ACougar13   Rating: 3 (1/7/2003)
Good, but I REALLY wish it had a cd of the music that is played in the Condor Flats Area and in the queue line for Soarin'. I LOVE that music. Tell Disney to make such a cd.

User ID: JDS88Chevy   Rating: 4 (4/26/2002)
Merchandise is ok but the setup is awesome.

User ID: TomSawyer   Rating: 4 (4/11/2002)
This might just be the coolest shop that Disney has ever built - it's competing with the one just around the corner at Grizzly Peak in my mind. Even if you aren't going to buy anything, this shop is worth a visit.

User ID: Pullman   Rating: 4 (3/22/2001)
Great mix of merchandise and themes! We all bought name pins here! Well done with desert drag racing and test pilot motifs!

User ID: DoodleDuck   Rating: 2 (3/10/2001)
Normally I wouldn't rate a store..but this one is pretty cool.

User ID: BrigmanMT   Rating: 4 (2/18/2001)
Best shop in the park. Most interesting themeing. Where is the ride for the salt flats racing team? why didn't disney leave more space for improvement to this great area.

User ID: dlport   Rating: 4 (2/17/2001)
What a great shop. It's size makes it easy to overlook, but don't! The merchandise is unique (like the metal signs depicting DCA from an aviation viewpoint) and the service wonderful. Great theming in the shop as well.

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