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Alice in Tokyo Disneyland
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by Marc Borrelli
July 31, 2001
A look at how Alice in Wonderland is represented in Tokyo Disneyland.

As a part of our celebration of Alice in Wonderland's 50th anniversary, columnist Marc Borrelli brings us Alice in Tokyo Disneyland - more than 40 pictures showcasing Alice in Disney's Japanese park. In addition to being the auhor of the monthly column Land of the Rising Mickey and the regular Tokyo DisneySea updates, Marc also runs his own website,

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Queen of Hearts - Page 1
In my opinion, the best example of Alice in Wonderland at Tokyo Disneyland in not a ride or a show, but the totally over-the-top Queen of Heart Banquet Hall.  It's themed beyond belief and totally warped.  Part of the Fantasyland renovation which started in 1997, included the Alice's Tea Party ride, and culminated in 2000 with Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Queen of Hearts set a standard which the rest of Fantasyland will be striving toward for years to come.

Before you proceed, a warning - Queen of Hearts may drive you mad... but it's a good kind of mad.

33486 bytes
The restaurant's invitingly bizarre entrance.  (Notice Small World to the right.)
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
(800 X 600, 143,557 bytes)

28527 bytes
Pictures only give a hint of how weird this place looks in reality.
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(800 X 600, 114,964 bytes)

18598 bytes
Quoting the building's lead designer, Eddie Sotto, the extremely effective forced perspective hedge maze roof was "the response to the problem of 'what do you put between the Haunted Mansion and Small World?'"
Good question... and a great answer.
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
(800 X 600, 76,519 bytes)

17126 bytes
Even the exterior of the tucked away restrooms are themed to the extreme.
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(399 X 530, 50,829 bytes)

22030 bytes
More of Queen of Hearts realistically improbable exterior.
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(800 X 600, 88,587 bytes)

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