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Alice in Tokyo Disneyland
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The Mad Hatters - Page 3

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It's Alice and the White Rabbit!  Although she's been know to show up from time to time, she really isn't part of the show.
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These two have chemistry. She's a great Alice and he has a natural showman quality that rivets the audience's attention.  The entertainment Cast Members at Tokyo Disneyland really do give their all. I mean that literally. The Japanese CMs just plain understand the importance of "show" and the Americans are so pumped up by the audience reaction, a reaction much more enthusiastic than what they receive in the States, that it's "easy" for them to give their all.
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But the show's not over.  Now it's time to dance!  And our poor audience member instill in the hot seat.  He gets a lesson from the band leader on the dance they'll be doing.  It has three parts, three parts that are totally different and have to be done at specific points in the music.  Simple, right?   Of course not!

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This guy's lucky, though. He has Alice and the White Rabbit to follow along with.
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