Jim Hill writes in his latest post about a patent application for a process by which FastPasses could be purchased by Disney resort guests from their hotel rooms, a benefit that presumably wouldn't be extended to day visitors or guests staying off-property.Though some of the details in the post are new, the idea isn't; this sort of thing has been rumored for years. I hope it doesn't happen.

I don't begrudge the fact that Disney resort guests stay in hotels that differ wildly in quality and status. Vacationers–whether they're of significant means or not–like to spend money in different ways, and some enjoy splurging on a luxurious hotel stay while others would just as soon not. That's okay.
Inside the gates, however, the parks should remain egalitarian places. Nobody should be able to buy their way onto an attraction. Disneyland and its counterparts are one of the few places where everyone can feel the same, where everyone can feel a part of the same shared experience. I don't think it's being naive to want or hope that that won't change.
It's worth noting that a patent application is hardly a statement of intent. Let's hope it isn't. There are lots of creative ways that Disney can raise revenues; this doesn't have to be one of them.


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