Next Week in Disney 12/23-29

December 23rd: Tonight at 7/6 central, ABC will premiere Elmo's Christmas Countdown, a new holiday special featuring the Muppets.  Of course these muppets are not the muppets Disney owns, but the ones that Sesame Workshop purchased.  Between this and the Shrek special, I am not quite sure what is going on at ABC.

December 24th: At Epcot, Gary Senise will be narrating Candelight.  He does a great job, but more importantly he is known throught Walt Disney World for being a swell guy.  Thanks Gary!

December 25th: Merry Christmas!  How else would you spend Christmas morning without Regis and Kelly and the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade.  Enjoy this annual tradition, and count the times they say, "Year of a Million Dreams"

December 26th: Cheer on the Fighting Illini as they visit Disneyland in preperation for the Rose Bowl on January 1st.  USC will also be there, but remember… My two favorite teams are UCLA and whomever is playing USC.  Sorry Dick Nunis.

December 27th: It is Bowl Season, and Disney does own ESPN, so why don't you catch the 2007 Pacific Life Holiday Bowl: Arizona State vs. Texas on ESPN and ESPN HD.  I know its stretching, but give me a break!

December 28th: As Calander Year 2007 starts to come to a close, watch both High School Musical and High School Musical 2 on Disney Channel tonight.  I remember when High School Musical was hotter than Hannah Montana.  Ahh the memories.

December 29th: At 5/4 central, ABC Family will present Mary Poppins.  For those of you that can't get to New York to see the Broadway show, watch the film and imagine it longer and more creepy and there you have it.