So I made it to Albuquerque, and I have a little gripe.  I flew on Delta.  My first segment was to Atlanta from Orlando and I saw in the inflight magazine that the live TVs on select Delta flight will be adding the Disney Channel  instead of Cartoon Network.  Well I guess it hasn't taken effect yet, because I still got Cartoon Network.  That was OK because they played lots of Disney music, including High School Musical 2, Miley Cyrus, and The Cheetah Girls, on their entertainment system.  I was excited for my second flight segment though because the movie was supposed to be "Enchanted".  Well I had the misfortune of flying on a MD-88 that had no entertainment what so ever.  I didn't even get a in flight magazine.  Oh what I would have given for Sky Mall.  Delta, your on notice.  I better get some high quality Disney entertainment on my trip back. 

Shareholder Meeting News:

The Walt Disney Company named Dennis Shuler the new Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.  He comes from Procter and Gamble.  What a coincidence, Disney's Chairman; John Pepper Jr., used to be the head of Procter and Gamble and board member Susan Arnold works there now.  What a small world.  He replaces Wes Coleman who had only been in the post for 18 months.  Perhaps Dennis's first act should be to work on improving retention.

Disney's Animal Kingdom will be improving the safety of Primeval Whirl.  They are adding an intrusion detection system that will shut down the ride if someone is where they shouldn't be as well as extending the load platform. 

Irishman Ciaran Hinds, best known for his role as Julius Casear in HBO's "Rome", has been cast as the villian in "Race to Witch Mountain".  I know this barley qualifies as news, but I wanted to have three items.  Two seemed to anemic.