I hope everyone's Daylight Savings festivities went as well as ours.  We kicked-off our celebration by going to Downtown Disney and seeing "College Road Trip".  Now that film has gotten a bad wrap.  It was fun.  It was silly and stupid at times, but it was still fun.  Loads better than "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen".  Going to the movies with us is always loads of fun.  I got a small popcorn because it was the only bag with "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" on it, (I am not sure why I cared because I threw away the bag), and then settled in for "First Look". 

They showcased The Waterhorse is available on DVD which reminds me how bad Walden Media movies look when they are not partnered with Disney.  Then they put the First Look spotlight on an unwatchable Cartoon Network show called Chop Socky Chooks which is obviously no Phineas and Ferb.  Finally it was the moment we were waiting for, the premiere of Disney's module of First Look.  We got a First Look to….College Road Trip, where we got to hear Donny Osmond talk about kissing Martin Lawrence.  My hopes for the film diminished.  Martin Scorsese reminded me to turn off my cell phone and we saw a comerical for seeing the opera at the theater.  We got a short version of Doobie and my favorite song, "The Movie Watcher Network Theme", and then the trailers began…

First we got Wall-E.  Now I was disappointed that we didn't get to see the new trailer I saw at the shareholder meeting, but that disappointment quickly turned to glee as the next trailer was for Fox and Walden Media's Nim's Island which featured the same exact music as in the Wall-e trailer.  Then we got the new trailer for Warner Bros' Speed Racer which is unique to say the least.  But it has a monkey and that is always a good thing.  Next was The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, which reminded me we don't get another Disney movie until May 16th.  Good thing College Road Trip was enjoyable.  Sure it had a formula.  But sometimes the formula can be fun.  I don't want to spoil the film but there are many enjoyable silly moments.  I like silly.  There is nothing wrong with silly.  Critics need to embrace silly.  Life is better that way. 

After enjoying our favorite Double Dutch Bus production, we went back to Laughingplace HQ and recorded a podcast which should be available early next week.  We then killed some time, and killed it good, by watching the Knight-Rider (not to be confused with Knight-Ridder) telefilm that aired on NBC in February.  College Road Trip was better. 

Then the fun began.  The cable box changed over from 1:59 to 3:00.  Kudos to the Fox Buisness Channel for getting their clock right by having all four time zones correct.  They need to talk to the parent network, Fox News. Fox News got the eastern time zone correct, but they bumped all time zones up an hour even though they had not "sprung forward" yet.  Hopefully some Fox synergy will address this issue by the time we "fall back". 

And with that another DST party was over and it couldn't be a moment too soon.  We have a big day ahead tomorrow as we spring forward again, to the year 3000. 

Stay Tuned….