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If you’re not familiar with Lost by now, that’s probably by choice. In short, it’s the story of a group of airplane crash survivors stranded on a tropical island awaiting rescue while trying to survive. Sounds simple enough, and while watching Season One for the first time, it more or less is – for a while anyway. Now, four seasons later, we all know how woefully incomplete that description is, but the joy in re-watching Season One is in seeing the show in it’s relatively simple, early form, but through the prism of knowing everything we know now. If you’re a lost fan, it’s a really, really fun experience. For example, we had a great time trying to figure out exactly when it became clear this show wasn’t at all as it seemed. It’s also fun to wonder exactly how much the writers knew about the future of the show way back in seasons one and two.

Much like the Twilight Zone, one of the joys of Lost is simply mentioning a line, moment or feeling and all the surrounding memories it brings back. So below are some of my personal observations and favorite quotes in re-watching Season One and Two:

  • The killing of the Pilot in the pilot is still very scary
  • Kate is still my least favorite character
  • John Locke is a great character. And in light of the Season Five finale, many things here can be viewed potentially very differently
  • The relationship of Charlie and his brother is so sad
  • “My name isn’t Hurley. It’s Hugo Reyes. Hurley’s just a nickname….Why? I’m not tellin'”
  • Remember when Sawyer was a mean guy? He’s become such a softie.
  • “He must not be raised another” or “an other”
  • 4-8-15-16-23-42 used to be much more prevalent than it is now
  • Jin and Sayid would make for a great fight
  • “The thing of it is…we want the boy”
  • Sayid to Hurley “Republican Guard” (head turn)
  • Mr. Friendly “We want the boy”
  • We go the whole first season without even seeing inside the hatch
  • Michael: “Waaaaaallllttttt!!!!” (many episodes)
  • I wish Mr. Eko lasted longer
  • Seeing Sun and Jin always makes me happy
  • Remember the surprise the first time you saw Bernard?
  • Remember the ewww factor when we found out Shannon and Boone were siblings and lovers? Thanksfully, step-siblings.
  • I don’t miss Ana Lucia
  • Walt (perhaps) on the computer: “Dad?”
  • Henry Gale changed everything

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no audio/video guru so the best I can tell you is the Blu-Ray looks and sounds great. As for special features, unfortunately there aren’t any new commentaries or featurettes for the Blu-Ray release nor have the special features been upgraded to HD. But there is one new feature that seems really silly until you use it – Season Play. If you plan on re-watching Lost from the start like we are, Season Play is reason enough to invest in the Blu-Ray. With it, you can create a profile and name it and your player will always keep track of exactly where you are in the season, even if you eject the disc and put in other discs. Very handy when you’re trying to watch nearly 50 hours worth of shows.

Put simply, Lost is the best show on television right now and perhaps my favorite show of all time. Long after the finale season airs its final episode sometime next year I expect I’ll still be regularly watching episodes , and happily I can now watch them all in HD thanks to these two Blu-Rays. Thanks, Disney. Thanks, J.J.. Thanks Damon and Carlton. Now – most importantly – don’t blow the ending!




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