With the construction wall finally down at Princess Fairytale Hall, the complete reworking of Fantasyland nears completion.

This indoor meet-and-greet will feature up-close-and-personal encounters with Disney princesses. You will choose one of two lines when entering the Hall; one heads to Cinderella, the other to Rapunzel. Each of these two stars will also have one other princess “friend” with her. Signs will tell you which characters are available. Two visits (and two passes through lines) will be required to meet all four princesses. It’s a similar setup to Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus, where there is one line for Donald Duck and Goofy, and a separate line for Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse.

Princess Fairytale Hall has its grand opening on Wednesday, Sept. 18.

My wife Julie and I took the following photos the day the construction wall came down, on Tuesday, Sept. 10th.

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