As an Oscar fan, I am incredibly disappointed in myself this year. Usually I am on board with watching all the Best Picture nominees, making me much more excited for the handing out of the awards. However, this year, I have seen Gravity. That’s it. Luckily, this means I will care more about the ceremony itself. Who will be the first to trip up the stairs? Whose dress will make them look like a Southern BBQ table cover? And most importantly, what will be the funniest moments? This year, Ellen Degeneres will take another crack at hosting the awards, her first time since 2007. She did a phenomenal job then, but I thought I would highlight some other shining moments from Oscars recent. Here are my Top 5, in no particular order.

  • Sound of Music Joke~2013: Many thought Seth Macfarlene was too edgy for the Oscars, but frankly, I thought he was just edgy enough to attract a wider audience (which he did). My favorite joke of the night, however, was the Sound of Music inside joke that left me in stitches. (Disregard the tilted screen)
  • Hugh Jackman’s Opening Number~2009: Hugh Jackman was the perfect fit to host the show. He was dancing, singing, and “making the funny” for the entire ceremony. This show was during the midst of the recession, and they told Hugh he couldn’t an opening. Even with the lack of money, Jackman made do with what he had and slayed with this fantastic opening, giving an ode to the year’s nominated films.
  • “You’re Boring” Song~2004: When you get two comedians together, one with a band and one with a ridiculous type of humor, you know something funny will be had after they reveal that the song they play when award recipient’s speeches run long has lyrics. Take it away Will Ferrell and Jack Black…
  • “SCORSESE!”~2012: Now, you have to watch this first, but Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne recreated the hilarious “Scorsese” drinking game from that year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. Martin’s reaction makes it even better.


  • Steve Martin’s Oscar Monologue~2001: He is the master of comedy, in my opinion. He was fantastic when he co-hosted with Alec Baldwin in 2010, but nothing beats his first hosting gig. If he came back next year, I would be the happiest person in the world if they announced he was hosting next year. Watch, Laugh and Enjoy.
  • BONUS: When Ellen hosted in 2007, she tried to get a picture with Clint Eastwood…and hilarity ensued. (Gotta love the MySpace reference)

What are your funniest Oscar moments? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you are into a snarky view of the Oscars, be sure to follow me on twitter, @Marshal_Knight, where I will be live tweeting the whole darn thing!

(Picture courtesy of heavy.com)