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Nashville and Scandal both returned from their long as heck hiatus’ (Darn you Winter Olympics!), but their first episodes back definitely did NOT disappoint. Both had twists, turn, sex and scandal (duh) that made me excited to see how we will end up come season finales.

Let’s start with Nashville, which is on Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC (immediately after the wonderful new comedy Mixology, don’t listen to Fanboy!). We are reminded of Lamar’s sudden heart attack as Teddy watched on and gave major side eye. The news doesn’t faze Rayna whatsoever, but hearing the person who killed your own mother, family or otherwise, probably wouldn’t make me flinch either. Her coping is through monotone talking and no emotion at all. AT ALL.

While that was all going down, Deacon started performing again, this time with Gunnar, Avery and Zoey. First off-put by a midnight performance time, they absolutely killed, thus allowing Deacon to once again get his Thursday night slot back at The Bluebird. However, the three previously mentioned “opened” for him by performing a wonderful, Lady Antebellum-esque number called “I Ain’t Leaving Without Your Love,” which also solidified their decision to become a band…which is FANTASTIC NEWS!

Juliette had an offer from a popular L.A. music producer to get on his label. He had many ideas as her trustworthy manager, Glenn, looked on confused. At the height of the weird and crazy (a Rolling Stone cover shoot with her looking like a member on a weird episode of American Horror Story: Coven) he bid her adieu, saying it was best for her. She later made sure he knew he was not allowed to quit. They have had the strongest relationship on the show and in her life and she knew she couldn’t let that get away from her. It was a really sweet and caring moment that was a highlight of the show and of Juliette’s character.

Also, Scarlett got weirder (I’m blaming the pills she is taking from Liam) and started gettin’ frisky with Liam in the recording studio…and that isn’t a euphemism for making music. The show ended, brilliantly might I add, with Rayna looking around her father’s old office and eventually going CUCKOO by breaking things and breaking down as her sister and Teddy ran into the room to see her cry-speaking “STOP THE LYING!” The facial expression on Teddy’s face was pretty priceless as it seemed to say “Ummm…btdubs…I let your father die, sorrygottagoBYEEEEE!”

The best part of the show this week, hands down, was the FANTASTIC music, probably the best for that in a long while. We received the Zoey, Avery and Gunnar song I already discussed, a snippet of Scarlett’s newest track, a really cool full orchestra version of Juliette’s song “Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet,” and a new tune from Deacon with Zoey singing beautiful backup. It was a great welcome back to Music City for viewers.

Then we have the cray cray, ratings hit that is Scandal AND THEY FREAKING DELIVERED! The repercussions of Sally’s murder of her husband…excuse me…the devil’s murder of Sally’s husband through Sally’s body…are still being felt by Sally, but are being covered up well. The White House is flipped on its head early in the episode as Sally reveals during a press conference that she will be running as an Independent for the Presidency in the next election, but she will not resign as VP, which pisses Mellie off (does anything NOT piss her off?).

In a debate between Sally’s campaign manager and Abby on TV, Sally’s team once again brings up the possibility of Olivia Pope, now Fitz’s campaign manager, being his mistress, which brings that into the limelight again and pisses off Mellie (SHOCKER). Mellie’s response is kind of genius, I do have to say, as she brings Olivia to a public lunch, with the press present in every corner of the restaurant. They pretend to have a great time as Mellie hands Olivia a list. A list of possible boyfriends. She wants Olivia to pick one and start a relationship, ‘cause this whole “Olivia and Fitz” thing needs to stop. Immediately. I felt like at the end of scene Mellie was going to stand up, drop a mic, and leave. It was kind of a brilliant, “I’m the fixer now,” kind of moment (read that in the voice of Barkhad Abdi from Captain Phillips and it is even better).

Olivia gets back with Jake Ballard, who is now the head of B613, and the former head, Olivia’s father, threatens Olivia that he is basically going to kill Fitz. Let’s be real here, that is scary as heck. Olivia is trying to figure out Andrew, former Lt. Governor of California to Fitz’s Governor, and now new VP candidate. She finally cracks him, but at the end of the episode he tells Mellie “I’m so happy I can be closer to you now” and Mellie gives a look that is very much reminiscent of this.

Oh, and Quinn and her B613 buddy kidnap a kid how’s mother is a doctor so she lies to Abby and Harrison about how Sally’s husband really died, James keeps going to David Rosen trying to get the word out about how Sally’s husband really died while going under the name “Publius” (which is a super stupid name. Go with some neat, like “Beyonce”) and Harrison is scared for his life, but then has passionate sex on his desk with the person who could kill him…you know. The usual.

Both shows were fantastic and I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves this season! Let me know your thoughts on the discussion boards or in the super cool new Facebook comment feature on LP articles down below!

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