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Kermit Star

The first thing I got excited about when Disney made the announcement of a new Muppets film was knowing more fun music was coming our way. While, I wasn’t sure if anything would be able to top the fantasticness (I just made up a word. You’re Welcome.) of this, yet Muppets Most Wanted far surpassed the previous album with some hilarious new tunes that will having you tapping your feet and laughing along. Here’s a track-by-track review!


  • We’re Doing a Sequel– This fun opening number has some laugh-out-loud pop culture references (Godfather III alluded to in a Disney film? Yes please!) and a fantastically infectious chorus (with a different tone in the Muppets’ voices that hasn’t been heard in a Muppets song before) which was great. A-
  • I’m Number One– This duet between Constantine and Rickey Gervais is…eh. It sounds like something we’ve heard before, it isn’t as original as some of the other tunes on the album. I do, however, the singing both by Constantine and Ricky (who has a 1980’s Pop music career…yeah, I know!) C+
  • The Big House– I am completely obsessed with this song. Tina Fey’s voice is pretty good, especially in her lower range, making me want to see her in another musical. It is like a satirical musical love letter to Russian prisons, which is a fantastically funny phrase to associate with a song. Oh, and the Russian accent is great. A
  • I’ll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)– This is a tune that Constantine serenades Miss Piggy with, while pretending to be Kermit. The plot of the song is stating the things her would give to Miss Piggy…and he is up for giving her a LOT of stuff (including a thingy-thing, which he buys in bulk from Scuttle-R-Us) all while singing in this fun disco number A-
  • The Muppet Show Theme Los Muppets– Fun cover that is welcome on the album, nothing too special. B
  • Interrogation Song– A duet (of sorts) with Sam the Eagle and Ty Burrell which is kind of spoke/sung, but it is really unique and fun. The report between Sam and Ty’s character is pretty great, too. Will this song be sung by many at high school choir concerts? No. Is it a fantastic addition to the Muppet Vision 3-D queue playlist? Heck yes. B
  • Something So Right– This is the winner of the album and, I am predicting right now, will win the Oscar for Best Song in 2015. It is so good. A Miss Piggy ballad with Celine Dion. Yeah, it’s a thing and the world is all the more better or its existence. Whatever you are doing, stop, head on Spotify and listen to it. A+
  • Working in the Coal Mine– It is very repetitive and rather bland. The beat is rather odd as well. A large lack of repeat value, it’s that boring. D
  • Together Again– A fun “sum up” song to (almost) end the film. Josh Groban makes an appearance in the cute tune too, making the super Muppet-y song even more fun. However, the highs are SO high on this album, that something like this falls a little flat compared to others. B-
  • Moves Like Jagger– Scooter singing a Maroon 5 song with the Penguins and Pepe making appearances. Sold. A-
  • Macarena – Bayside Boys Remix– I’ve often thought to myself “The Muppets should do a cover of the official song of all weddings” and they did and I am happy. B+

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Marshal Knight
Marshal Knight is a pop culture writer based in Orlando, FL. For some inexplicable reason, his most recent birthday party was themed to daytime television. He’d like to thank Sandra Oh.