Hey everyone, with the Star Wars weekends drawing to a close for the year, I figured there was no better time to check out some of the great Star Wars merchandise exclusive to the Disney Store.  Darth Vader has always been a favorite of mine, and I’m always on the lookout for new Vader items to add to my collection.  I was so impressed with that large scale Stormtrooper action figure I picked up on May 4th, I knew I had to have the Vader as soon as it hit the shelves.  The Vader figure comes in the same packaging as the previous three figures, and as the tallest of the four, he hits the top of the box.  When I picked mine up I noticed several others with bent Lightsabers, so choose your Vader carefully.


The figure is articulated at the shoulders, left elbow, left wrist, mid right arm, hips, knees, and ankles.  He also sports a ball jointed neck allowing him to look up and down as well as left and right.  Makes me wonder why the Stormtrooper wasn’t made the same way.


The sculpt is wonderful, and packed with plenty of detail.


You can ignite his Lightsaber by pushing the button on his right shoulder.


There are two buttons on his chest box, one triggers Vaders signature breathing, the other is for the 15 plus lines of dialogue.  Unlike the other three figures who use voice clips directly from the films, Vader’s lines have been re-recorded for the toy.  To my ear it sounds like Matt Sloan.  Matt does an amazing job anytime he’s been tapped to provide Vader’s voice, and I have no reason to doubt that this is him.


At $29.95, this figure is well worth the money, and looks amazing on the shelf!

Now let’s check out the Darth Vader Voice Changer

Vader06This guy stands just seven inches tall out of the package.


By flipping the switch you can toggle between the voice changer and Vaders breathing.  As far as the voice changer goes, it’s not great.  As you talk into the microphone it tries to deepen your voice, but what comes out of the speaker is nearly impossible to understand.  Just the same, my kids always seem to enjoy this type of toy, and this one was no different.


This one does however include a neat light up feature.  When you hit the button to activate either the voice changer or breathing, Vaders eyes light up!

Vader09For what you get, this toy’s $14.95 price tag is a bit steep.  Unless you absolutely have to have it, I’d wait for this one to go on sale or to hit the Disney Outlet.

Finally, lets take a look at the Darth Vader Pillow


The pillow is an arm full at 14 inches tall.  As Vader is all black, a selection of different fabrics were used to create some contrast in the design.  This pillow is oh so fluffy, and feels like velvet…this may be your one chance to cuddle with the Dark Lord of the Sith!  The Vader pillow is priced at a very reasonable $16.95 and in my opinion is a must have for any Star Wars fan. Editors Note: As of this article’s posting, the pillow is on sale for $15.00.


With Fathers Day quickly approaching, I can’t think of a better gift for dad then an assortment of Darth Vader items from the Disney Store.  Then dad can chase the kids around the house yelling “I am your father!”


Until next time…may the Force be with you!