Disney’s Emmy Nominations~The Hits and Misses


The Emmy nominations have been announced and, while we are going to cover the hits and misses of the Disney nominations, let’s cut the crap right now and mention the single best Emmy nomination of all-time. Dog with a Blog is nominated for 2 Emmy Awards. That’s right, more than one. That ridiculousness, yet kind of fantastic inclusion, on the Emmy nominees list will be discussed, among other things.


  • Dancing with the Stars’ nominations for Best Reality Competition Series, Best Choreography (one of Derek Hough’s routines), and Best Reality Show Host (for the already 1 time winner, Tom Bergeron) were much deserved for their most superb season yet. Erin Andrews inclusion, the fantastic pairs, and Meryl Davis’ stunning dancing week after week really made DWTS into something you want to catch LIIIIIVE every Monday.
  • Scandal picked up 3 acting nods, for the superb Kerry Washington (who, if she wins, will become the first African American Actress to ever win Best Lead Actress in a Drama) and for Joe Morton (Papa Pope) and Kate Burton (Sally Langston) for their Guest Acting work. It was a stellar season with some incredible performances, so these were happy to see.
  • Mickey Mouse picked up a few nominations, including one for Chris Diamantopoulos as the voice of Mickey and for Best Short Form Animated Series (along with Disney Channel favorite, Phineas and Ferb). I absolutely love the new Mickey shorts, so this is a huge win.
  • Modern Family, once again, received numerous nods, including ones for Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen, along with a nod for Best Comedy Series. If the show wins, it will tie Fraiser for having the most Best Comedy Series wins, with 5.
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live received a nomination for Best Variety Series, which makes sense and is deserved for having another great season of viral bits and fantastic episodes (his “Behind the Scandalabra” episode was exceptional.)
  • Yes, let’s get to it now. Best Children’s Program had 2 Disney shows recognized: the now gone Good Luck Charlie and, wait for it…Dog with a Blog. That, to me, is simultaneously hilarious and great, as it is a wonderful show. But, who woulda thunk that a show called Dog with a Blog would be up for a prestigious award?! Stephen Full was also nominated for his voice work for Stan, the titular dog.


  • Yes, the Scandal nominations were great, but your telling me that the single best performance from the past season, Bellamy Young as Mellie, didn’t deserve a nomination?! She recently won the Critic’s Choice Award for her role on the show, so many thought the nomination should’ve and would’ve come her way. Throughout Season 3, her story was discussed in more depth and with such a brilliant performance that never became campy, that many diehard “Fitz + Olivia 4EVER” believers started to sympathize with Mellie. Such an amazing performance not recognized.
  • Nashville should have been recognized in two categories that they were absent in. Outstanding Music & Lyrics had no representation from the show, even though they are creating some of the best country music period, not just on TV. Personally, I would have loved to have seen “Hennesee” or “I Aiin’t Leavin’ Without Your Love” recognized. Also, Hayden Panettiere once again was snubbed for her crazy good performance as the strong, yet troubled Juliette Barnes. I hope she will eventually get that nod.
  • The Middle once again came up empty, all the while consistently bringing in good ratings and reviews. What does Patricia Heaton have to do to win a non-Raymond Emmy?!
  • The Taste got a nomination for Best Reality Show Host for Anthony Bourdain. Let us discuss how that doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Anthony isn’t a host. He kind of co-hosts with all 4 judges, so if they really wanted to, they should have entered them as one group nomination (a la Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn). Also, even if they entered all 4 of them together, they shouldn’t have received a nomination. The show’s format, hosting, and entire being is bland and boring. Now, if we wanted to throw in another ABC nomination in the category, Erin Andrews entered herself into the hosting pool for DWTS and her work this past season was pretty wonderful. What should really happen, however, is Tom and her should enter as one next year and WIN THEMSELVES SOME EMMYS!

What are your thoughts on the ABC nominations and snubs at the Emmys this year? Any other non-ABC Emmy thoughts (For me, YEAH LAVERNE COX AND AHS COVEN!)