That’s right my fashion-sea-plates!  Just when you thought summer was over here is some great make up and cosmetic bags from our favorite mermaid princess.  Wanna know more?  Of course you do!  Lets chat!


First off I am thrilled that this line is available now all across the United States at Walgreens!  Disney has teamed up with e.l.f. cosmetics to bring our favorite mermaid’s  make up tips to those of us with legs.  The Ariel graphic is wonderful on this “Treasure Within Beauty Book”.  When you open it up you have a shell mirror to help you.  There are 9 different colors of eye shadows.  Who wouldn’t want to try “sand dollar’ or ‘coral reef’ or “seaweed”!  Two great blushes and a lip gloss called, yes you guessed it, “go on and kiss the girl”.  There are two great brushes enclosed with this set and if that isn’t fabulous enough when you open the page behind the magic mirror (wait wrong story) you get directions on how to create two different make up looks.  One is called “on the Beach” and the other is “Sunset Cruise”.  How wonderful this takes you from day into night!  e.l.f. cosmetics is known for its inexpensive but long lasting make up.
And it is well known that mermaids have gorgeous eyelashes.  The final step to getting those gorgeous eyes that Ariel has comes to you from Ardell.  In shell shaped packaging you get 2 different sets of black eyelashes and the lash adhesive.  And on the back the three easy steps to apply them.

Now what are we going to keep all of our thingamabobs in?  Soho Beauty makes it a tough choice to pick from!  There are three gorgeous bags they are calling “FUNKtionally FUN!”  And they all have that gorgeous Ariel graphic on them with the green iridescent ocean material as an accent.  And inside is a purple shell material that just sends it over the top!  There are three different sizes, a small long bag, a medium rounded bag, and a larger traditional size cosmetic bag.  And they all have a green zipper so your gadgets and gizmos stay put!  So how to pick?  Don’t waste time thinking about it.  Just buy them all!  They are beyond reasonably priced at $6.99, $7.99 and $9.99.

Remember…look fabulous, feel fabulous!