There’s been lots of buzz recently in the Disney fan circles about the upcoming release of Disney Infinity 2.0. Over the last few months, Disney has been trickling out tidbits of information, internet photos, and promo video in order to keep us fans asking for more! The past weekend hosted the first Disney Infinity Expo (or as I like to call it summit) in Utah where festivities ensued! There were panel discussions, contests, and demonstrations of the newest game. I thought it would be fun to round up some of the interesting information from the expo and on the internet. By no means is this a complete listing of all the great and cool new things coming for Disney Infinity 2.0 – that would have taken pages and pages (and lots of patience to read!) Instead, I tried to include bits of interesting information that have the Disney Infinity community most excited. Enjoy!

  • Disney Infinity 2.0 will be release September 2014. It is currently available for pre-order on for $74.99. The Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Starter Pack comes with the game, platform, Avengers playset, two power discs, and three characters (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Thor).
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 will also be available as a  Disney Starter Pack for $59.99. This will be released November 2014 and is currently available for pre-order. The Disney Starter Pack comes with the game, platform, two power discs, and two characters (Merida and Stitch).
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 will be available for XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, WiiU, PC, iOS Tablets, and smart phones.
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 will feature more than 20 playable, customizable characters.
  • Playable characters include; Aladdin,  Baymax, Black Widow, Captain America, Drax the Destroyer, Donald Duck, Gamora, Green Goblin, Groot, Hawkeye, Hiro Hamada, Hulk, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Jasmine, Loki, Maleficent, Merida, Nick Fury, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Ronan, Star Lord, Spider-Man, Stitch, Thor, Tinkerbell and Venom.
  • Only Marvel characters will feature playsets. There will be three different playsets; Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man.
  • Characters will now have character-specific moves. This will include characters from Disney 2.0 as well as the original Disney Infinity characters.
  • There will be 80 new power discs including:
    • New Game Power Disc which will unlock involved  mini-games that will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete.
    • Marvel Team Up Discs where your character teams up with famous and infamous characters from the Marvel Universe (think Ant Man, Fondu, White Tiger, Winter Solider, and Iron Patriot).
    • Power Disc Vehicles that allow your character to utilize Marvel Universe technology like S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier, Hydra Motorcycle and S.H.E.I.L.D Containment Truck.
  • There will be 6 new Toy Box Customizable Power Discs (landscape and background); World War Hulk, Stark Tech, Spider-Man, Agrabah, Gravity Falls, and The Lion King.
  • All characters and power discs from Disney Infinity 1.0 will be compatible with Disney Infinity 2.0.
  • Disney Infinity 2.0  will feature a brand new Toy Box mode that will make it easier for gamers to create and share their unique universes.
  • The Toy Box mode will be simplified by introducing “brushes” that instantly build environments and an “undo” option.

Don’t forget Disney Infinity 2.0 will be available September 23. Have fun playing!



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