To any football fan worth their weight in chicken wings if you say the name Don Shula right away a gleam of respect should come to their eye. But as I can say from experience Disney fans are not normally the ultimate football fans, which is why I offer these impressive facts about the man most in Florida just know as Coach! He is an NFL Legend and Hall of Fame Coach who won back-to-back Superbowls with the Miami Dolphins in 1972 and 1973. His 1972 team went 17-0 recording the only perfect season in the NFL. If those facts don’t impress you, I think it will be hard to find one that will.


But this is not only about the man, this is about part of his legacy which does have ties to Disney. In 1990 the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel opened, and what better place to house Shula’s Steak House? Now going on 25 years this casual dinning location is “modeled” after the 1972 Perfect Season. With award winning food, great staff, and a very classic feel you can’t go wrong with a evening at Shula’s. But if you really want to be part of history, try to be part of the 48oz club! That’s right, there are still places in the world that offer the “eat it all and get your name on a plaque” that aren’t dives as you drive across the US. As one of the signature “Shula cuts” this mouth watering 48oz porterhouse may not be for everyone but those that can do it will be added to a short list of guest who have been able to finish it!





For those of you that may not have a full night for an amazing dinner just down the road from Walt Disney World is the home of Shula Burger!

IMG_9474This location takes the same pride in its’ burgers that the Coach did in his teams! As part of their 1 year celebration the Coach came down and celebrated with a few fans (line was out the back door for hours).



Shula Burger, part of the Shula Steak Houses, LLLP family of restaurants, is one of the nation’s premier fast casual burger concepts.   Shula Burger is immediately distinguished from other fast casual burger concepts because it’s based on more than twenty years of experience serving burgers made with The Best Beef Money Can Buy at other Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP, restaurants.  

Shula burgers are always fresh, never frozen and are served in a warm, inviting and casual environment.   Shula Burger’s robust menu features tasty burgers with unique toppings, like avocado, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, and goat cheese, among others, and a “create your burger” option that allows customers to build the burger that best suits their tastes.   The menu also offers chicken or veggie burger replacements for those keeping it light, wine and beer pairings for those looking to relax after a long day, and multiple kids’ meal options for those looking for a fun night out with the family.

While Shula Burger may seem like your normal run of the mil burger place it most defiantly isn’t! Besides the high quality of food, it is a fun place to go and enjoy time with friends. Of course they have the TV’s to ensure you don’t miss a minute of what ever game is on at that time, but they also offer a DJ and dancing on Friday and Saturday nights!

For more information and reservations for Shula’s Steak House visit Shula’s Steak House – Orlando

For information on Shula Burgers visit HERE




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