2015-More than just Droids and Avengers!


2015 is a big year for the company, I think we all fully realize that. Star Wars, Avengers, blah blah blah. Is it bad I’m already tired of hearing about them? I am very happy Disney is going to dominate the year, but there are some other films, TV shows and general Disneydom things that excite me…even more than Marvel and “The Force”. I can hear your gasp from here. Let’s just go through a quick list.

  • The Jungle Book comes to theaters in October, and while Cinderella is getting more of the buzz currently in the “Disney redo” camp, deservedly so because it is the only one to release info and a trailer thus far (and it looks gorgeous), I think most people are forgetting that we have another one coming this year. Bill Murray is singing “The Bare Necessities” as Baloo. That is going to be worth the price of admission alone. Along with the voices of Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong’o, I am so excited for this film. The concept art is minimal, but that shot looks stunning. Rumors are stating that it will be a full-on musical, with Richard Sherman reportedly writing new music for the film, so we will see. Either way, I’m excited, I will be there opening night, and I will singing along.
  • Pan-Am is a show I still miss. That is the only time that sentence has been written. I loved the era, the globe-trotting and the overall feel of the show. The new ABC program Astronaut Wives Club seems to promise the same era, glamour and feel, so I am absolutely stoked. Airing this summer, the new show, based off of the non-fiction book of the same name, seems to be a wonderfully cool and fun show to fill an ABC summer timeslot, and I hope it truly does well, because I want more shows set in the 60s!
  • While Inside Out is getting most Pixar buzz as of now, I’m actually more excited for The Good Dinosaur for a number of reasons. I think Pixar doing a film about dinosaurs is something that was bound to happen, but the thought of one with such an interesting story (What if they never went extinct? THINK ABOUT THAT! What if I went to see Into the Woods for a 5th time, but a Brontosaurus decided to sit in front of me…) is incredibly intriguing. For some reason, the idea that they are farmers makes me even more excited, because apparently I have a thing for farming based stories. It is weird, I realize. Home on the Range is one of my Top 3 favorite Disney films. It is weird, I realize. Anyway, knowing that this will cap off the year is a great thing to look ahead to! Just think, if it does well, maybe a ride can based on the film can go into Dinoland U.S.A. #WishfulThinking
  • The D23 Expo is happening once again this year, and while the expo is 2013 was kind of expected not to have big announcements, we are almost guaranteed huge announcements, at least from the Parks and Resorts division. Star Wars, more Animal Kingdom info (the thought of a Rivers of Light presentation from Steve Davision a la the World of Color one from 2009 excites me beyond belief), possible Epcot and Hollywood Studios “make-over” announcements, and more could all be announced at the expo itself, or at least described in greater detail after a basic announcement earlier in the year. The expo could also bring us movie and Broadway announcements, like Frozen 2, Frozen and Hunchback theatrical plans (If Hunchback makes it to the Great White Way, I will flat out cry my eyes out. I’m not ashamed.), and maybe the announcement of a new live-action musical adaptation, with Into the Woods doing incredibly well for the company. (A guy can dream, but The Light in the Piazza or Violet. Please and thanks.)
  • Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Two words: Violet Lemonade.

Let me know what you’re excited about from Disney in 2015 that isn’t getting all buzz!