A Look at Post Holiday’s at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It’s been far to long since we have checked on the progress of DAK, but now that the holidays have passed what better place to visit!

IMG_1169Lets start where every visit should start, the parking lot! With the upcoming expansion the park is expecting larger crowds and with that comes the need of more parking, so for the first time since the park opened a new parking area was created!


The Yeti lot is former grass area that would be used as parking on busy days but is not a full lot.

IMG_1227Heading into the park walls are still a plenty as work on opening up walk ways around the Tree of Life is under way.


IMG_1224As we head toward Harambe, one of the first sights we see is the ever moving wall. The former Camp Minnie-Mickey area, soon to be Pandora (Avatar, not the jewelry) area is still under wraps!

IMG_1223Also the expansion on Pizzafari has started to add a new dinning experience that looks like it will be part of the Pandora area as well.

IMG_1220One of the most anticipated additions to DAK is finally underway, no of course I don’t mean Avatar, I speak of Starbucks! Yes, thats right, all of you will soon be able to get your fix at Animal Kingdom in the former Creature Comforts store!IMG_1215As for the rest of the park we have walls….




IMG_1201Recently the first part of the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail was closed for a extended refurb and while it looks great as always the only change I could find was a redesign of the small office to offer more area for animals and less for “interactive” elements.

The other big change to the park is the River of Lights night time show coming this summer. While most of the work is done in the river, a large viewing area is being constructed in front of Expedition Everest.


IMG_1177Since we are wrapping up the holiday time, I just had to share one of my favorite WDW holiday decorations from Animal Kingdom.

IMG_1186So with a visit from Santa Saurus we bid Animal Kingdom adieu.