Disney Springs/Downtown Disney Update

IMG_1913It has been a bit since we have visited Downtown Disney so what better time than with 2 new stores opening? But first we start with the parking garage and the “new technology” to help guest find parking spots – aka sensors that show if a spot is taking or not and a green or red light to signal guests.

After parking you get a nice view of what’s still to come in the former Pleasure Island parking area which is still a year or so away from completion. IMG_1903While that area may be still down the road, the former PI area has opened 2 shops. First in the area of what used to be 8-Trax, we have the APEX by Sunglass Hut shop.IMG_2091This is, just as all Sunglass Hut stores are, a high end sunglass shop. They have some great names in there and for a small space really make it come to life but if you are on vacation do you really plan to spend $250.00 on a pair of sunglasses?


The next shop is down in the back of Raglen Road,  a area that used to be just backstage, and is a very interesting store.IMG_2098Chapel Hats store is just that hats….and lots of them! IMG_1917




From floppy ladies hats to steampunk inspired top hats they have them at resnoable prices, but again a very strange shop that I saw more people taking pictures of the hats than buying them. Also had to take a picture of really the only Disney, well Disney*Pixar, thing in all of the new Disney Springs area.IMG_2099

It also looks like a two more shops should be opening pretty soon. The first will be selling bath, hair and shaving products, I kid you not as I saw inside the store as cast members were walking out of this shop and the shelves were filled with high end shaving and bathroom products. IMG_2088And finally what looks to be one of the largest spots along the shops of PI area is the Sanuk footwear shop.IMG_2090

As for the rest of the Disney Springs area, the Boathouse and Hanger Restaurants are moving along at a nice pace.

The area between Raglan Road and the future Morimoto Asia restaurants, the former entrance to Pleasure Island , is really one of the main focus points right now as this area will serve as the walkway to the next progression in Disney Springs, the Town Center.IMG_2094As we leaving the Landing, proper name for former PI, and head to the Marketplace we see a nice thematic addition in a simple wall ad.IMG_2104The Marketplace right now is manly a maze of walls till the new bridge bypass opens from T-Rex to the Rainforest side.IMG_1919

The rest of the Marketplace is getting ready for the next big step, the expansion of World of Disney into the former parking area behind it.IMG_2111That does it for this update, but keep an eye out for a special look at DisneyQuest in the next few days!


Jeremiah Good
Our main correspondent for Walt Disney World and the Orlando area and a heck of a paleontologist if he does say so himself.