Disneyland Diamonds Part 2: Beyond Main Street

17758247200_254dfd2a15_bIn our first entry into the world of Disneyland Diamonds we focused on Main St. U.S.A. but for this one we are going to be visiting the other lands. For those of you that forgot, a Disneyland Diamond to me is something that every guest may look at and never think twice about, but has a greater story behind it all.550103991_b1d768e993_bFirst we start in Adventureland, inspired by the early True-Life Adventure films. But this Disneyland Diamond is actually part of an attraction inspired by the 1951 Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hupburn classic film The African Queen. Yes that’s right, The World Famous Jungle Cruise!10388665903_624e633a97_bIn the early 90’s, as a new attraction was being built in Adventureland (we will get to that in a second), part of the river had to be adjusted and a couple of audio-animatronics were removed.2291675745_0cac399471_oBut as we know, Disney never throws anything away. So the horn billed toucan that was once teasing a hungry crocodile was moved to tease the guests waiting to take a cruise. Next time you’re in the queue, take a look above the stairs and you will see a bird that only flew a few yards to his new home.10388550594_454fea46c3_bBefore we head off to our next Disneyland Diamond, we should of course stop at Adventureland’s very own Jungle Witch Doctor Col. Nedley Lostmore, better known to those who are lucky enough to patronize him often as Shrunken Ned!10397112896_2896497223_b

While we are still in Adventureland, we would be remiss to not talk about one of the (in my opinion) greatest attractions ever built, Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Forbidden Eye!10349475646_58bee46b34_bThis Disneyland Diamond shows how much dedication and faith was put into this new attraction very early on. 10387550066_b5ca54dd69_bThis Mercedes-Benz diesel truck was actually used in the iconic desert chase scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you look on either side of the bumper, there are poles mounted which were used to aid to stuntmen during filming.

Raiders of the Lost Ark ©Lucasfilm

Raiders of the Lost Ark ©Lucasfilm

Now over the bridge we go…

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