It’s Halloween-lo-ween, everybody! And that means the return of Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort including the popular Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday overlays. Take full ride through the  2015 Haunted Mansion holiday below:

As you may have noticed, this year The Hatbox Ghost joins Jack and Zero in the Mansion. There were some questions as to whether the recently materialized ghoul would stick around for the fall and winter seasons, but some added props and holiday touches ensured that guests could see this amazing effect year round. Also, be sure to get a good look at this year’s gingerbread house mansion as a new design is created from scratch each year — literally.

Just as in years past, the park is currently decorated with pumpkins and fall colored banners, covering Main Street in orange and yellow. Of course there’s also the Mick-O-Lantern in Town Square that makes for a great photo-op.

One new item being sold for this Halloween Time is these devilishly delightful Poison Apple Mugs. These sinister souvenirs are sold at a number of locations throughout the park and the price will vary depending on what treats are placed inside.

Recently I was invited to the Disneyland Resort to learn more about the culinary, entertainment, and merchandise offering for Halloweentime 2015. I even got to interview one of the 999 happy haunts from The Haunted Mansion! Take a look:

Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is running now through November 1, 2015.

Enjoy some of the other fall festivities in our photo gallery below:X