The Five Most Memorable Official Disney Tweets – February 26, 2016

Here are the Five Most Memorable Official Disney Tweets for February 26, 2016:

Less than one week until Zootopia hits theatres! Who’s excited?

Speaking of excited, this is pretty much my current status:

Companies jumping in on trending hashtags doesn’t always work out so well but this is pretty good:

Can’t tell if awesome or lame…

Lastly, best of luck to Sanjay Patel who’s nominated for an Oscar his film “Sanjay’s Super Team.” Be sure to read FanBoy’s interview with him and tune into ABC Sunday night to cheer him (and all the other Disney nominees) on!

Kyle Burbank
Kyle is a writer living in Springfield, MO. His deep love of Disney and other pop culture finds its way into his stories, scripts, and tweets. His first book "The E-Ticket Life: Stories, Essays, and Lessons Learned from My Decidedly Disney Travels" is available in paperback and for Kindle.