Marshal’s #TGIT Return Drinking Game – 2nd Edition

Y’all, it is FINALLY back. We have all been waiting since May of 2016 for the return of our favorite ABC programming block in the history of the network. Sorry, TGIF. Bummer, Sunday Fun & Games. We know that Shonda Rhimes rules over us all, so to have our queen return with her original Thursday night take over makes me positive that 2017 will be better than the year-that-shall-not-be-named.

I’m pumped to offer everyone a fun drinking game to welcome back the block. I mean, we’ve been deprived of #TGIT for way too long, so this just seems right.

I’m not sure if you remember, but we did a drinking game last time around and it was super fun. Of course, 21+ for doing it “The Official #TGIT Way” (which is tequila during Grey’s, red wine during Scandal, and vodka during Murder), but you can still join in the fun if not! Substitute for sparkling red grape juice for the same Pope-i-ness, but any non-alcoholic drink will do just fine! Everyone, however, must include popcorn. Because, duh.

Here are the rules: each show gets its own rules to drink, separated into three categories, with each category explaining how much you should be drinking. Let’s get into it!

Grey’s Anatomy

1 Sip:

-April and Jackson say something to signify they know they belong together, but they have to continue to keep a romantic distance, even with the new kid.

-Alex doesn’t end up in jail at all.

-A patient’s story line correlates with Meredith’s “love triangle” with Maggie and Nathan.

2 Sips:

-Amelia finally gets pregnant.

-Owen black lists Nathan from his life.

-Jo moves forward with attempting to divorce her mystery husband.

Chug When:

-Arizona gets to third base with the Eliza, but then she immediately regrets it because she still feels weird about her messy divorce with Callie.


1 Sip:

-You realize you’ve forgotten everything from the finale.

-Mellie yells at Olivia because of the election result.

-Olivia yells at Mellie because of the election result.

2 Sips:

-Cyrus is so conniving, that you forget if you ever liked him.

-When you remember you liked Cyrus when he was married to James.

-You start to feel slightly less hostile towards Sally Langston and her talk show.

Chug When:

-Olivia has another “love triangle realization” between Fitz and Jake, and you’re annoyed by it, but then you realize that’s why you watch.

How To Get Away With Murder

1 Sip:

-You realize “Wow. Wes is actually dead. Oh my god.”

-Frank comforts Laurel in the hospital and offers to care for the baby as if he is the father and, even though it’s sweet, still annoys you.

-Wes’ ex-girlfriend who works at the hospital shows up for some reason you can’t fully justify.

2 Sips:

-Annalise resorts back to ALL the booze because of Wes’ death (OMG he’s really dead).

-Oliver and Connor have an “I’m so happy you’re still alive” hook-up.

-Asher and Michaela are slowly becoming your favorite bizarre pairing.

Chug When:

-You find out how Wes died (because we know it was before the house exploded) and you really go “THEY ACTUALLY KILLED OFF WES?!”

Have fun, drink responsibly, and enjoy #TGIT

#TGIT returns January 26th at 8 p.m. on ABC

Marshal Knight
Marshal Knight is a pop culture writer based in Orlando, FL. For some inexplicable reason, his most recent birthday party was themed to daytime television. He’d like to thank Sandra Oh.