Watch: Crush the Sea Turtle Assists with Disneyland Proposal

Who doesn’t love a Disney proposal? If you hang out front of one of the castles or near Snow White’s Grotto long enough, you’re bound to see one for yourself eventually. But what other parts of the parks that don’t seem to get their fair share of romanticism?

Case in point: Turtle Talk with Crush. Most would think this Disney California Adventure attraction is mostly reserved for younger children, but Crush is a popular dude and Finding Nemo is one of the biggest animated hits of all time, so it makes sense that at least someone would find it a fit place to pop the question. That’s exactly what Tarryl did (with a little help from the sea turtle himself) and thankfully he uploaded the whole thing to YouTube (and luckily she said “cha”):

Congratulations, you two! And way to think outside the tank on this one — you so totally rock (dude!).