Skyline Lounge Experience Debuts in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland

On May 26th, Disneyland opened up their new Skyline Lounge Experience for the first time. Residing atop Tomorrowland, this lounge repurposes the second floor of the Star Wars Launch Bay, which was formerly a Marvel meet and greet area and Innoventions before that. Here guests can relax, charge their phones, get a photo with Mickey and Minnie, enjoy some snacks, take in the view, and — if all goes right — watch the fireworks.

The Skyline Lounge Experience is open from 8:00 p.m. to 10 p.m. nightly and allows guests to come and go as they please during that time. The Experience begins 15 minutes before 8 as guests check-in and wait behind the velvet rope until the Lounge is read for the evening. When checking in, guests are given wristbands as well as lanyards featuring Tomorrowland-inspired artwork.

Once you arrive in the Lounge itself, guests can grab a seat and pick up their “Solar System Sweets.” Despite its name, this packaged collection of snacks actually includes some savory items along with the sweet.

As mentioned, guests are also given the opportunity to charge up your device while hanging out in the lounge. Another nice consideration was that blankets were provided to guests — perfect as So Cal is known to get a bit chilly when the sunny goes down. Lastly, I really enjoyed the board games that were offered for families to enjoy as they wait for the fireworks.

Perhaps the highlight of the Skyline Lounge Experience is getting some meet and greet time with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Sadly, on this inaugural night, the fireworks were canceled. While unfortunate, this is something Disney warns about when booking the Skyline Lounge Experience and thus no other compensation was offered. Despite the slight disappointment of not getting to watch the fireworks, I still enjoyed my time in the lounge and, from what I could tell, so did the other guests there that night. Now they were refreshed from snacks and beverages — and with their cell phones recharged.

The Skyline Lounge Experience in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is available for booking nightly and costs $45 per person. You can book online or call (714) 781-DINE.